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Scion of the DragonPhoenix is a self proclaimed music prodigy and anyone who says otherwise is an idiotic hater among many who are building an internet conspiracy against his music. Armed only with his electric guitar and his voice, Scion is ready to revolutionize the way we look at and listen to music.

Oh memory, such is the very fabric of human existence. Yet to remember so much and recall so little, to focus on the single fault and remain blind to all of the good in something is the height of ignorance.


Wow, Scion, so deep.

Before Scion, there was Ryan

Ryan Weddle was once a normal resident of Bloomington, Indiana. He was, more than likely, raised as a Christian in a happy family of rednecks who made their living on farming corn. However, one day, young Ryan was probably watching the moving picture box when he first witnessed a pseudo-intellectual music video. It is unclear which artist it was that inspired this transformation; however, we assume it was either Nine Inch Nails or Tool, or some pretentious piece of shit band like them. And, from this, a boy shackled to the farm wanted to rise up and be a music star. With mommy telling him he had a good singing voice, he decided to get himself an electric guitar, thus was the birth of Scion of the DragonPhoenix.

File:Scion Doesn't Know.png
Scion doesn't know he's a virgin.

And, we have been given all these artistic and open-minded pieces of beauty:

I could never imagine god as a force that put us all here to struggle for his amusement then to be later judged as pure good or evil and forced to suffer eternal damnation or be allowed to enter paradise.


—Scion showing us God isn't vengeful


I sit right now alone but not ashamed
I would never choose to be this often but I simply have no choice
My heart it weeps for just one who I could share all of this with
such has been my obstacle for years
It just doesn't seem to make sense



—Scion on dying alone.


How am I supposed to deny myself? every time I've tried it never works
after all you should be happy I display my soul externally
time and time again I chose to be this way
how can you hide behind this wall of ice?
even as you ravenously feed upon these buried treasures
roses are dull beside the sharpened steel of your presence



—Scion's attempt at being emo.


I could be your friend but that won't do if you can't see what I see then I guess we're through I don't need to go through the shit you could put me to So be true or be you alone with you




Something about silence makes me sick


—Scion, trying to be Zack de la Rocha.

The Music

File:Scion at a show.jpg
Scion being edgy and cool at a show.

All of Scion's artistic beauties are structured exactly the same. All of them have an out of tuned electric guitar playing the primary rhythm followed by a secondary out of tuned electric guitar playing solos over the rhythm guitar. The poor timing on when the secondary guitar hits when the rhythm guitar changes it's rift gives reason to believe that both are recorded from the same guitar and were just synced to each other with no concept of timing the changes properly. Finally, his vocals tend to be overpowering the music and make it so you can not properly hear the music; however, the mixing quality is so poor that the words are ran together and no one can understand the words said.
tl;dr: His music sucks.

Scion is so proud of his music that he even uploaded an "album" titled "Shaded Beams of Light" to iTunes. We're unsure how well the albums sales are, but the album did an amazing job on not being on the top selling list on it's week of release, so we assume he's a millionaire by now. Here's a trusty customer review:

File:Customer Review of Scion.png

Scion has even gone as far as to add his music videos to Jewtube for us!

Myspace Drama

File:Scion asks Trent about his music.png
Because Trent Reznor is in some shitty Myspace fan group for his own music.

One day, Scion decided to start advertising in the best method possible: Spam advertising Myspace. In two groups in particular, people decided to give his posts replies, followed by Scion foolishly replying. The first thread in question was in a group based around rock music; he called it "Is my music rock?" Some people replied logically, some people replied in black person, some people replied in HTML; but, they all had replied that Scion sucked.

Another group that Scion decided to spam was the Nine Inch Nails fan group. He named his thread "What do you think of my music Trent?". In short, his title and OP were directed at the famous Trent Reznor, believing the famous musician would like his music. When people judged his music, he replied that they were nothing more than haters and that his topic was specifically for Trent and no one else, however he later mentions how he didn't think Trent visited the group in the first place. At one point, a person who used to work for recording studios and had helped musicians record and mix their songs came in and told Scion what was wrong with his music and how to improve it. How did Scion reply?

Improve yourself bro I spit on your grade sorry, you just don’t know what you’re talking about. You gotta really understand it don’t pretend like you know


—Scion knows more than a professional.

Recently, in another thread made as a message to Scion, he started to claim he's gotten everyone to do exactly what he had intended them to do (AKA trolling); which, ended up spreading as his motto over all the threads. Our experts have taken this claim into consideration and have declared that his claim is untrue.

What's really going on.

File:Scion the DragonTroll.png

Here are what the Myspace users said to his radical claims:

Yup, you’re pretty retarded. We gave you our opinions on the music before you started sounding super retarded so your point is in no way valid.


—This guy was totally trolled.


Quit trying to pretend that you are trolling. We all know that you are just an untalented egomaniac who can’t come to terms with the fact that you cannot perform or produce music well.


—This dude is so in denial.




—The trolled find it funny.


Scion has done all in his power to advertise his art around the internet. And, by "all in his power," we mean that he made accounts on Myspace, Facebook, and Vampirefreaks. Infact, Scion went as far as to make "I love Scion of the PhoenixDragon" fan groups on each site. Here is a list of all the people in Scion's huge fan base:

File:The Fanbase of Scion.png
Scion's vast fanbase on Facebook.
  • Scion
  • Some chick assumed to be his girlfriend
  • Trolls

Here are some famous quotes of his fans:

Your music sounds super amateur. You need a lot of work. At least 10 hours a day for no less than 4 years. (get lessons as well) After that, you may consider refining your recording/mixing techniques or just pay a pro to do it.


—Such a fucking hater.


Your quality is worse than the demo I just got for free at a show where a couple of kids recorded using a Laptop mic while they jammed out in their bedroom, man.


—This guys is so dumb.


This music is pretty bad, but if you practice you can get something going. Production is your main problem as you sound like a halfway competent guitarist.


—This is totally a Jewish conspiracy!


You know what? You are right, I have been irrationally harsh in my thoughts about your music. After listening to everything, I think the music is very thought-provoking. It makes me ask these questions:

’why listen to music that sounds good?’

’what good are in-tune vocals and steady beats?’

’whats the point of having melodies that are creative, exciting, and enjoyable?’


—Such a dick!


lol, you're a retarded 15 y.o., aren't ya?


—Such a mindless zombie!

Additional Information?

File:Scion's Info.png

Gallery of Scion

Gallery of Scion
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