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Romaji redirects here, for the weeaboo language see Engrish

Note: He is not this kawaii IRL

Deviantart-favicon.png Romaji (also known as Kevin) is synonymous with many things: homosexual, plush toy maker, Johnny No Life, and many others. But the term most linked to him is douchebag. Like many deviantArtlets, Kevin has a habit of investing his time in peculiar things. For this man, it is girly plush toys and ridiculous hats that only weeaboos and small children would wear in public. Some of his toys include things such as cookies, rice balls, and baby bottles, and tons of other crap no sane person would be seen owning. But possibly his biggest accomplishment on the website is creating the chatroom entitled GayBiWorld. You can see where this is going.

Romaji, as he calls himself on dA, is one of those tartlets who makes their own support stamp, so it would only make sense that in his chatroom, if you wish to join, one of his rules is to add him to your deviantArt watch list. And if you don't, BANHAMMER AHOY. His main reason for starting the chat was to get a butt buddy, and is notorious for making people he speaks to very uncomfortable. Part of this may lie in the fact that he very closely resembles a grizzly bear, and can be seen hunting for salmon on the banks of nearby rivers for the ten seconds he's not online chatting up teh sexii boiz. He is much like Chris-Chan in the sense that he has a huge ego, and is relentless in pursuing whatever piece of ass has caught his eye.

His is also like Chris-Chan in the sense that he is a disgusting, creepy fuck of a man. He also labors under the delusion that he is a sexy animu bishounen

He is known for harassing people and banning them for no reason (usually having to do with that person not wanting to suck his cock dry). He attempts to incite pity at times where normal people would clearly see him as ass-backwards idiotic.

To top it all off, he's a furry. Oh what an adventure this shall be.


What he spends his time on.

Something to know about Romaji is that he is constantly looking for dick. The whole reason he created this chatroom was to get laid. One would think that someone this fucking weird wouldn't be able to manage getting this chatroom well known, let alone get some, but believe it or not, there are people dumb enough out there to bow down and follow this guy's whim because he says so. But then again, bears are pretty damn scary.

Kevin is often seen in the chatroom seeking out innocent young gay boys to be intimate and loving with. When these boys resist, Ursa Romajus does not take it well. This usually results in him either pissing his pants and banning the person in question, or continuing to act the exact same way, because at that stage he will have convinced himself that they're just playing hard-to-fuck. More often than not, these people are harassed by his ever-present hardon. When not trying to get every other attractive boy to bend over, he's stomping around the chatroom, watching out for fresh meat. He attempts to pass off the room as a gateway for communication between the gays and lesbians of DeviantArt, but in the end, it all comes down to a need for sex.

What a catch.


Omg totally all my work u gaiz
What? Who are these guys? I've never heard of them!

Somewhere halfway through August, Romaji wanted to make more money for cloth and delicious, delicious salmon roe, so he decided to shit out some more girly stationary. Though, unlike his usual butterfly-rainbow-weeaboo colostomy bags, he decided to run someone else's work through the horrifying feces stream known as his brain. This resulting in something of a mini-shitstorm. Now, to be fair, the art he uses in his stationary designs is never his, but he credits her so it's okay to sell it for profit. This time he used characters owned by a tartlet known here as Gay Victim Man. Gay Victim Man happened to own two characters, one boy who was a kawaii desu neko chan and one who apparently likes licking kawaii desu neko chans. Gay Victim Man had something of a backstory with Ursus arctos horribilis, as long ago he, in his innocence wandered into the chat room and stayed there for a while, joining for the same reason as many of Kevin the Seacucumber's sheep did: orientation. This went well for a while, until Katakana started e-mailing him with lewd comments of a sexual nature. As with any sane person, GVM got creeped out and told him to GTFO. Hiragana didn't listen, and went about following what the voices in his erection told him to do. Eventually GVM managed to shake him off. Then came the fateful day when Engrish posted the stationary seen here. The characters here happen to belong to GVM and obviously GVM and his friends didn't like this. Unfortunately, a small group of sane people often have difficulty breaking thick skulls of bears and people with "I'm-always-right" complexes. Sheep are also very hard to tame.

I did no such thing. Please don't spam my page.^^


—Romaji, being full of shit and raw fish.



—The Masses

GVM filed a report objecting to this for obvious reasons, but as it is common knowledge, the DeviantArt admins are a bunch of biased fuckwards who suck the cocks of anyone with enough watchers (See Teruchan). Apparently, according to dA, GVM was not allowed to object to his characters being used by someone else for monetary gain because he gave permission for Brother Berenstein to use them for an entirely different thing. What was the real reason for this perfect example of No Sense Making?

Romaji is a popular tartlet.

Not to mention he's chummy with the admins and mods.

Plain and simple.

I will not remove the notepads/stationary. I have credited you in all of the pieces but I do not have to remove them. I contacted dA admins and asked if I had too. They said if I have written permission (online or off), and that the other use tries to "revoke" that permission they cannot. So I am sorry. Have a good day.


—Julio Bruin, being a douchebag as usual.

This proves that Romaji is a greedy fuck who will do anything and lie to anyone for the sake of getting retarded weeaboos to buy his useless crap.

UPDATE: Romaji decided to own up to his faggotry and take down the offending pictures, claiming it was due to "harassment." In short: "omg how could you b so meen I did nothing wrong." He may have deleted it, but his stupidity still hangs in the air like the stench of piss and dried shit in his room. There is backlash from his retarded sheep to be expected, but of course all they can do is whine and cry with him, and eventually jerk his e-penis until he ejaculates another batch of shitty things to sell (whether or not they will actually have to do with his semen is debatable).

His Crafts


dA Life

When I have spare time (which is a lot lol.)


—Romaji of his ass permanently planted in front of the computer

Romaji is a fucking DeviantArt ADDICT. He's proud of this, as he spends his day in the following manner:

  • Sleep-10% (Doubled in Hibernation Season)
  • Eat-14%
  • Salmon Hunting-5%
  • Salmon Eating-15%
  • Internet-56%

As you can see, his life is full of enriching experiences that will surely be a joy to look back on. Surely his grandchildren will gather at his feet to hear of the amazing tales of his teenager years and life thereafter, but only if he manages to find a steady fuckbuddy and manages to leave his computer long enough to go to an adoption agency. And that'd also be if his own children would want to leave their own kids alone with him.

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