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Not to be confused with Safe Environment
What a safe space looked like 50 years ago.

Have you ever felt so depressed by the grim reality of things that you want to escape its horrible grasp? Are you an easily offended and over-sensitive Dogkin Polysexual quadgendered gender fluid transethnic 1/3rd PoC white passing feminazi who wants to escape other opinions, reality and common sense in general by calling it harassment or oppression? Or are you just a faggot who wants special treatment and the entire world to be your glory hole? Create a safe space today! A Safe Space is a term used by liberals as a bully free place where people can "feel safe." In other words, a fancier word for a hugbox, albeit, in the form of a structure. Once used by colleges and universities to "protect" LGBT students, it is no nothing more than yet another term that has lost all meaning thanks to its abuse by leftists of all types. From liberal tumblr SJWs all the way to communists, the ride never ends with safe spaces, as now it's become nothing more than a breeding ground for cultural Marxists to brainwash an entire generation into thinking they're being oppressed and an area in which Free Speech becomes a punishable offense.

The Origins of the "Safe Space"

You have a 100% guaranteed safe space

Around the time of the PC movement, colleges decided that they wanted to protect their special snowflakes attending there. Due to the fact that they where making good money all stolen from the students and their parents anyway, they decided to create the "safe space." Their original idea was to keep them all from being "bullied." In reality, it just became a place where free speech became a punishable offense and literally helped bring in cultural marxism to college campuses. Today, almost every college campus in most first world countries have a "safe space." There is an upside to it, if you notice your college has a safe space, it can be a good way to get some good lulz. A safe space back way before the political correctness fad began was a nice padded cell and if you were the one in the space, you'd even have a nice little straightjacket to go with it.


The Matriarchy's "safe space" meme takes root in the sexually-frustrated adolescent female, who experiences uncomfortable dissonance between her desire to have her womb fertilised, and her revulsion at the form of the mature male of the species. This revulsion is mutual. Her subconscious therefore externalises her concept of her womb, expanding the zone into her external physical surroundings. Anything, object or idea, that threatens to intrude into this externalised womb-space is treated as attempted rape. Thus, the absence of viable mates is reassuringly self-explained as the result of constant vigilance against ravishment (rather than the result of being physically repellent. The suppressed sexual energy of the frustrated person at the center of this abstract womb-surrogate is channeled into purposeless activities, e.g., complaining, menstrual painting, or lesbianism.

Where to find Safe Spaces

They've expanded outside mental hospitals, and are not just restricted to colleges and universities. Most workplaces today have "safe spaces" that ban their employees from laughing at their tranny faggot coworker who puts used condoms in happy meals or even reporting them on the bias and idea that it's "hateful and intolerant." Today there are also "virtual safe spaces" on the internet. With the biggest one of all time being tumblr. Of course with tumblr and their substantial ultra liberal population of autistic, fat, angsty, and misinformed 16 year old girls with USI and no knowledge of the world, it makes for the ideal safe space where they can all vent their hatred for everything mundane or rant about how society won't accept their worldview they learned from falling asleep through most of their school careers. Facebook in a sense can be considered a safe space, considering how the Jews controlling it ban anybody and any page that dares to have a non-liberal opinion or bend over to people who get triggered by the stupidest things ever. Reddit, in their typical self unaware corporate-liberal fashion, is turning into a safe space itself following the fiasco with Ellen Pao baleeting any subreddit that triggers her, or that questions her or her political views.


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