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Sandra Stalling, AKA SandytheWolfHusky, is a very special preteen who hails from Somerset, Ohio, and has a tender loving, kind hearted nature that can tear out your heart strings.

However, in recent studies, she admits being a WEREWOLF due to her family heritage somehow carrying this ancient syndrome.

Sandy is a talented, creative Sonic fancharacter artist whose choice of tools include Paint and other people's fanart (which she uses as "models" for her developing creativity, as her online boyfriend TheSonicArtChannel explains). Her subject matter generally includes pictures of her totally original wolf/husky fancharacter, a black and red Tails, doing various things (having sex with her boyfriend, turning into either a werewolf, demon, or monster form, or tearing apart other people's fancharacters whilst covered head-to-toe in blood). She welcomes blind praise (especially from her douchefag doormat of a boyfriend), but appears to discourage constructive critique, as anyone with anything less than positive to say about her scrawls will be answered with "SHUT UP BITCH!!!!!!!" A proud Ship Nazi, Sandy will block someone at the first mention of Sonadow or any other pairing that involves Shadow the Hedgehog and any other character besides her fancharacter. It goes without saying that she has no friends (besides her werewolf-fetishist boyfriend and her equally bitchy sister) and that any comments she receives from non-ass-kissers usually end up flagged as spam.

Besides acting like a total bitch, one of Sandy's favorite pastimes is to take artwork from other DA members' galleries and post it on her own DA page (usually Tails fanart that she colors over to make it look like her fancharacter), or use in one of several of her crappy YouTube videos, without asking permission or giving credit. However, she will throw a shitfit the moment she thinks someone else is "stealing" her recolored Tails fancharacter. She clearly dislikes to hear other artists confront her about pieces she has stolen from them and colored over.

Anyone who disapproves of her blatant art theft and/or her unwarranted bitchiness is automatically labeled as a "hater". Once Sandy had amassed enough "haters", she began to blame them for her own bad behavior, implying that she had done nothing to earn the trolling she received.

When Sandy attempts to harass people on other DA pages, or anywhere where she does not have the power to hide comments or flag them as spam, she often falls victim to predators of a higher level than the "wolf/husky werewolf". Whenever this happens, you can count on her to run crying back to her own DA page and post a journal about how she was unfairly targeted and attacked by her "haters", putting up a link to where the incident took place for others to read and lulz over. There are a rare few who ever do show up to comfort her; they learn quickly when Sandy either ignores their supportive words, or lashes back at them for advising her against responding to negative comments. As it turns out, the only support that Sandy seeks when she posts these journals is an angry mob that will leap to help her "get back" at her haters.

On April 14, 2010, Sandy's shit finally caught up with her, and her account SandytheWolfHusky was banned from DeviantArt. Sandy decided to get around her ban by logging onto her KillerWeskerFan account, effectively hiding her identity and revealing no ties to her older account by adding werewolf art to her favorites (which was only full of Albert Wesker fanart to begin with), flagging comments and blocking other users from posting on her page, posting a journal with a link to a YouTube video she had commented on as Sandythewolfhusky ("i'm not evil i'm just missunderstood......"), and using the term "haters" to describe people she refuses to take requests from.

As expected, six days later Sandy's KillerWeskerFan account was disabled for ban evasion. Sandy's "haters" began watching for her to resurface on one of her two recolored-Tails-doll-plz accounts, SandyDollPlz and DuncanDollPlz, until Duncan made it public that Sandy had been IP-banned. Autumn, who used Sandy's computer to sign into her DA account as well, can now no longer do so, all thanks to her sister. The grand finale came when Sandy dumped Duncan, suspecting him of seeing another girl, after which it was discovered that Sandy even growls like an animal at people to try to intimidate them IN REAL LIFE.

