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Safe For Work (SFW) Porn is the opposite of NSFW pr0n and a /b/tard's worst nightmare. It is also one of the most pointless things on the internets because if you are at work you can't fap in the first place. Howevar, occasionally OP will throw out the challenge for /b/'s finest artists to fire up the MS Paint Machine and go at all that is delicious and filthy in sexytime pictures. SFW Porn doesn't explicitly show any naughty bits, and yet manages to disturb and titillate through implication, subtlety, and artistic mastery. Originally posted last thursday as a thread on the failgrounds BBS, consisting entirely of pictures drawn by other people.

Creating SFW pr0n is the in-thing to do OTI. There's whole internets of nudity to cover up in the lulziest fashion possible. It is perfect for posting anywhere and everywhere, especially art critique sites and parenting forums.

SFW Porn Video

Thanks to the amazing technological advances in modern-day special effects, some brave souls were actually able to create a SFW pr0n video. Because let's face it; static images haven't been an adequate form of pornography since everyone stopped surfing the web on 56K modems a decade ago.


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