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Russian Wikipedia

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Russian Wikipedia better known as Pediwikia (rus. Педивикия), also named as Rukipedia (rus. Рукипедия) or shortly Pedia (rus. Педия) - is the biggest result of efforts of ignoramuses and dilettantes ever made in the history of the mankind. This is the main cultural and historical value of this project. Since the purpose of Pediwikia is to replicate popular stamps taking refuge in "neutral point of view", in fact it is the internet-version of TV. The number of faggots in Pediwikia is merely prohibitive, that is why its participants are called as wikifaggots or wikiqueers (rus. википидоры or rus. википедики).


People want to know about Harry Potter's gay teacher, that is why people use Wikipedia.


—Wikipedia IRC

Pediwikia's purpose allegedly is to create a so-called "Free Encyclopedia"® ostensibly devoid of censorship and freely available. People who had never fortunately moved in Pediwikia's circles naively think that in Pediwikia they can write anything because it is "free". In fact there is no freedom in the Pediwikia. Each participant is entangled by law of thousands of paragraphs threatening them w/ rollback in the case of a slightest error. Russian WP's Banhammer long ago became rusty because of the blood of vandals and innocent victims. The bloody deletionism every day extirpates results of another's many months efforts with cryptic letters "NOR", "copivio" and "NPV". There are numerous restrictions and prohibitions on the use of materials, as well as the criteria of "Notability" for the articles. One also should remember that the founder of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales before its founding earned money using site with a paid porn section, was positioned as a search engine for men and Jimbo named it as "great-grandfather of Wikipedia".

It is reasonable that the main participants of such a project become experienced scribblers and clever trolls. Any normal person engaged in filling Pediwikia with content will get sooner or later stubborn fanaticism which is obligatory and necessary for constant participation in the Pediwikia. There is no exception.


An article's quality indicators in Pediwikia are the labels "good" and "featured". In the Pediwikia the criteria for articles to be marked as such are:

  • Existence of references connected to the half of words in the article. For a featured article - almost one to each word. However if the author of article pays money to an administrator of Russian Wikipedia then the mark is set without references. The references must contain proof links. Sometimes a participant of Pediwikia set as proof links references to textbooks on Chinese, Japanese or Korean languages.
  • The bigger article is the better. Such a rule usually stimulates to fill articles with repeats and all sorts of meaningless rubbish.
  • Each article must be written in accordance with the Neutral Point of View. It means that article must not contain any lulz. One of the amusing consequences of this rule is the fact that some of Russian WP's articles are more funny than some articles of Encyclopædia Dramatica and of Russian Lurkmore. Just for instance.
  • Finally author of such an article must lick voters' asses for them to vote for the article. If said article's author successfully cope with this the previous rules are usually excluded. Reluctance to lick asses leads to a lack of votes for the article and rare visitors examine with microscope any lack of rules to vent their accumulated grievances on an unfamiliar participant.

At the same time clarity of articles on specialized topics for a simple layman is not of importance to any of Pediwika's participants. While in the English Wikipedia there is a rule calling authors to make their articles comprehensible for the uninitiated, a similar rule in Rukipedia was rejected and a dude who had translated text of the rule from the English Wikipedia and had tried to make its text as an official rule of the Russian Wikipedia was banned forever as an eyesore.

Everyone knows that quality of articles in ruwiki leaves much to be desired. In particular this is due to the fact that among authors of the articles are only a few skilled professionals. There are a lot of reasons that repel them: unprofessionalism and low rating of publication, absence of fees and guarantees given by accepted norms of copyright law, originality of publishing rules, and so on and etc. Indeed Wikipedia makes very small efforts to attract and retain skilled professionals, in general, remaining at the level of amateur amusement of virtual world occupants.


—Preamble of the poll

Meanwhile a lot of Pediwikia's articles concerning Natural Science contain or consist of stupid copypasta from Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary's 1907 edition and/or from the Soviet Encyclopedic Dictionary.

Articles about narcotics

As it was mentioned above, Pediwikia was written by ignoramuses and dilettantes. So if you think that articles about narcotics on Pediwikia were written by drug addicts, then you are absolutely right: the article Cannabis smoking explained in detail to the readers how to "obstruct heel", how to make "steam locomotive" and article about Charas warned readers that in India instead of charas gullible buyers could get compressed dust. Of course, Russian authorities paied their attention to these intersting facts and pointed them in their usual manner - demanded removing this freaky delusions threatening to ban Pediwikia throughout the territory of Russia. August 25, 2015 was the happiest day for all residents of Russia - this nest of vipers with CP, gay-porn, animal porn and other kinds of porn, gays, bisexuals and other filth was finally banned. Unfortunately, the happiness was short-lived, and the blockage was partially.