{{morphquote|sandymainquote|background-color: pink;|font-weight: bold;

|I am very sweet and kind but not when people tell me what to do I love werewolves and my BF Duncan. He's my sexy lover. I hate all couples with Shadow or Sonic (not my own or my sister's though) So don't watch me if you like them couples you can if you like my couple and my sisters only.|Sandy's personal bio |listen up you little twat i have a life my character is not a recolor if it was it would have two tails like Tails not one but my character has one tail my computer drawings are nothing like my RL drawings my RL drawings could pwn anyome even your sorry ass my art will and always pwn your sorry ass you little prick|Sandy defending her recolor |IT'S MINE I MADE IT IT TOOK ME 10-15 MINS TO MAKE! OK I LOOKED AT THE ORIGANAL AND TRYED TO DRAW IT MY OWN WAY AND FOR SOME REASON IT LOOKED LIKE IT!|Sandy's excuse for tracing |[[:File:She_doesn%27t_need_critque.jpg i don't need help with anything] much less how i draw so back off|Sandy, to an art critic |SHUT UP I'M WAY COOLER THAN YOU IDC IF I SPELL ANYTHING WRONG OH AND I KNOW EVIL I'M EVIL FOR A MATTER OF FACT!|Sandy the "Evil" Wolf/Husky |Revenge and hate are my masters now|Sandy the Emo Wolf/Husky |shut up evil is where we kill make fun of others make people suffer and make them cry true evil is with in one such as myself you have no evil so you would never undertsnad|Sandy's definition of "evil" |I ignore the haters because they are retarted! Anyways I'm just livin' my life having as much fun as i can. I just HATE haters! They just never know when to give up!|How Sandy ignores "retarted haters"}}

Sandy's alternate ego

Birthing is fun don't cha know? Also, LEARN TO CROP, DAMNIT

Created when she creatively used a black and red color scheme on someone else's drawing of Tails spotted the rot-blackened bloody carcass of a flattened dog by the side of the road. Sandy created...Sandy The Wolf/Husky.

I'm Sad and so is my Sonic character.......



Synopsis: Sandy was the only one out of a litter of 6 to be half wolf, half husky. Her father, Killer the Wolf, and her mother, Star the Husky, were the alphas of a pack. She was always picked on and had to beg for food. Eventually she met Shadow the Wolf and fell in love. She wanted to have sex and make babies at 14, but Shadow made her wait. Sandy's dad finally made Shadow go ahead and fornicate with her, and she became pregnant. 7 months later, she gave a premature birth to a litter of 2 wolves, 2 huskies, and 2 mixed breeds. However, the pack was running out of food and began to attack and eat humans. GUN (the human military force in the Sonic games) retaliated and killed everyone in the pack except for Shadow and Sandy. Shadow sacrificed himself to save Sandy, who escaped with her pups. Later, Sandy leaves her pups alone to look for food, but comes back to find that they had been kidnapped by GUN. Sandy vowed to destroy GUN, but the ghosts of her parents and Shadow appeared and told her not to, and that she can always have moar babiez. Sandy likes to help her friends and plays tricks on people, and she is nice if you get to know her. (Story segments are superimposed over shitty Paint drawings of Sandy, stolen Tails fanart recolored to look like Sandy, and more crappy drawings of Sandy covered in blood and looking homocidal, coupled with the description of her being "nice".)

Magically this creature is the only hybrid amongst six pups of the litter. Technically in real life, shit like that can't happen. But we must consider that this is her imagination, and take time to understand this stupid bastard's way of telling her dramatic tale.

Updates to Sandy's Character Design

What Sandy thinks of her fans helping her
Ladies and gentlemen, THE NEW SANDY!! Now with big saggy tits!

Stop making new looks for my character! I'm not changing her look at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you say they where trying to help me I will mark your comment as spam!



After repeated attempts by White Knights to appease Sandy by helping to make her fancharacter more likeable (all of which failed due to Sandy's incorrigible behavior), Sandy finally decided to change the design of her fancharacter's tail. Having already stated that she was never going to change the design of her character, she retconned her previous statement by claiming that she meant that she was only rejecting everyone else's ideas for design changes. However, she asked those same people to decide what style of tail would look best, growling at and hiding the comments of a few whose opinions she didn't like. In the end, she chose a new tail, one that everyone told her looked more like that of a wolf/husky, yet withheld the fact that it made her look like:

Sandy expressed her hopes that this change to her fancharacter's design would "get the haters off her back", implying that it couldn't possibly be her bitchiness that turns so many people against her.

Lycanthropy (or "Fuck you, I'm a werewolf!")

When she realized that her attempt at an original fancharacter with a creative backstory was failing miserably, Sandy began trying to pass herself off as a vicious, man-eating werewolf in order to appear more interesting. Whenever this new development falls under debate, however, she substitutes solid evidence with cursing and threats, demanding that others believe her without question, on pain of being ravaged by her made-up werewolf form. Needless to say, she still has yet to make good on her threats.

