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Phony doctor Ron and his giant puppet.
He uses that stethoscope in ways you could hardly imagine and that you may not want to think about.
So much for your sekrit "OT Powerz," Scilons

Ron Savelo is the "OT-5" Scilon in charge of making amateurish (and of course retarded) "TV programs" for promoting various aspects of Scientology. He makes a "series" of each 30-minute "program", AS IF it were going to be eagerly demanded by television stations all over the USA and probably the world. Instead, these programs are occasionally permitted to be broadcast on the local cable access TV station in Clearwater, Florida. You can also download them (to shoop them up and make parodies) from Ron's many web sites and his YouTube page LOL B&.

For example, Ron has a 21-part series called Anatomy of the Human Mind, based, of course, on L. Ron Hubtard's remarkable "research." In these programs, Ron teaches that the human brain is "merely a shock absorber", and has no function whatever besides that. He blatantly claims that Dianetics can cure cases of traumatic brain injury, even when medical science has completely given up. Although Ron is definitely not a doctor of any kind, as he barely even graduated from high school before becoming a Scilon, he sometimes wears a white lab coat, even with a stethoscope draped around his neck, in an effort to seem more believable. Just at the point, however, when a naïve viewer might be starting to believe what Ron is saying, he begins a particularly bizarre segment with a large marionette puppet, or makes two fellow Scilons sit down and play patty-cake.

Ron also makes "talk shows" for fellow Scilons. Sitting on a cheesy set, with dreary/sprightly muzak piping through, Scilon nincompoops invite their friends to discuss the latest Scilon theories (based of course on the research of "Mankind's Best Friend," LRH). For example, Scilons have recently proclaimed on one of the programs that - wait for it - psychiatrists are the ones to blame for 9/11.

Who gives a shit?

All this is just garden-variety Scilon stupidity; nothing particularly exciting. Unintentionally funny, at times, but not very exciting. But Ron is not very smart. When YouTube users made a few brief parodies of Ron's amazing work, just a minute or two here and there, certainly within "fair use" guidelines, Ron has filed DMCA after butthurt DMCA with YouTube, getting the clips taken down, and in several cases getting the user's account shut down. But one hot Florida night, after getting totally hammered on Miller Lite and Niacin, Ron went a bit too far. He went on a DMCA binge the likes of which the internets have never seen.

E-Tough Guy

As he does every night, Ron searched YouTube for several hours, super-sleuthing his way to find any videos that could potentially be infringing upon his valuable copyright. He filed a few DMCAs, but was still highly aroused. It was then that Ron went to the YouTube page of Dr. Lilly von Marcab. Ron had, in the past, got a few of Dr. Lilly's videos deleted, and even got her previous account shut down. OK, whatever. Life goes on. On this night, however, Lilly had thirteen (13) videos on YouTube, none of which had anything at all to do with Ron's precious intellectual property. Ten of them were just videos of Hubbard saying a lot of ridiculous shit, with the backdrop of various sped-up public domain footage from the Internet Archive; three were completely unrelated to anything concerning Scientology. Ron filed DMCAs on each one of these anyway, and as always YouTube quickly bent over and did the Scilon's bidding.

The next morning, Lilly was surprised to find that all of her videos had been DMCA'd, and was especially surprised that this had been done by Ron and his "Axiom 10 Productions". In bygone days, at the birth of Chanology, it was a common sight to see that a YouTube video or even YouTube COMMENTS had been removed "due to a copyright claim by the Church of Scientology". But this was a special, short-bus version of copyright-protection mania.

Lilly then made a little film to put on YouTube just to say, Fuck this shit, I'm going to Vimeo, where they ignore the Scilon baaawwwing, so you can find me there.

Ron DMCA'd that one too, and got Lilly's YouTube account nuked.

More than a year after Chanology began, Ron had failed to learn its most elementary lesson: DON'T FUCK WITH OUR INTERNETS.

That night, Ron got his very own page on Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Fun facts about Ron Savelo

  • When he was "Qual Sec" of the Boston "Org", Ron cheated on his first wife Michelle with a married lady named Patty McDuffie. "Out 2-D" much, Ron?
Savelo smack.gif

Amusingly, within a couple of months, YouTube kicked Ron and his various sock accounts off their internets.

The following Savelo YouTube channels have met the banhammer:

terminator vs ron savelo. guess who won?

IRREFUTABLE PROOF that Ron Savelo's "OT Powers" are completely worthless and in fact do not even exist

Apart from the superabundance of proof that there are no "OT powers" and that Scientology is entirely a crock of shit and AIDS, there is yet another amusing proof that Ron has wasted his life in the mistaken belief that Scientology has any value except as comedy. It is as follows: Ron Savelo will not be able to get this page or the pictures on it removed. No matter how hard he "postulates" (or even expostulates - go look it up, Ron), no matter how many DMCA notices he sends, no matter how many involuntary bowel movements he makes in mid-tantrum, this page about him will remain. This page will also be enhanced and expanded upon, as events may provide hilarious new opportunities for doing so.

Also, Scientology is doomed.

Videos! from Vimeo RuTube

Later, Vimeo failed, for an unrelated reason: They saw the clip of the exploding yellow van in one of Dr. Lilly's OTHER films; thought she was inciting HAET, so they closed her account! How fucking POSTMODERN! Now the videos are on RuTube, hosted in RUSSIA! Rotsa ruck, SciRons!

  • When Scilons Attack Ron Savelo/Shawn Lonsdale: The video that started it all off. Scientologist Ron Savelo flips out and attacks the late Shawn Lonsdale on the sidewalks of Clearwater, Florida.
  • Phony Doctor Ron Savelo and his Giant Puppet!: Dr. Ron plays with his Big Doll on the virtual mothership set of his insanely pathetic Scilon propaganda show.
  • Scilon Patty-Cake Tech!: Ron Savelo, pattycake extraordinaire, teaching empty-minded xenu-oids the fine art of giving multiple high-5's in this mind-numbing Scilon exersize. It's clap-a-rific! Bonus: Secret Training Tape
  • Scilons Say: THE BRAIN IS MERELY A SHOCK ABSORBER! Yep, you heard right. Think that thing on your shoulders is nature's greatest computer? Nope. According to Ron Savelo & Scientology, your brain would be better suited absorbing rough road shock on your car or truck. Note: Ron is currently waiting for a NASCAR endorsement.
  • Moar Cheezy CGI Savelo Video Oh, this guy just can't pump out enough of this crap. PS: Ron, StarTrek (new generation) called. They want their set back.
  • Ron Savelo - Hey Hey, Goodbye A musical reminder for Ron Savelo on his YouTube channel termination IE: naa-naa-naa-naaaa.
  • Ron Savelo OT5 BANNED From YouTube A :25 sec short on how, pretty much, everbody on the intertubes felt about Ron Savelo loosing his YouTube channel due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's community guidelines and/or claims of copyright infringement.
  • 8 Bit Ron Savelo Attack Set your wayback machine to Atari. It's the assault in a 8 bit mash-up. Winrar is YOU!
  • RSMFSP TRAILER Another mash-up. This time it's Ron Savelo's Muther-Fuck'n Space Plane, featuring Xenu's DC-8.
  • The one Ron Savelo parody that has survived on YouTube. After watching any of the above, you'll see the similarity. Set your frontal-lobe for insanity.

Did Ron Savelo have some involvement in Shawn Lonsdale's death?



The Life and Decline of Ron Savelo

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