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The site's logo

The website is a sad ripoff of Paheal created by Alex Shive, of Nigga Bytes, as a way of archiving all forms of Rule 34. While the archiving and subsequent rape of all one's childhood memories is an important task, Alex made the mistake of including his own watermark and copyright on all the images—much like a certain e-Jew.

Calibre of Material

Like all good Web 2.0 webmasters, Alex gets quadriplegic orphans to do his job for him, trawling 4chan's /b/ and 7chan's /34/ boards to get all of the images that destroy every facet of one's early years. However, in a room behind the orphan chamber sit a coven of Jews who greedily imprint all of the images with the website's watermark, and claiming copyright over Anonymous' hard, fapped-over work. Alex obviously isn't as clued up on e-law as Realitysquared or Duke Otterland and believes that because he (meaning his army of limbless crotchlings) found the images, they are his to copyright. Another complain from Anonymous was that there was no Jetson's porn. /b/ decided to teach Alex some things. meets /b/

Fig. 1

At 16:30 on the 3rd of July, 2007, Anonymous alerted /b/ to the existence of and Alex's faggotry. /b/ was outraged and called upon the legion to make Mr. Shive pay for copyrighting Anonymous' fap-fodder. The plan was simple, upload multiple instances of Fig. 1 a.k.a Poor_Man.jpg (moar like Nig. 1 amirite?) to the servers overloading them and causing them to explode, hopefully performing a twelfth-trimester abortion on the midget amputees as well. The plan got underway, with the following results:

Further Annihilation

Anonymous cleverly suggested the following tactics to further bring down

  1. Browse to
  2. Enter URL to pic of your choice. I chose
  3. type a message to the server: "brought to you by ebaumsworld"
  4. Select x200.
  5. Press button.
  6. ?????
  7. PROFIT!

It worked surprisingly well.


At 17:57 of the same day, Anonymous declared victory as spouted endless mySQL errors and timed out on the creation of new accounts. Further proof that Anonymous is legion.

...Is Shortlived

On the 6th of July, was back online and devoid of MySQL errors. The final solution will occur soon enough.

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