Her Self-Diagnosed "Evil" Nature

No more nice girl. You haters have killed the good me. So now get ready to see the bitter me.



She did try to warn us where this was all headed.

After having witnessed much of the trolling that regularly takes place on Sandy's DA page, some individuals out there felt that all of that negative attention was becoming tedious and repetitive, to the point where it had become undeserved. Some supported the idea of helping her redesign her recolor fancharacter in a more creative manner to make it more original and give it better aesthetic appeal. While the act was selfless and noble in its own regard, it was not met with any sort of positive response from Sandy, much less the kind of response that these people halfway expected.

Sandy, having no real excuse for her anti-social behavior, nor having any desire to be friendly toward those who were friendly to her despite her near-constant bitchiness, ultimately resorted to claiming that she was "evil" and that her "good side" was gone forever (implying that she did have one), due to the actions of those people she had stolen from, flamed, and attacked for being friendly and/or helpful to her her "haters". By pinning the blame on those who have perfect reason to despise her, it is most likely that she hopes to draw pity and sympathy toward herself from any White Knights stupid enough to believe her story, with the intention of persuading them to "avenge" the "loss" of her "good side". So far she has attracted the attention of one such person, by the name of JellyBeanMouse, who has managed to placate her with the idea that she and herself "should go over to (the "haters'") house and burn it 2 the ground". The effect of Sandy's BAWWing can be seen in this journal.

When she realized that she wasn't getting very much support from her previous journal, she made a new one screaming for people to "fuck off" and that she was not planning on ever leaving DeviantArt or YouTube. While this mostly drew further lulz, she did manage to attract the attention of a few friendly souls, who approached her with helpful advice (such as taking a break from the computer, ignoring the "haters", inviting her to a friendly chat, etc.); however, as Sandy has stated before, she is "evil" and therefore has no desire to listen to anyone who has her best interests at heart. She'd much rather spew profanity at her "haters", since it makes her feel like she has a sense of purpose, and gives her more attention. This is evident in how she carries out violent role-plays with her flamers.

Whenever Sandy is reminded that very few people actually sympathize with her whenever she posts a journal crying about something one of her "haters" did (which is usually in retaliation against Sandy attacking or harassing the "hater" or one of their friends), Sandy launches into her "my good side is gone" rant again, blaming the "haters" for all the bad things she had done, as well as for the bad things she is planning to do. Like Bush and "terrorists", Sandy depends upon the vague enemy only known as the "haters" to be her scapegoat for when she does something bad, in order to justify her actions when she goes to harass more people and draw hate-art of them, eventually turning them into more "haters". Afterwards, Sandy goes through a period where she complains about her "haters" and blames them for all of the bad things that happen to her, in order to drudge up support and sympathy, which she needs to fuel her desires to cause more suffering. And so the cycle repeats itself...

Sandy Goes Incognito (and fails)

KillerWeskerfan bitches that she is totally not Sandy.

Unbelievably stubborn, even how many times you tell her she is "Sandy" it's the same response over and over. She says she never had met Duncan in her life, but attempts to make this comment on his front page [1]. In a very loving affection matter, I should say.

Again, she will say this is her "first" time meeting him, even if she watched the cunt in February. Then herself.

Her denial proved to be a wasted effort when she, like the fuckwit she truly is, admitted herself to being Sandy. Albeit indirectly:

The main account to the wolf-bitch becomes more deader, and the new account more fresh with retarded art she spews from her v-hole.

If you want to bug the fucker, contact her with this email:

[email protected]

I believe it's also assessable as a yahoo messager account, so flame away!


We wish, but this is only what Sandy will tell you. What actually happened was that Sandy had threatened violence on a schoolmate, after which said schoolmate promised to tell her father, call Sandy's grandmother, and alert the local police if Sandy bothered her again. Sandy, being Sandy, ignored this and threatened physical harm and death on said schoolmate, who proceeded to make good on her promise. Realizing that she had just landed herself in deep shit, Sandy posted a journal claiming that she was being threatened with blackmail, attempting to twist the facts around to make herself look like an innocent victim. Thankfully, mostly everyone knew better (those who believed Sandy were quickly set straight once they gave the conversation between Sandy and the schoolmate, which Sandy conveniently posted a link to, a good look). Considering all of the evidence currently against Sandy, it is expected that she will ultimately end up in juvenile detention, and possibly truancy court for her tendency to skip school.



