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His hair is made out of
More cushin' fo da pushin. By some fuck named Simballoon.
This will burrow into your mind until you end up in an institution.

Rubberfur is the horri-fuck-fying phenomena of furfags who are also into latex and rubber, two bad things that go horrible together! A rubberfur is usually into BDSM, but is sometimes just into defying the laws of physics by being made of “living rubber”.


There are basically two types of rubberfur: the furfag who just enjoys dressing his fursona in tight rubber, or actual furries made out of rubber. Some of them are also into inflation, which actually makes some sense. Rubberfurs will often take pictures of themselves role-playing IRL as their rubbery fursona, often taking advantage of various techniques to hide their sweaty bulk from the camera.

A few of their main fapping-grounds include WikiFur and, an eye-raping horror that rivals /b/ in the do not want contest. The website is nothing more than an underground furry rape dungeon logo.

Perhaps the most famous of the rubberfags is August Yifu, who is a sick fuck and a big enough lolcow to deserve his own article.

Rubberfurs IRL

Notice that our autist in question is an obese Basement-dweller.


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