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Rusty Ray

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Rusty Ray
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Rusty Ray feeling awkward with lip gloss

Rusty Ray (real name Rusty Ray Groves) is a racist wannabe news broadcaster, amateur cyberstalker, and notorious hypocrite and liar. In his spare time, he takes news stories from other sources and rehashes them for his Big 3 News website or for his broadcasts. The rest of his time is spent lurking the shadows of the internet waiting for someone to say something bad about him so that he can get them banned from whatever website they're on or so that he can report them to his local police department. As what you'd expect from a pretend news broadcaster, Rusty is a self-important douchebag and whiny little girl. He emanates an aura of arrogance and quickly removes any person who contradicts him. Whenever trolled, Rusty pretends not to care, but it is frequently obvious that he is near tears from the hurtful remarks made by other people on the internet.

Current Location of His Trailer

Because Rusty Groves was elected to public office in 2005 by a bunch of inbred hillbillies who couldn't tell a ballot from a chicken wing, his address at the time is a matter or public record. According to public property records, his trailer hasn't been sold since 1999, so he still lives in that same ratty-ass trailer. If you'd like to take a look at the redneck central for fake news (the Big 3 News studio), point your Google Earth to:

373 S Jackson St, Lot 45
Sabina, OH 45169-1454

Early Life

Rusty Ray was born in February of 1971. He was raised by his skeksis grandparents, perhaps because his parents did not want to deal with his worthless mutant existence or perhaps because his parents were somehow unfit to be parents (i.e. drug addicts or the like). He was named after a sink. At the age of nine, Rusty began smoking. Yes, you read that correctly- he started smoking at age NINE. What kind of grandparents let their grandson start smoking so young? It's possible they realized how worthless he was and hoped smoking would spare the world and send him to an early grave. Unfortunately, Rusty kicked his habit six years later. At some point in his life, Rusty spent over a year with his great, strapping, over-endowed uncle traveling from church to church presumably to try to figure out why God so hated the world that he unleashed a low-life like Rusty on it.


Believe it or not, Rusty Ray actually attended a college from 1991 to 1993: Southern State Community College in Ohio. Apparently, the rigors of community college were too much for Rusty to bear. In his second year put towards obtaining his associate's degree, Rusty inexplicably dropped out of community college. Yes, this is correct. Self-important Rusty Ray dropped out of COMMUNITY college. In 2005, Rusty finally went back to complete his Associate of Arts degree with a concentration in journalism. It is obvious from his lackluster ability to investigate that Rusty's associate's degree is not worth the paper on which it is printed.

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Rusty's online resume
Rusty's online resume (scroll to the section on education to see his failure at community college)

Rusty Ray the Wife Beater: Divorce and Restraining Order

Rusty Groves the Wife Beater

In March of 1996, Rusty's wife, Christian, filed for divorce. During the proceedings, Rusty's wife applied for a restraining order against Rusty. She swore that he repeatedly beat her. The judge, seeing that Rusty can only take out his rage out on women and possibly small children, placed a restraining order against Rusty. Something serious must have happened because Rusty publicly denies that such a restraining order was ever placed against him despite the proof to the contrary.

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Rusty's divorce proceedings
An overview of Rusty's divorce proceedings
Details of Rusty's restraining order
Details of Rusty's restraining order including the affidavit that he beat his wife

Political Career

At the end of 2005, Rusty was elected to his local village council. He served only one year and four months of his four year term. Just like with community college, the stress of being a councilman was too much to tolerate and, in true Rusty fashion, he quit. Unlike his premature withdrawal from community college, Rusty's decision let down all of those misguided people who had voted for him. Apparently, Rusty had better things to do than fulfill the promise he made to his constituents. During the years of 1997 and 1998, the village council was chastised for poor and negligent behavior in regard to the village's finances. Rusty was not the only person to resign during this period, suggesting a conspiracy. Rusty was a member of the council during the first four months of this period and shares in some of the blame. In fact, at the time he quit, Rusty was not only the council's president, he was also on the Finance Committee. Way to abandon the people who counted on you, Rusty.

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Rusty's online resume
Rusty's online resume (scroll to the section on experience to see how he abandoned his constituents)
Rusty appointed to Finance Committee
An article that mentions Rusty's appointment to the Finance Committee on 3/15/2007
Article about village finances
An article about Rusty's village's finances that includes some time that Rusty was on the council
Rusty bails on his voters
An article that mentions Rusty quitting his obligations as councilman

Abuse of the Mentally Ill

Rusty Ray's proudest moments are when he is abusing mentally ill people. Rusty was a frequent abuser of Travis Runkel of Supernews22. Travis has various mental disorders including Bipolar Disorder. Rusty enjoyed harassing Travis about Travis's confusion concerning his own sexuality. He would go into Travis's broadcasts on BlogTV and call him various versions of the word homosexual and make disparaging comments about the quality of Supernews22. Rusty's ultimate triumph occurred during a broadcast of Big 3 News on BlogTV where he had Travis get on cam with him, at which point, Rusty proceeded to publicly humiliate Travis for the amusement of Rusty and his friends. You should also check out the video in the related gallery under "Rusty the Racist" for video of Rusty abusing Travis.

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Promo video for Rusty's "Smackdown" of Travis

Rusty the Racist

Rusty has engaged in behavior that suggests that he is a racist. A primary example is his frequent use of the term "dothead" to refer to someone he thought was Indian. He also associates himself with people who openly use the word nigger to describe Simian-Americans and then laughs after they use it. It's not surprising considering where Rusty was raised, not to mention that he was raised by people who obviously did not care enough to raise him well, as evidenced by his smoking at age nine. They likely figured that such an evil person was beyond redemption and just let him do as he pleased. It is also worth noting that the village in which Rusty chooses to live there are only 24 Welfarian Americans out of 2,780 total residents (according to the 2000 US census). It is possible that Rusty chose to live in such a place to avoid people from other races.

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Rusty is racist
A screenshot of Rusty being racist toward Indians

Rusty the Liar

In this section, we will highlight some of the lies Rusty has told for which there is proof that he lied.

Description of the Lie Proof
Rusty the Liar claims that his daughter's Facebook was hacked. The truth is that her Facebook was actually public. There was no need to hack it. If you look at the second screenshot, you can clearly see the "Add as Friend" button indicating that viewer of the profile was not her friend. Also, pay attention to the date on the lowest comment. Her Facebook profile was public until at least February 13, 2011 (you'll have to take my word for it on the year). Shortly after this time, it was made private.
Rusty says his daughter's FB was hacked
A screenshot of Rusty lying to people about his daughter's Facebook
Proof that Rusty's daughter's FB was public
A screenshot of Rusty's daughter's Facebook showing that it was public
Rusty the Liar claims that he never had a restraining order against him. We have already covered this one, but I thought I'd include it here too.
Details of Rusty's restraining order
Details of Rusty's restraining order including the affidavit that he beat his wife
Rusty the Liar claims he never abused the mentally ill. Here are two screenshots of Rusty caught harassing Travis. They are fairly tame when compared to how he usually treated Travis, but they are the best screenshots we have. Rusty knew that Travis was not right in the head, but he would frequently come into Travis's chat rooms to harass him. You should also check out the video in the related gallery under "Rusty the Racist" for video of Rusty abusing Travis.
Rusty harasses Travis
Screenshots of Rusty caught in the act of abusing Travis in Travis's room

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