—Sandy, in a follow-up journal




BLACK MAILER! everyone here will hate you now because i told everyone your black mailing me and you are!



*growls* i will get pay back





—Sandy, to accusations that she threatened death on another person

I have all of that me and my friend Mattie plan to kill Ken but I won't tell you how.






Her Sister, Autumnthehedgehog

Trolls are stupid fat ass low life losers with no life.


—Autumn's DA signature, often seen when Autumn trolls on Sonamy fans

Sandy's sister, who shares her love for actively bashing and harassing followers of certain Sonic ships. Unfortunately, she also shares her sister's penchant for having relationship issues. Her last online boyfriend, Nick AKA Oniathespirit, left her because he grew tired of her and Sandy's bitchy behavior.

What does Sandy do? Start a hate club on DA and draw a picture of her fancharacter killing Nick's, while going around preaching about what a horrible person Nick is for growing a pair of balls and ditching the bitch. In the course of her retaliation, she has even claimed to have "cursed" Nick: Apparently the Sandy curse involves just her spreading lies about the curse victim in hopes that he will be forced to hook back up with her sister.

Of course, one cannot expect for her to do anything remotely intelligent or mature in light of such a terrible crisis, especially one like losing a pretend boyfriend.

Sandy has similarly lashed out against Nick's friend, who is actually dying for REAL. She wants to see her die, and will inflict insults ever which way she can to force him back with her crazy sister.

Sandy continues to troll on Nick's page to this day, blaming him for all of the emotional damage her sister is causing herself.

Autumn got hacked!

Autumn throws a bitch fest. We have no clue who is the anonymous, but he sure hell was brave enough to pull what he did. Should he conquer Sandy? There is more to come.

The next day, Autumn had a dramatic encounter with a friend. Grabbed her, got hit back, then had her glasses bent. Autumn BAWWWW miserably in lost because she though she was damn 'right' that this student was the hacker...Even though Autumn claimed another person as one too.

For three days she'll be suspended from school, as we laugh in her general direction.

Her Boyfriend, Duncan Welch/theSonicARTchannel

The love of Sandy's life, whom she cheats on, then raises hell about whenever he so much as looks at another female fancharacter. It makes just as much sense as her backstory.

He supports her art theft and bitchcraft wholeheartedly, defending it by calling it an expression of her creativity. Like her, he sees DeviantArt as his own personal coloring book. He can't be bothered to create anything remotely good himself, though.

i cant be a real artist, becuase I make art out of random, and for fun. "real art" is like Beathoven, Mozart, Picasso, etc.


—theSonicARTchannel, on his personal decision to draw crapart of himself and Sandy

Okay, so 3 of my pictures were reported for theft, although i found them on an external site.


—theSonicARTchannel, apparently unaware of what "art theft" means

Duncan's Werewolf Fetish

It was discovered through Duncan's sexual fascination with Werehog Sonic that Duncan actually has a fetish for lycanthropes. He continues to "date" Sandy, despite her anti-social nature, solely for this reason. His biggest wish is to be able to turn into a werewolf via Sandy biting him, which she has done on a few occasions, all of which failed due to the fact that Sandy is not a werewolf.

The "fight" resulting in fur on the bed was most probably the result of Sandy sneaking into Duncan's bedroom as he slept and dumping one of her dogs on him, which he then proceeded to perform intercourse with in his sleep, dreaming that he was buttfucking WereSonic. It may also be possible that Duncan and Sandy attempted to have sex, and a piece of her bush got caught in Duncan's teeth.

Duncan's repeated attempts at ban evasion

Deviantart-favicon.png theSonicARTchannel, Deviantart-favicon.png from-the-notebook, and Deviantart-favicon.png mobiansavior were the three banned accounts, and possibly continuing to this mysterious new account: Deviantart-favicon.png portal-wolf

On the Portal-Wolf account, Duncan did his best to protect his identity, mainly by posting links to his YouTube account under his own name, continuing to post comments on Sandy's artwork (which Sandy hid, replies still attached, to make it even more obvious), and posting recolored versions of giftart, given to him on his old account, as gifts for friends he knew from his old account: BALEETED once he realized he was blowing his own cover... took him long enough.

The Return (Again)

Deviantart-favicon.png mobiansavior banned for underage was sweet success till he decided to show his poopie papers. I don't see what is the point of him crossing out his last name, when he's posted "Duncan Welch" on all of his older accounts. Duncan thinks he is so 'smart' that by posting this publicly, even by any means of displaying his location, and other srs business. It's okay.

