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The SJW University Takeover of 2015 refers to the protests carried out by SJWs at college campus during the later half of 2015 and the resignations and firings that followed.

University of Missouri

Concerned Student 1950 is the name of the group of SJWs that took over the University of Missouri. They demanded that all students and staff attend a course to teach them not to be racist, this course would be put together by a board of black students and staff. They also demanded more money for the college's social justice programs. SJW protesters camped out in a public area in the middle of the campus and assaulted journalists when they tried to cover the event.[1]

For their intimidation of an Asian male who simply wanted to take photos in public, the group was accused of "safe-baiting", "using intimidation or initiating physical aggression to violate someone's rights, then acting like your target is making you unsafe." You know, like American foreign policy.

SJW Victories:

  • Tim Wolfe, President of the University, resigned.[2]
  • R. Bowen Loftin, Missouri Chancellor, resigned.[3]

SJW Losses:

  • Melissa Click, communications professor and supporter, initially invited the media but then tried to have them physically removed from public property when they weren't reporting the way she wanted.[4] Resigned her courtesy appointment, Title XI complaint filed against her.[5]
  • Janna Basler, the director of Greek life and leadership at Missouri, assaulted student journalist. Put on leave, Title IX complaint filed against her.[6]

Selected Quotes

Editor's note: This "place where people live, fellowship, & sleep" was a public area in the middle of campus that they had taken over.

Yale University


On Nov. 13th BLM protesters (AKA liberal arts majors) stormed the library where people with real majors were studying.[7][8] They chanted "Black Lives Matter" while flipping people off and assaulted the students when they didn't join in.[9][10]

Selected Quotes

  • "Fuck you, you filthy white fucks!"[11][12] - Anonymous BLM protester
  • "Fuck your white tears!"[13] - Anonymous BLM protester
  • "Filthy white bitch!"[14] - Anonymous BLM protester

University of Alabama

Claremont McKenna College

Mary Spellman, top administrator, lost here job, for she did not have pure Aryan, master race blood was only slightly discriminatory.[15]

Virginia Commonwealth University

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