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Roger Ebert was a journalist, screenwriter, and film critic who was best known for giving good reviews to bad films and giving bad reviews to good films. He is also known for claiming that video games will never be art, which pissed off legions of gamers, both casuals and H4RDC0R3 ones alike. It is worth noting that in 2006, he lost his ability to speak, eat, or drink thanks to a surgery. Many people rejoiced at this, thinking that they won't need to hear his bullshit again, but were later mortified when he was able to communicate again thanks to text-to-speech software and that he had gained a permanent trollface from the surgery (see right).

Stupid Roger Ebert, thinking video games can't be art. Why, if he was here right now, I'd punch him right in the ja... Oh wait.


—/v/ on Ebert.


On April 4th, 2013, God decided that he was tired of his shit and IRL permabanned him to Hell. He will not be missed except by his own fans.


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