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How Fuminori sees a box of KFC.

Written by Gen Urobuchi of Puella Magi Madoka Magica fame, Saya No Uta, also known as "Saya's Song", is a lulzy eroge visual novel with deep messages about humanity, the nature of sin, and loli sex. For some strange reason, many people in the unenlightened West simply cannot overlook the minor parts of the game where you bone an underage girl in favor of seeing the bigger picture of philisophy and pathos.

The Story

The main character is Fuminori Sakisaka, an emotional teenager who loses his parents in the car accident which horribly wounded him. In order to save his life, experimental brain surgery is performed, which like most experimental brain surgery permanently fucks his brain, resulting in him percieving the world as an endless gore-fest which kinda looks like HBO. While being forced to cope with this crippling mental defectiveness in the hospital, he meets a girl named Saya on her nightly routine of terrifying schizophrenics and general signs that she is not to be trusted. Upon being released, Fuminori offers to take in Saya, who rejects his proposition, and then later takes it up once more by appearing in his home, which is not creepy at all.

After his mind-fuck surgery, Fuminori discovers normal food tastes like shit, all people look like horrifying abominations, and everything sounds like tween-wave. Not to mention the fact every surface appears to be made from gore. While this would doubtlessly be paradise to guro fans, poor Fuminori is more of a My Little Pony fan. Tired of living in an endless Lady Gaga concert, and unable to contact Stan Marsh to arrange a support group for people who think everything looks and sounds like shit, he decides he must become an hero. However, he finds a reason to live:

Saya No Uta Loli Sex.jpg
Yeah, that's right. The only way he could deal with this new reality was by fucking a loli.

From here, it only gets lulzier. The loli is named Saya, and aside from looking like Pedobear's dream girl, she provides a constant stream of unwitting clues that she's not what she appears, but Funimori doesn't pick up on the fucking obvious, a common trait of male characters in horror themed eroge VN's. While endlessly trying to find proper coping mechanisms for Fuminori, the pair paint his house an array of "beautiful" colors, in addition to searching for nourishment that doesn't taste like a molasses coated anus. Disassociating himself from his friends, Fuminori eventually dumps his life-long friend in an unsettling manner. This leads to his friend Ōmi Takahata, Koji's girlfriend, entering his home, discovering the wonderland of fun and lulz, and mysteriously disappearing. That same night upon Fuminori's arrival, Saya is eating an unknown fruit that tastes surprisingly agreeable. While Fuminori continues to exclude himself from society, Saya is searches for information on his predicament. This results in her experimenting on a neighbor, granting him with the same alternated senses as Fuminori. For some reason, he doesn't appreciate his new outlook on life, and murders his wife and daughter while they plea for him to stop. He then sees Saya in her loli form, and proceeds to be mean to her. Fuminori discovers them, and rather than simply restraining the elderly Asian man boning his underaged girlfriend, he mutilates him, finally discovering the source of that "delicious fruit". From here on, the game has three endings:

First Ending: The first ending is the fail ending, where Funimori gets an offer from Saya to fix his fucked up mind, which ends the game before anything really lulzy happens, and ends with Funimori in a mental institution, unable to have any more loli sex with Saya, who will only communicate via text messages.

Second Ending: Fuminori decides the human race is an abomination, and he thus has every right to pwn and raep them. Saya captures Fuminori's former love-interest, Yoh Tsukuba, and transforms her into a tentacle-beast much like herself as an experiment. The trio then proceed to have tender threesomes.

The threesomes. They are so tender. They send people to prison for taking photographs of this sort of thing.

Yoh is later killed by Kōji, who is an intolerant prick unable to handle the sight of his tormented girlfriend as a tentacle monster. Fuminori persuades Kōji to take him three hours out of the city to the vacation cabin that Saya's "father", Masahiko Ōgai, hid in to continue his studies on whatever the hell Saya is. Fuminori proceeds to push him down a well and leave the scene, only for Fuminori's doctor, Ryōko Tanbo, to arrive at the last minute and save him from the well. The two then explore the lab and search for evidence which will allow them to nail Fuminori's ass. Kōji returns to Fumi's home, searches the refrigerator, and discovers what actually goes into McDonald's hamburgers. He calls Ryōko Tanbo, and the two raid Fuminori's new hiding place, cruelly end his awesome fun times, and Saya ends up dead. Ryōko dies in the process and Kōji lives out the remainder of his life as a spook on the verge of suicide. As he should, for interrupting the lolicoaster.

Third Ending: Similar to the second ending, save for the fact that Kōji enter's Fuminori's hideout alone and is murdered. Saya then becomes very weak and it is revealed that she is "giving birth". Saya dies, dispersing a virus all over the planet like dubstep, and turning everyone into beings like her so Funimori won't have to die alone. The ending reveals civilization ends, and everyone turns into writhing masses of cannibalistic mindfucking tentacle monsters. Ryōko drinks herself stupid as she watches herself turn into Cthulhu.


  • First off, Saya is NOT a loli, much less human. She's actually a writhing mass of tentacles, but she looks like a loli because most of the game is seen through Funimori's eyes, where the fucked up is normal and normal is fucked up.
  • Saya can mindfuck people into becoming just like her, which means she sticks her tentacles into every orifice, then fucks their body, mind, and soul, overwriting their DNA in the process so they transform into a writing mass of tentacles just like her. This happens to Yoh (Funimori's former would be girlfriend) in two endings, all of humanity in the third.
  • Saya isn't actually 'bad' in the sense that nobody told her human beings don't like being eaten, or forcibly converted into writhing tentacles living in never-ending torment. If someone had pointed this out to her, preferably with a Powerpoint Presentation, things might have ended differently.
  • The game has a "filter" to water down most of the intense shit, but this is unlikely to convince your mother, or most sane human beings, to play this game, as even with the filter on, there is more than enough stuff in here to make a Dolcett fan puke.



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