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An example of her amazing artwork

A fail troll and lulzcow on DevianTART, SableQueanVilaya, also known as SableQueanVilaya12 or SableQueefVilaya, is the furfag behind a mastermind plan to shut down Encyclopædia Dramatica after an article about a fellow artist was created. Vilaya reasonably reacted to this and made an online petition to shut down ED once and for all. In her effort of shutting Encyclopædia Dramatica down, Vilaya gathered her intellectual friends and all signed the petition, collecting a whopping 10 signatures. Vilaya was mercilessly trolled on the dA forums and on her journals about ED. She would then proceed to Baww about how ED made fun of the talented artist. Vilaya then rage quit dA, deactivating her account and taking all of her faggotry with her to the Hole of Humiliation. It was a holy and praised day among the DevianTARTLETS and marked a famous troll in internet history.

Vilaya also had a FurAffinity account, but was trolled on there too. After more bawling and faggotry, she rage quit FurAffinity as well. She hasn't turned up or made new accounts since. She will be forever missed.

Online History

Vilaya, displaying her life achievements

SableQueanVilaya was the admin of four Wikis: The Secret of NIMH Wiki, All Dogs Go To Heaven Wiki, An American Tail Wiki, and the Furry Fandom Chat Wiki. SableQueanVilaya was also a chat moderator on The Redwall RPG and Fanon Characters Wiki, which is run by Niko Banks, another AIDS ridden furfag.

Sable was b& for art theft, which caused major butthurt. She used to have a SheezyArt account, but she baleeted it soon after its creation for reasons unknown. She also had a YouTube account which was maintained by a 'friend' until it was deleted, she then stated that her friend used her YouTube account for trolling, which is most likely the reason for her deleting it. She was also perma-banned by Niko Banks from the Redwall Fanon and RPG Wiki, after excessive trolling and vandalizing the Wiki. After being b& from the wiki, using her superior intellect, she made multiple alternate accounts to get around her ban, resulting in moar delicious drama and bawling until the whining furfag was silenced by the admins. She continued to find a way around her ban, which caused more bitching and whining from Niko.


SableQueanVilaya's artwork is very similar to vomit on a piece of paper, and can be compared to artwork done by retarded children. She is also the writer of "The Fall of Mossflower", a Redwall fanfiction. She also worked on the Mossflower Film Project for a week before it was cancelled. The reason for it being cancelled was the Redwall Company wouldn't give them rights after Brian Jacques died.

Gallery of Fail About missing Pics

In addition to her artwork, SableQueefVilaya spent a majority of her time creating original, well thought out characters on the Redwall RPG and Fanon Characters Wiki. A plausible explanation for Vilaya spending most of her time doing this is because she has no connections in the real world and is the creator of three Wiki's based on films meant for children. Out of her list of 97 characters (no, srsly), such an example of one of her brilliantly written characters, is Nico Jadepelt.

Time well spent.
Name - Nico Jadepelt

Age - 23 seasons

Species - Wolf

Gender - Male


Nico Jadepelt is a brown furred wolf who is rumored to have come rom the northlands due to his Highland accent. He usually wears a kilt and white shirt with a black belt running across his chest, where he keeps his claymore. His other weaponry is a dirk (skinning dagger) and a Scottish knife called Sgian Dhu. Nico is a kindhearted beast but a dangerous warrior.


—Character description, OMG! SO ORIGINAL!

Taking down Encyclopædia Dramatica

After experiencing major butthurt from crossing paths with an ED article, Vilaya took up her duty to take Encyclopædia Dramatica off the internet by starting an online petition, even though internet petitions have never changed anything. Ever.

A demonstration of her excellent reasoning skills
Retardation levels have surpassed 9000
Recently a derogatory article written insulting an artist here on dA by the name of *Kalza. The website also insults furries and deviantart. I have recently made a petition to shut down the website for good.


—SableQueanVilaya, After experiencing major butthurt

Vilaya, showing her hate for free speech

As of April 14th, 2012, the petition has managed to garner an incredible 28 signatures, signed by other butthurt faggots who were offended by an article on ED. Vilaya's idea of taking down ED was so ridiculous that fellow DeviantART users spoke out against the idea of this, to which she cleverly retorted with insults used by a thirteen year old, completely disregarding the fact that her petition was meant to take down an insulting website. In her convincing speech in the petition for taking down Encyclopaedia Dramatica , she states that insulting people shouldn't be allowed, which means Vilaya is actually a secret Communist Muslim-Jew who hates freedom of speech and America.

Quitting the Internet

After her successful petition for taking down ED, her ban was lifted from DeviantART, which she shortly deactivated after. She wrote a journal-entry notifying her 'supporters', some artists such as Niko Banks think that her expulsion from the site soured her thoughts about the admin team on dA. She was unable to close her FurAffinity account, so she posted a journal-entry and message on her profile that says, "This account is no longer active and neither is my dA." She hasn't shown herself on any of the websites she had membership on since. This is probably due to her quitting IRL.

SQVgood night sweet prince.png

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