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Info non-talk.png Rodhullandemu has been V& [for terrorism] and is currently being raped in prison.
Check those glasses! The TOW editor Rodhullandemu (as opposed to Rod Hull) with his woman, at least 100 years ago.
Rod Hull and his emu.
Trying to look like a Quentin Tarantino character. (Or not, because Quentin Tarantino wasn't born when this pic was taken).
Rodhullandemu believes that "Wikipedia is not a crazy den of pigs", as noted in a user box on his userpage. O RLY? With Sceptre, MBisanz and Bedford around and you still can't call it a pig-sty?

Rodhullandemu (Powerword Phil Nash) was a highly active (LOL BANNED) Wikipedia administrator, and although he only became an admin around the start of 2008, he quickly became a highly valued member of the Cabal for his wisdom and life experience. Indeed, Rodhullandemu is old, possibly even older than OldDirtyBtard, and thus Rodhullandemu is probably old enough to be your grandfather.

"a hundred years ago", according to the knobheads at Encyclopedia Dramatica, but it's not quite that long, since I am still alive- and kicking


—Rodhullandemu on his picture's caption at the Wikipedia Admin Gallery.

This is a lawyer??

Rodhullandemu is a retired lawyer. Some argue that he retired in mid-2007, after which he needed something to occupy his mind after several decades of mentally taxing work, and naturally, he turned to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Being the free thinker that he is, he wants to get the article on 'cunt' to good article status, as proclaimed at the top of his userpage. He insists on pushing his POV that the UAF are indeed "anti-fascist", regardless of their alliance with radical-islam. He is also a massive fan of BLP, directly quoting Jimbo at the top of his userpage. Encyclopedia Dramatica's advice is to smash up BLP at every possible opportunity; you should treat BLP the same way that a serial wifebeater treats his woman, because BLP is definitely one of the most faggoty of the Wikipedia Policies and Guidelines. Indeed, Rodhullandemu's entire userpage makes him out to be something of an intellectual with a mature outlook on the world.

He also has no qualms about deleting articles whenever he feels like it, which may or may not be the correct application of the criteria for speedy deletion, but since he's an admin now, no-one questions his decisions when carrying out a CSD. Indeed, he is one of Grawp's new opponents on Wikipedia, just like everyone else, trying to use their unwarranted self-importance as Wikipedia administrators (a power which can be taken away by any Bureaucratic Fuck for any reason at any time) in a vain attempt at taking on the unstoppable beast. He made a recent post on the administrators' noticeboard about edit wars on the Scientology articles. He said he didn't have time to attend to it personally for health reasons, though, just like Sceptre has been saying for the last few months because he is lazy. When he was not bullying people, that is. [1][2][3]

Such a "valuable" fellah

As his name suggests, Rodhullandemu has a particular affinity for keeping British television articles on his watchlist, particularly archaic ones, and reverts vandalism from them pretty much every day.

Recently it was brought to the TOW community's attention that Rod has been editing under the influence. Yes, Rod has been driven so far into depression and despair that he has resorted to good ol' alcoholism. Constantly drunk, this scrounger gets up no earlier than midday (not necessarily a bad thing it has to be said), before whittling out brash, ill-thought out edits/reverts, coupled with amusingly incoherent/incomprehensible edit summaries. However, having been brough to the attention of TOW fags the matter was quickly brushed aside by TOW's inept and corrupt leaders. Somehow Rod retained his adminship, despite much controversy, including an ongoing dispute with another user (Malleus). For four years.

In general Rodhullandmeu fails at life. Having retired from law for being completely useless, this lowlife now spends his/its time drinking/editing/scrounging until the early hours of the morning when he finally attempts to sleep (if permitted by his oh-so-considerate neighbours who populate the trashy council estate on which he dwells.)

(True story: his name came from a popular children's TV host who crawled onto his roof to adjust his TV aerial, and fell off to his death. Ignominy, thy name is Rod Hull. Lol lol.)


More wisdom from the Emu Puppet

Continued from the quote at the top…

mostly against the pricks, and there are a lot of them around. How desperately sad it must be for them that their fertile imagination seems predicated on hatred and jealousy. Such a waste. One day, maybe, they'll look back and realise how utterly foolish they are, but I doubt it. Meanwhile, I like a laugh; I've got the buttons here, and they haven't. Silly kids. Be seeing you!


—Rodhullandemu violating WP:NPA on his user page.

Another quote:

If Microsoft can implement "Don't show me this again", so should we. To take a hypothetical case, someone who's had their Incapacity Benefit stopped and is living on even less than the National Minimum Wage as a result, yet still finds time to edit here for 50% of their life, for what it's worth, might find it insulting to be reminded on every page that someone else can spare money for things other than food or heating. --Rodhullandemu 02:03, 5 November 2008 (UTC)


—It is rather obvious that when Rodhullandemu says “hypothetical case,” he is referring to himself., [4]


Well that's more or less the dilemma we have here. Consider what our position would be if we were attempting a contemporaneous description of the life and work of Jesus Christ. The Romans and the Pharisees would be flooding the article claiming that the Galilee Chronicle is biased, the Bethlehem News didn't have a reporter at the nativity and therefore is unreliable, and The Times would be reporting "Hubbub in Middle East; not many interested". Seriously, though, we should realise that we are very lucky here in having available to us myriad sources, and our editing policies are predicated upon writing an encyclopedia intended to be informative and educational, and for all time. What we necessarily lack is historical perspective so cannot possibly judge what will appear important to future generations; having said that, all we need do is to reliably report facts, and possibly relevant opinions. Our descendants will judge by their own standards whether we got it right; their own descendants, if allowed access to our work here, may well disagree. We learn a lot about how our ancestors lived from The Paston Letters; maybe they weren't intended to survive, but survive they have, and we are arguably richer for it. It's all too facile to decry what we see as temporary, and unjustified, fame; but I guarantee we would know little of Robert Jenkins had it not been for the War of Jenkins' Ear. History can be a fickle master (or mistress), and we have no authority to prejudge it here. Let those who are transiently notable have their fifteen minutes; but if we record it, the database dumps ensure that somewhere, this is noted, and can be resurrected if their fifteen minutes turns out to be the most important quarter-hour in human history. I don't see Jade Goody fulfilling that purpose right now, but who am I to judge what my great-great-great grandson may find worthy of historical research? He certainly will have better evidence available to him than do I. Message Ends.


—Rodhullandemu 23:01, 25 March 2009 (UTC)


In conclusion, this man is the scum of the earth and must be sent to Hell in the most graphic way possible on sight. Arbcom started the process in March 2011, by b&ing his ass for eternity, after he screamed at them for weeks. RH&E even went to Jimbo for "injunctive relief", and Jimbo ignored him.

Look out for "Rodhullandemu Lib Dem POV-pusher" scattered all over Wiki. He asked for it!


There's an ongoing rumor that back in the 1990s, Phil was a regular on a pedophile Usenet group called "Pedo University", under the name "Witt". You can read this Village Voice story on it. Supposedly this was the primary reason Arbcom acted against him, and not his abusive bullying on WP. Now isn't that a laff-and-a-half? P.U. even had its own newsletter, preserved here. And there are some remaining traces on Google Groups. [5][1-25][6] Is that creepy enough for you?

Shit brix

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