Flamers? Oh no Duncan. I wonder where they come from! Duncan doesn't take ED a least bit frightening, but funny in terms. Everything makes him laugh, even stupid shit such as this crap.

Duncan's Reaction to Sandy's Ban

Duncan was upset and somewhat "frustrated" at the fact that Sandy had been banned. He had received a call from Sandy the day of the ban, where Sandy bitched long and hard into his ear while he fapped, imagining her feral wolfy self chomping down on his penis. Although he admits that Sandy was most likely banned for how rude, threatening, anti-social, and violent she was to others, and that he has witnessed this behavior whenever it occurred on his own page (from people just saying "hi!" to him, only to get verbally attacked by Sandy) he claims that he did not expect for her to be banned for this reason, and that she did not deserve it. When asked if he felt it could have prevented it by persuading Sandy to be friendly and sociable, Duncan claims that he has no sway over what Sandy does or how she interacts with others, as she "doesn't listen" to him.

Sandy gets PWNED, then offers to remove herself from the gene pool

Duncan, apparently without Sandy's permission, began adding other female DA users to his Friends list. One of them commented on his page to thank him; Sandy, seeing this, replied to her with what has now become her catchphrase: "*growls*". When others showed up to remind her that no one was her slave, she sparked several long comment strings centered around her abusive, violent, and controlling nature. In response to claims of being a controlling bitch, Sandy mainly growled and pretended to rip other people's faces off while telling them to shut up. However, one particular troll was successful in getting Sandy to totally flip out by talking about how Duncan could very well leave her for someone else, considering how he already cheats on her. Sandy then threatened to kill said troll, then everyone who hated her, then later, everyone on the planet when she realized that the troll was not backing down from all of her werewolf roleplaying. She finally attempted to accuse the troll of "herassing" [2] (which she should at least know how to spell if she is going to make a career out of it) before quitting the discussion entirely, not even making it out with the last word (which she always tries to get in as "*growls*").

And the LORD did say... "Fuck, I'm tired of Sandy's bullshit", and he made a Saint that went by the name of PhoenixTalion. And it was good too.


—Reltzenburge, in response to the epic win

Sandy's next act in response to this was to post a journal that implied that she wished to commit suicide, but was really just another thinly-disguised attempt to make herself look like the victim to someone else's unprovoked attack (because we all know that it's OK if Sandy goes around growling at people and threatening violence on them, but it's WRONG WRONG WRONG if someone else talks down to her). The number of White Knights who came to support her there was considerably fewer than the last time she attempted to pull this kind of crap.

Sandy the Homocidal Tails Recolor Fanart



—Sandy's double standard

Fanart for Sandy About missing Pics

How to piss Sandy off (and to get her to end every sentence with "YOU DUMB ASS!")

  • Be a fan of Shadamy or Sonadow (Shadow pairings that don't involve her fancharacter) or mention either pairing in conversation.
  • Give constructive criticism on her artwork.
  • Compliment her on anything she does.
  • Be nice to her in any way.
  • Remind her that she is not a werewolf.
  • Point out stolen artwork in her gallery. (It pisses her off more if the artwork belongs to you.)
  • Attempt to give her good advice on anything.
  • Pair your fancharacters with hers in artwork/fanfiction.
  • Remind her that her boyfriend is constantly cheating on her.
  • Pair up with her boyfriend (tell him you're a werewolf and offer to bite him).
  • Draw non-trolling fanart of her character.
  • Or, just troll on her like anyone who had attempted any of the above in good faith eventually does.

It has only been recently discovered that if you tell her that Duncan is cheating on her with you, and persist through all of her growling and "*rips your fucking face off*" RP attempts, she will throw a most glorious shitfit where she threatens to kill you, your friends and family, and everyone else on "this shitty planet", all before running back to her journal and posting drama about how everyone hates her.

Bitch has learned

Sandy no longer thinks she's a werewolf(?), and can actually form semi coherent sentences! (FA for proof)

External Links

  • Her tard Sister on deviantart. HACKED FOR GREAT JUSTICE!!!
  • Autumn's other account due to being hacked off her current one: Deviantart-favicon.png im-albert-wesker
  • THE CUNT IS STILL AROUND? THIS IS JUST TOO GOOD! : Deviantart-favicon.png duncandollplz

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