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The future of Internet harassment

Sea-lioning is a logical fallacy which states that facts don't matter when opinion is involved. The latest in Tumblrina fucktardery, sea-lioning is what happens when a rational person questions the validity of mayonnaise as a gender. If you came to this article looking for logic or a satisfying explanation, you're in the wrong place. In fact, if you expect anything spawned by the hambeasts who think this shit is clever to be logical or satisfying, you probably fail at life and should become an hero immediately. Prepare your anus.


A somewhat more accurate portrayal of "sea-lioning."

Once upon a time, David Malki drew a funny comic where a woman expresses her dislike of sea lions to her husband. A sea lion who was passing by happens to hear the statement and humbly requests an explanation. The woman, being a deranged bitch, has no reason for her hate and instead of admitting she's wrong, ignores the sea lion. The animal then hounds her throughout her life, constantly asking her to justify herself. The comic ends with the man claiming the reason sea lions are so despicable is because they use this pesky thing called logic.

The Idiocy

SJWs, realizing they had a lot in common with the characters in the comic (namely that they're stupid assholes who act irrationally and hate it when hairy fat things politely question them), latched on to this and began referring to people who break their circlejerk as sea lions and what they do as sea-lioning. They are also convinced that asking questions over the Internet is literally the same as stalking you 24 hours a day and into your home you guys. Now that they have safely dismissed any opposition as being sea lions, SJWs have declared victory forever and that they are right about everything.

How to Troll Someone by "Sealioning"

Basically just calmly and politely question every single thing a person says and don't stop. Make no assertions but refuse to leave them alone until they rage-quit. Don't give them any excuse to say you are mad or accuse you of harassment, but respond to everything they say in a drawn-out fashion like a pseudointellectual 13-year old boy and end it with a request to further explain the contradictions in their position. This may not sound like trolling but it drives some people (SJWs and other trolls in particular) mad. If in the process you get accused of being butthurt let that veer off into another pointless conversation by long-windedly questioning why this person believes that you are butthurt.


How sea lions settle arguments IRL.

Note that these are even worse if done politely:

  • Asking for evidence to back up their claims
  • Asking for sources on their data
  • Pointing out contradictions
  • Asking for an explanation to a statement
  • Providing evidence that the other party is wrong
  • Disagreeing with their opinion
  • Questioning them at all

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