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The deluge of threatening tweets prompted the New York National Guard to deploy over 1,200 troops to maintain law and order


Because this is obviously believable.

#SANDYLOOTCREW was a troll by the Gay Nigger Association of America that resulted in known attention-whoring-schizo Alex Jones to have his reputation as an acclaimed journalist severely wounded, as well as already terrible non-reliable source The Daily Mail and was even later mentioned in ABC.

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, a squad of Gayniggers took it upon themselves to troll Twitter with the hashtag #SANDYLOOTCREW, prompting much rage from the masses as it was deemed "disrespectful". Jones and TDM later picked up the story, which in turn lead to the deployment of 1k+ National Guard troops to the area. Spearheaded by Twitter-favicon.png Dutchminati, with help from Twitter-favicon.png LiteralKa and Twitter-favicon.png Sevenleafb (RIP, TAKEN DOWN BY INFIDELS) , among others, the #SANDYLOOTCREW struck terror and disgust in the hearts of thousands as they witnessed misinformed journalists report blatant trolling as fact.

Alex Jones report

Wannabe Anonymous moralfags butt in

A confirmed Gay Nigger looks on with unabashed glee.
How to handle a bitch on Twitter.

A number of self-proclaimed Anonymous members attempted to stop the fun throughout the day of the event by reporting accounts and using 1337 internet research skills to gather information proving said accounts to be fraudulent. Fortunately, Twitter's automated abuse-handling system ensured that they were quickly, and efficiently, handled and removed.



#SANDYLOOTCREW About missing Pics

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