However, for great justice it should be said that before this the situation with articles about narcotics on Pediwikia attracted attention of specialists - so X-romix had tried to clear the articles from the shit in full compliance with the Pediwikia's rules - he had requested sources, had removed non-reliable sources and had deleted unsourced text. But such his activity was regarded as destructive by an all-wise Pediwikia's administrator and he was banned forever. Later he published a series of articles in which he subjected to criticism Pediwikia's articles about narcotics ([1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], [10], [11], [12], [13], [14], [15], [16], [17], [18], [19]). But all his efforts were in vain, and now professional lawyer Grebenkov edits articles about narcotics.

Russian Wikipedia's Arbitration Committee

How to apply a sue about unblock to the Russian Wikipedia's Arbitration Committee

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Arbitration Committee.

Russian Wikipedia's Arbitration Committee, better known as Clownation Committee (rus. Клоунажный комитет) or shortly Clownate (rus. Клоунаж) and rarely named as Arbitration Hommittee (rus. Арбитражный гомитет).

It is the Supreme Body of Pediwikia which consists of a bunch of rules' commentators and other augurs. Formally it can only interpret rules, but in fact it actively invents new rules.

When a new sue comes to Clownation Committee's crowd of trolls and begins idling about, loafers begins to comment it on its talk page. All of them try to express their valuable opinions about plaintiffs, about defendants, about rules being applied and so on. A lot of them rush to express their opinions not even bothering to read the entire text of the sue and they admit it without any confusion. However, for the justice it should be said that texts of Clownate's decisions often leave doubt as to whether clowns fully read texts of sues.

The community of sues' commentators is rather stable. It consists of wikifaggots who either get tired of writing articles or have never written even an article but instead of it they waste time commenting sues in Clownate, commenting requests to administrators, commenting comments of others commentators, taking part in discussions on the Administrators' Noticeboard and so on. The same wikiqueers are most active during elections of arbiters to the Arbitration Committee and in discussions on the requests for adminship trolling some candidates with questions about masturbation. But such a behavior of the people looks like madness for an external observer only. From the point of view inside of Pediwikia these endless discussions are full of deepest meaning because if you do not write articles but instead of it you regularly take part in the endless discussions then you are a very valuable and respectable participant and as a bonus you acquire suffrage on Pediwikia's elections of all levels - arbiters', administrators' and bureaucrats'.

For the most important part of encyclopedic work is determination of notability. Writing articles is a secondary process.


—ShinePhantom, administrator of the Russian Wikipedia, arbiter of its Arbcom-9


Russian Wikipedia's Arbiters announce their decision:


Jews in Russian Wikipedia

Jews? In Russian Wikipedia? It's more likely than you think. In 2006 Jews banned and hounded out of Pediwikia all Russian patriots so these patriots had to establish their own version of Pediwikia - Banning newfags-anti-Semites is a usual job of Pediwikia's administrators and bureaucrats. There used to be wikimeetups of Pediwikia's editors in Tel-Aviv (sic). 2 of 3 mediators on articles about Arab–Israeli conflict are Jews, who reliably protect "neutral point of view"™ in the articles. As a result of all these efforts all Russian Wikipedia's articles describing Arab–Israeli conflict are more pro-Israel than even in Hebrew Wikipedia.

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: The Wikipedia Jews.

Another effect of ruling Russian Wikipedia by Jews is the fact that unlike English Wikipedia obtaining profit from actions in Russian Wikipedia does not seem to be a bad thing. Quite a lot of Pediwikia's participants earn money by their activities in Russian Wikipedia. At first it was a secret but like any other secret later or sooner it ceased to be a secret. One of Pediwikia's administrators,Bogdanpax, wrote articles there for 300$ - 500$ per each only. Inspite of the fact that Clownation Committee desysoped him for such an activity, another administrator Gruznov registered judicial person "Your wikifirm" (rus. "Ваша викифирма") with a site advertizing it's services. In this case Clownation Committee decided asking the community about this manner of earning money and suggested that the community should start a request for comments that finished with nothing - earning money in Pediwikia was neither forbidden nor legalized.

Besides I note that in ruwiki already there are quite conscientious participants who got real money for their articles (and several arbiters know about it and some of the arbiters are such participants) and that's all right - neither the world nor Wikipedia did not overturned.


—Artem Korzhimanov, bureaucrat of Russian Wikipedia

This fact encouraged mentioned above ShinePhantom to place on his personal page in Pediwikia the next advertising:

Hello everybody!

