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Girl's Generation is bubblegum-pop group consisting of nine AZN sluts who got hired based

Korean propaganda to make us fall for them, with the power of photoshop

on their cock sucking skills sometime in 2007, and their ability to distract us while their government smuggles missiles through Finland . Unfortunately they failed, and so Korea deported them to USA, where they are currently David Letterman's show ender, in otherwords they work for a few bucks per hour thus returning to their usual professions as streetwalkers. This might be finally the end to the their amazing and truly showstopping musical career.

The leader of the group is Kim Taeyeon. The other members are Jessica Jung, Sunny, Tiffany, Kim Hyoyeon, Kwon Yuri, Choi Sooyoung, Im Yoona and Seohyun. They are also referred to as SoShi (소시) or SNSD, by their fans. Their fanbase, which consists of upstanding young citizens with healthy sex lives who in no way are weird for making nicknames to singers they've never met. Even though two of them are from USA, they pretend they don't speak english, feeding their fans sick perversions for girls whoms rejection they can't understand, since afterall learning other moonrunes than desu is useless in the long run. Girls' Generation has released three excellent Korean full albums, three Korean mini-albums, one Japanese full album and various singles, again trying to appeal to every one with a healthy sexual life, once again proving that they're willing to bend over for who ever is willing to put it in their AIDS ridden holes.

On 2009 they decided to unleash a plague greater than the black plague, known as Gee. Even /v/'s foundations were shaken by it's attack on it's soil, and for once the vidya loving inviduals joined as one to love. The song has insightful and amazing lyrics which make us only wonder how they came up with this crap.


My Eyes are blinded I can't stop to breathe, I'm a girl falling in love Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby Baby Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby Baby Oh I'm too shy, I can't even glance at you I've fallen in love, I'm a shy girl Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby Baby Gee Gee Gee Gee Bab Bab Bab Bab Bab Bab

How did this happen? (How did it happen?) My beating heart(My beating heart) (Thump, thump thump) It just thuds and thuds, I can't even sleep

I, I must look like a fool I don't want anyone but him, Yeah, I'm a fool looking right at him

It's so bright, my eyes are blinded No No No No No I'm so surprised Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh I'm shocked, my body's trembling Gee Gee Gee Gee Gee Sparkling eyes Oh Yeah Sweet scent Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah



As one can see the thought behind these lyrics, and the powerful emotion by these pure innocent girls, and the deep affection behind the lyrics. Their lyrics portray every teenagers lovelife in it's full extent.

One can only wonder why they were discovered so late in to the entertainment business. With their stunning natural beauty they sure make the western whores look so ugly, afterall their purity and natural beauty is their biggest selling point.


Tell me your wish. Tell me the little dreams in your heart draw the ideal woman in your head and look at me i’m your genie, your dream, your genie

Ride your dream car and race along sit next to me throw your everything into my enticement even if your heart bursts and flies in the wind in this moment, the world is yours


I mean a bunch of mature women hopping around in boyshorts singing about wanting to fulfill your every dream isn't sexual at all, especially Japan, the land of love and used panty vendors next to elementary schools.


More to say when talking about their korean uguu~~ goddesses no critic is a loud. The second someone says anything other than "10/10 SO PERFECT OMGGG" the rational discussion begins, about how no true fan would ever see anything wrong with these lovely young girls. As One can see the fans of SNSD aren't the most healthiest inviduals in the mind, and their obsession goes so far as to pretend they are their 3d waifu's. With their passionate love they go through all odds and waddle their psychotic sexy bodies to the stage somehow to try to hug them. [1] Most of the time their fans fantazise about their perfect relationships to Taeyon and Sunny, and how the girls will fall for their sexy bodies, charm and wit gathered by playing Magic the gathering, collecting little girls underwear and fawning about how amazing Japan is. They are convinced that their extensive knowledge of Taeyon's panty color willImpress the girls. Then they will use the final touch by thelling them things never knew about themselves. Then they will capture these pure maidens affection and love, till they are able to escape from being held captive in their basements. OR until the Korean overlords have come with another distraction, making SNSD absolute.

Whilst these amicably wantable men aren't performing these healthy past times, they run from forum to forum insulting everyone who might have a different opinion to theirs when it comes to this amazing band. When they are banned, they will take their whining to the moderator and when that never works out, they get a new IP and join the forums to whine about the bans or start anew until a region IP ban is raised upon where they live.

Asia, land of respect.

this is really funny and kind of useless. before accusing someone you need to know your facts first or you'll look really stupid.

for the encore Kara ask SNSD to join them and they are close being in the same variety show time to time can make you closer friends and them hanging out at the back doesn't prove that they don't have respect. I mean how would you know everyone else in the stage is paying attention to Kara.

Don't get me wrong I like both of them but I don't see this as being rude o ]] way to display a YouTube


kisah19 - Some people care way too fucking much about.

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