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Much like Snapesnogger, Ryoukitten is one of many DeviantART Furries that believes by (poorly) drawing animu, she will one day travel to Japan and become a totally 1337 MANGA ARTIST!

Also like the beliefs of other DevianTarts, she is under the yet-to-be-understood sickness that is often fatal. Said disease usually includes believing in a false idol (themselves and/or their favorite mangaka), believing they have actual talent, and having an odd force that seems to attract the attention of other followers.

On 8/25/07, Ryoukitten was subject to a small raid on her DA account. In a constant pursuit of lulz, anon needed moar /b/lackup, and the raid was considered a failure.

Journey to Japan

Like any weeaboo, Ryoukitten has taken many ventures into not only drawing, but also animation. Her desire to learn how to animate (ie, more than one frame of work... this is an important concept) has led to such astounding feats as... oh nevermind, it was BALEETED.

What makes no sense is that she is unable to find a program better than fucking Windows Movie Maker to "animate" her drawings. Better yet, the changing frame sizes is worthy of lulz, and the attempt at a loop is a joke. It is rumored that Ryoukitten may be legally blind, which would explain her inability to see through her own shit. If you wish to shatter all her hopes and dreams, telling her that furries and otherkin aren't allowed to become great wapanese artists should probably warrant her to crawl into a hugbox and hopefully never come out.

The Attack on Lulz

On May 3rd, 2007, Ryoukitten would launch on assault on all that is lulz-worthy when she bitched about a fellow DeviantART who posted a "questionable" image. In total MySpace fashion, she whined about the picture in her journal.

Ryoukitten whine.png

It is from this journal we can assume Ryoukitten is a self righteous bitch and should probably be flooded with the pain series, or at least some 9/11 copypasta. The actual picture in question (shown here)

The Kitten gets Desparate

Take advantage of this any way you can

Like most of us, Ryoukitten has hopes and dreams, however, unlike us, she is a block headed weeaboo who thinks her shit don't stink and can someday become a winnar. As demonstrated above her animation skills are below average yet this doesn't stop her from thinking she is totally elite and even offer to fling her shit at people and make them pay for it.

I am willing to draw anything for anyone if they want a commission. Tell your friends! Really cheap prices! I might seem desperate, but that's because I am!


—~Ryoukitten, you think she'll blow for $2?

Her obvious lack of self respect in this lulz worthy journal calls for trolls in the way of requesting nazi or 9/11 art. Although unleashing more of her art on the world should be a deadly sin, I would be willing to pay to see her go and get rejected at every animation course she applies for.

But be warned, she means serious business, she's getting her daddy to buy her shirts.

Romantic Fantasies

A google search shows that Ryoukitten has shat over more than just Deviantart. Indeed, while her wrath is hard to bear on that site alone, she has also invested her time in fanfiction. The following is a quote from her fanfiction.net account (Link at bottom):


The entire travesty can be read here. In addition to her fanfics, she is also prevalent on the following sites: http://ryoukitten.sheezyart.com/


First Raid on the Kitten

Ryoukitten's BAWWWING over her own ED page
OH GOD, MY EYES! (Note the lazy eye.)

On August 25th, 2007, anonymous launched a small attack on Ryoukitten's Deviantart account, in an attempt to make her leave the internet. The raid was an essential failure, but a small legion of /b/rothers managed to break through the defenses and create lulz for Ryoukitten to cry about.

Much to anon's surprise, she only disregarded the initial posts about her ED, and, as pictured to the right, considered the internet to be "jealous" and envious" of her work. What she didn't expect was anon's response to her insolence. By not taking the internet seriously, she basically asked for a raid. As of now, her DA page has calmed down, and some of her various submissions have been commented to in typical /b/ fashion. In an attempt to make herself feel better, and not look like such a whining bitch, she has hidden the original posts about this very ED page.

On September 2nd, 2007, Ryoukitten paid a visit to 4chan's /b/. The post itself is irrelevant (random shit about "you no talented jerks, that (sic) try to stop artists from going on"), but the picture she used was horrifying enough to make even Anon cry.


Atomic.gif Warning!
Possible permanent eye damage ahead

Below are some examples of her "work" it's clear that someday she will be a great mangaka:

Notice her ludicrous use of lens flares in EVERY photo. Anon has previously been subjected to assaults of her work in numerous threads on both /b/ and more frequently, /ic/. While it is unknown if she is even aware of her work being posted on other sites, the sheer disgust that eminates from her pictures is enough to warrant a raid.

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