I have to report that I have not still received salary for my work as Wikipedia's administrator for last year. And my patience is running out. Is it a possible thing?

Thousands of edits, several hundreds of discussions results tallies, hundreds of illustration, dozens of articles - was really all this in vain? Have a heart. Does such a valuable and rare thing as Wikipedia's administrator flag cost anything? And after all, there are 93 administrators only including Humongous Mechas. It is less than Siberian tigers, less than Florida panthers and Iriomote cats. And the number will decrease further.

Je ne modifie pas six jours. Sirs I did not edit 6 days. Give charity to pay internet bills for ex-arbiter of Arbitration Committee.

If you would like to give me welfare then here is the account number on Yandex.Money: 41001789610163. Thanks who that transfers money.

Don't you have money on Yandex.Money? Contact with me and I shall tell you how you can transfer money by other ways.

Support me for me to be able to support Wikipedia any longer.

Also on this page he placed the next text:

Operators' party

"Purpose of Russian Wikipedia is to create fully fledged and exact encyclopedia in Russian language."

But who said that you obligatory have to study complications of wiki-code, difficulties of writing intricate templates and nuances of copyright issues?

Why do you have personally take part in discussions about your articles on Wikipedia:Articles for deletion and spend your nerves and time?

Entrust this work to professionals.

Operators' party - here's what you need.

We are the only who have a number of exclusive offers that you will not have from any other competitor:

  • Order-bearing curators stuff of party in power with summary seniority in Wikipedia in one and a half century.
  • Complete set of flags: from autoeditor to checkusers, bureaucrats and arbiters of any convocation.
  • Wide choice of templates for anyone, even the most demanding customer.
  • Unique design templates from the masters of esoteric including the very hand of sea otters in the world.
  • Check spelling by editors from Germany, check facts by real British scientists, check stylistics by professionals of the Moscow State University and reliable protection by flags from Israel.
  • Lobbying your bills to parliament by contradiction. It is suffice that we put forward a proposal opposite to the desired for you, and the parliament urgently take an opposite law.
  • Disclosure of secrets of fair use.

Also Operators' party is ready to offer you the next:

  • Competently made sue applying to the Arbitration Committee, appeals to the inconvinient decisions of Arbitration Committee. And we are the only and first who have ability to offer: appeals to appeals. As a bonus, you are in for a pleasant surprise: unique opportunity to challenge any inconvinient arbiter.
  • Ready articles. With holywars and as a bouns - attraction attention of Roskomnadzor to an article that automatically increases its attendance by 130 times! Discounts today only! And just imagine how hit counter increases if an article at the same time attracts attention of Rospotrebnadzor and (or) FSKN.
  • First ten sources for free.
  • Deletion articles about competitors including recreation protection.
  • We operate 24 hours per a day as members of our party are in all time zones.

For VIP-clients we offer promote article in T:DYK, WP:GA, WP:FA and article of the year.

P. S. In test mode there is new service: block all ruwiki's pages by organizing a strike. Contact the sales representative Abiyoyo.

P. P. S. Soon you may receive new service that you will not find all over the world: rent of administrators' accounts: with all the power in the language section including block of the existing arbiters.

Do not lose your chance!


So do not be surprised if after indefinite block in Pediwikia you get suggestion about paid mentorship.

Visit of Jimmy Wales to Moscow in 2006

His Wikipidority appeared his bright face before administrators and bureaucrats of Russian Wikipedia during meetup at 3 march 2006 in Moscow, where he promptly blew all the donations for the year on Russian hookers, famously causing famed Wikipedia apologist Danny Wool to pen his now notorious blog post exposing Jimbeau as a manipulative huckster.

Famous utterances about Russian Wikipedia

It is Wikipedia. It is a terrible place. Here, anyone has ability to offer to delete a result of hard work of dozens people. Here, any dilettante has ability to ruin an article written by a highly qualified specialist and the specialist will have to prove politely and calmly why he is right and the dilettante is not. And the proof will judge others dilettantes. Here exist terrible "men in black" that have right to delete articles and to block participants. Here exist the eerie Arbitration Committee that made no one decision completely acceptable to both sides of conflict. This is neither good nor bad, it is not a whim of a participant. You have to be ready for this, otherwise participation in the project will bring disappointment to you only. Just because this world is arranged with such a manner and with the same manner Wikipedia is arranged. Perhaps there is a more just order but we still do not have another Wikipedia. And another world, I confess, too.


—Ilya Voyager 08:19, 20 August 2007 (UTC)

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