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Al Gore:The Original Internet-Fucker-Upper

A long time ago, the Internets was a place where one could "surf" through the tubes and look up information. This was long before the days of furries and fucktards and it was good. Until one day when some jackoff decided that it would be funny if he was to post a picture of himself with cat ears on the internet, thus began The Ruination of the Internet. This ruination is mostly thanks to the assholes and cockshiners clogging up the tubes with shit nobody cares about and not being sorry for it. Said clogging can be attributed to the countless numbers of shitty art, whiney-ass/unfunny/unnecessary videos, and emo-filled bitchfests in the form of blogs.

Who's to Blame?

Truly, there is no single person/website/thing that can be accounted for the ruining of the Internet, but in fact, there are at least 100 things that can be blamed, as they all have contributed to the Ruining of the Internet in one form or another.

People who ruin the Internet

Websites that ruin the Internet

Not even Doom music can save the Internets.

Things that ruin the Internet

Saving the Internet

The Stop Posting Roll - just one of the many methods one can employ when saving the Internet.

Although the internet is critically ill, there are still those out there that are trying to save it from the faggots that are trying to have it put down. Contributing:

People Trying to Save the Internet

Websites Trying to Save the Internet

Websites That Died While Trying to Save the Internet

Things Trying to Save the Internet

Things You can do to Save the Internet

Though it will take some time, the internets can be saved. All it will take is some patience and doing some of the following:

Art that ruins the Internet

Shit ruining the internet About missing Pics

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