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He looks like this but with a vagina for a mouf

ST47 is a Wikipedia admin. And another shit-eating little teenaged boy who thinks that vandalism reversion is the be-all and glorious purpose of Wikipedia. He has written almost no content and is just another whiny little fucknut, abusing his pathetic "authority" and shitting on people. Which is why he is really careful to hide his real identity. (The little assmunch likes model airplanes, because his stupid screen-name came from a servomotor. The universe will explode before he gets laid.)

The little cunt showed up in 2006 and acted like just another 12-year-old virgin, which makes him a "typical patroller". It took him five tries to get adminship. [1][2] Weirdly, the third one is completely blank. [3] Despite being a complete snotrag and abusing people, he finally got in by kissing Swatjester's butthole. What a smegma-ball. Wrote nothing, just runs a custom vandalism bot and blocks people he doesn't like. Of course he's got sock accounts.

On Freenode he used to be an occasional IRC Bouncer who kickbanned for the pettiest of reasons. Then he'd troll you just to rub it in. When he tried to pull that shit on ED IRC, he got glined [4] He also runs an unauthorized bot, zomg! Many butthurt users (including his fellow Wiki-Cunt Cometstyles, the loser who wrote the original version of this article long ago) have suggested vandalizing his talkpage, not realizing that not only can they not form an army around a limp-dicked flagpole, but since he has a bot that reverts all vandalism the whole idea is retarded. If you are brave enough to try and get ol' fashioned vandalisin' in there, beware of his mighty army of robot warriors, check out this shit, lovingly crafted on many a long night.

Your userpage sucks

Just a lot of packed ugly userboxes, omg.

   yours sucks more :) ST47 14:50, 12 August 2006 (UTC) 


The little shitbag is almost history, having done the barest minimum of "work" since May 2012 to keep from having his admin bit yanked. If TOW weren't going down the shitter already, there would be some "point" in demanding his desysopping. But who cares, yawn. Please do us all a favor and an hero yourself, pimpleface.


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