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Gary Weiss: no nonsense
WordBomb, his arch-nemesis

Gary Weiss, aka Mantanmoreland aka Samiharris is a Wikipedia-obsessed sockpuppeteer in cahoots with Jimbo Wales and other real and wannabe-cabalistas like SlimVirgin, JzG and Hipocrite. Mentioning evidence of his sockpuppetry is generally met with outrage, with a typical response being "Wikipedia Review doesn't like him so he can do whatever he wants!" Aside from being a perfect example of Wikipedia's willingness to cut off its nose to spite its face, Gary Weiss uses his Koarse Kabal Konnections to bully other people away from his article, which consequently reeks of unwarranted self-importance.

But wait, they can't be socks because they all talk to each other! The LastExit and Tomstoner talk pages are even 90% of chatter back and forth between sock puppets!

Delusions of grandeur

Gary Weiss's own article has only two sources that would count as reliable:

  • a New York Times article by David Mitchell
  • a BusinessWeek article on how he was sued by Julian Robertson

Both of these aren't allowed in the article on order of Jimbo Wales without explanation as to why the Gary Weiss BLP deserves special protection while others like Patrick Byrne's (and 1000's of other BLP's) don't.

The only thing left to source is the short biography on the webpage of his current part-time employer, which Gary Weiss himself wrote. He's won no journalism awards. Googling him reveals that he's mainly known for his feud with CEO Patrick Byrne.

Why didn't ED think of this?

If you bribe Jimbo Wales, you can get away with personal attacks all you want.

His blog is an "attack site" if there ever was one. Haha everyone go through his contributions and do this. Note: Dorftrottel may stop you in 5 minutes, but leave it up to Mantanmoreland to add it back himself 9 minutes after that, and then decide to redelete it (not an appropriate venue).

Gary's blog is mostly a boring bunch of personal attacks on Patrick Byrne, Judd Bagley, and anyone who is against stock fraud. Gary has been asked numerous times to spice his blog up with LiveJournal-style personality tests so we can for instance, see what Harry Potter character Gary most identifies with, but Gary won't even listen.

He's making a conscious effort lately to diversify away from bashing all things overstock (timelines show he started it, folks). His second blog,, which he thinks he's anonymous on, is an attack site against the New York Times, and oddly, a man named Ian Williams who is associated with the U.N. Obviously, they must have a personal history or something. He even hosted personal attacks on his userpage's subpage:

Bribes lets him sock all he wants

Gary Weiss's bribes to Der Jimbo, Jayjg, and Linda Mack have allowed Weiss to get away with a huge sock farm including Mantanmoreland, Samiharris, Tomstoner, Lastexit. Not only that, but any of these accounts can go to the people they've bribed to ask for favors and the people in Weiss's pocket instantly jump up and do whatever the hell Weiss wants like a Mexican he picked up at Home Depot. They even let him vandalize from IPs.

Hey, thank you. Your support has been unwavering throughout this, and it's meant a huge amount to me, particularly as you've been laboring under the same situation yourself. It's these messages of support that put it all in perspective.



—SlimVirgin 01:08, 26 August 2007 (UTC)

Weiss writes his own fake book reviews, too

Weiss wrote two books that didn't make it further than self-praise. He then went on and using fake names and names of his former co-workers, filled the amazon book reviews with tons of fake praise. He has cavalcades of sock puppets writing fake amazing book reviews. The socks trash everyone except Gary Weiss and Jim Cramer.

His last book contains a position on naked short selling that has been discredited by the head of the SEC himself. That discrediting really pissed Weiss off since his Wikipedia article used to be 75% promoting that book. Before a now banned user edited it to reflect the real world of reliable sources and regulatory policies, and not what an overwhelmed book author wishes the very lifeblood sources (those who profit off of business publication artcles on stocks) of his line of work (business journalism, or as Business Week used to call it, this week's hot stock picks and pans) could continue to get away with.

But take away the Byrne feud, and the Robertson suit, and his BLP is a short blurb from a book jacket - also written by himself. So it's probably appropriate that he wrote his own WP biography. R. Foster Winans - now there is a BLP that's written openly by the subject himself, god bless 'im.

His downfall

User:Mantanmoreland accidently answers talk comment meant for other sock User:Samiharris [1] and this led to WordBomb to file [2] which got Weiss's downfall in motion.

Back in the Wikipedia sockpuppetry saddle

Weiss set up the Wikipedia account JohnnyB256 and began editing articles about financial markets. He kept away from his previous stomping grounds such as the and hence nobody was the wiser. Last Thursday Weiss slipped up and started aggressively edit waring on the article Robertson v. McGraw-Hill Co.. If you read this tl;dr article you'll notice that the article describes Weiss getting sued for libel. The reason Weiss was edit waring was to try to whitewash the article. JohnnyB256 was promptly blocked by a Bureaucratic fuck but don't you fret, he'll be back with another sock for more lulz.

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