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FoundationMarch, 2007.
Major Boards/b/
Epic WinsAdmin's trollage.

Rromchan is a Romanian imageboard affectionately dubbed so by its users as a play on the word rrom which in Romanian means gypsy, thus depicting the nature of the site admin(s). The site is fucking dead for some months now, since no one gave a shit about it anymore after several slow-server days and falls. Its best phase was probably around 31 October the same year, but the admins quickly fix'd that by banning about half the anons posting there.


The site's name contains animu-related shit in it. It is believed that the domain was intended for animu-propagation shit, but as the admin's tendencies grew to dickgirls and 4chan, the result was the desolating site we see today.

Typical Rromchan macro

For over a year after its beginning, it only managed to gather about 600 posts in /b/ for crying out loud! As a result, most garbage left eons ago still rot at the page 10 (if it went that far) of every section. The only ones that DO visit are mostly trolls, banned periodically along with most other users for the admins' personal sexual gratification. The site itself consists of about 20 boards, but as their own /b/ is barely crossed, the others are staler than a meat putting left in the Sahara desert for 20 years.

As such, the site has become more of a place of anti-Animax supporters to troll the admins than anything but an active *chan.

Teh October ban spree

On October 31st, 2007 , a mass banning occurred, as the admins probably decided to see how their pet project is doing. Seeing some decent action setting, they decided to mass ban almost half the users: as shown into the picture to the right, any post considered lame by the admins being edited with red "This user has been banned for this post". The admin was compared by an anon with W. T. Snacks, as his actions were similar to the famous' faggot admin from 4chan. Him and another anon that pointed out the bans were banned also, as well as most that posted on those topic, thus being broken the first rule of /b/, that of no rules.

As of November 4th, 2007, the site home page generated an internal server error, thus making the boards unavailable. It came back later that afternoon, the first post appearing on /b/ being of Anonymous complaining about users posting their story on wikis or proxyes, proving himself most likely as OP himself.


The admins nick on Romanian forums is The Different Machinist (TDM, Machinist or Mechanist for short), also admining the Romanian official site of Animax after some buttsecks and ball-licking at the ownership of the station. His real name is Comsa Dan, we'll be updating address and picture very soon. It's been found out through high level skillz that he lives on Sos. Pantelimon, Nr. 336, Bl. 5a, Sc. A, Et. 9, Ap. 37, Bucuresti, Sector 2, postal code 021623 and the phone is believed to be +4.0216287332. On Animax, he pretends to be a little girl under the nick of Konata, thus proving his pedophilic, as well as transexual nature. As a side note, his/her benefactor and current lover is thought to be the administrator of the oldest Romanian animu site, giving him great satisfaction and of course, admin powers!!!!11oneoneone

Admin’s Biggest Fears

  • Being rape'd
  • Knowing their home address
  • Party van
  • Posting their Konata yuri on Konata related topics or on forums. usually
  • The mass anime fans knowing that they're the "respectable" admins from www.anime-club.ro and www.animaxtv.ro

Censorship & other crap

Rromchan ban message
Ban spree of October

The commie nature of this site is obvious, and while the original site maintains the cover of democrashit and free speech over the truth of mindwashing, the Animax Romanian site and explicitly Rromchan disregard even that, where if you don't ass-kiss the admins, an instaban awaits you shortly. As such, any attempt to expose their faggotry is dealth with quickly.

The censor-rally doesn't stop on their site, as they're known to have brought their shit to wikichan when an article about them was created. Multiple users, obviously trolls, under different variations of moot (mootkyns, mooty etc) attempted to make a few blanking in progress, and seeing they were reverted, started claiming a paralel universe sotry about the owner being a person named "Tai", which ensured great lulz among the truth knowers. While evidence of the same host usage were brought into the admin's attention, in a stupid attempt to give both sides some credit, an admin of wikichan edited it in an even more lulzy matter, and the article was soon lost and not-remade because it wasn't considered "reprezentative" enough or shiet liek that.

Rromchan is of course also known for banning for no good reason and in mass, or banning without visual evidence and then answering through their admin as some butthurt (fake) anon that dislikes the "Gaiafag faggotry", as seen in the macro above, in a stupid hope that the users doesn't have dynamic IP or knowledge of proxy uses, lulz!

Also, the picture in which Konata fucks another animu character is now instaban reason if ever posted on their boards. Go ahead, try it! (The ban can be bypassed by renaming it/resaving it under different formats)

Fun facts

  • Ripping off the well-known 4chan 4evar without ever showing the source or original AMV and using it on official meeting from which they earned profit by selling manga and shit. It's expected they'll rip off something else this year, for the sake of lulz it's anxiously expected.

Does this look familiar?

  • Making an anti-online-animu blog for the purpose of raping the online viewers and making sure the Animax site has nothing to suffer in terms of image; later dismissed as a way of making lulz, but the blog is still active for google to index for ensuring their main plan keeps having echoes.
  • OP is so dense, he won't have the main domain redirect to the www for a year and a half now. Talk about technical piece of art!


Rromchan flooded.jpg

On July 16, 2009, some of the boards were spammed by an apparent Polish bot. While some saw it as the cancer that's killing /b/, others noticed the boards were already dead anyways, and the bots did the admins a favor by filling the board with just about the same shitty posts that were posted anyway. The only bad thing that came out of it was the loss of the Lucky Star thread from 2007 or so, but some kind anon remade it.


Most memes are of course rip-offs of chan related ones too, but there was one in particular that stood out through his original posts. He's a namefag that uses the nick anonimu turmentat, which roughly translated means "the wasted (from drinking) anonymous", most likely an irony to the translation of "anonymous". His style resembles trolling, thus following in the footsteps of the 4chan memes, and he barely mimics his native tongue, using k's in stead of c's, a common replacement in SMSs.

Wasted Anonymous as depicted by an anon (or him, who the fuck cares anyway)
After long searches, Wasted Anon's mate was found! AMAZING!

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