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Lie, just look at her favorites
Malin in her fat, ugly, sunburned glory. Her parents would be proud.
Malin faps to this. What a sick, twisted bitch.
If only you could see the fear in that plushie's eyes.

RockyandGinger4ever AKA Malin Meyner is a "chicken run fetish" lesbian 'artist' residing in Stockholm, Sweden. Though she is only 15, your likely first impression if you were to look at her devianTART page would be to think that she was a 30-year-old-man who watched a movie made for children and found it erotic. Instead, we find a teenage girl drawing mostly naked anthro pictures of chickens with her crayons, and displaying them proudly, and she is 100% serious about this shit, it is beyond us how she finds them so sexy, and worthy of drawing. Malin is also friends with JackAndSally4Ever, another sick fuck. If you're trying to last longer during masturbation, read this article, and view her God-awful "art," because I assure you it will destroy any boner you have immediately.


Yes, that's right folks, it seems rule 34 applies to the shit movie Chicken Run. Anon stumbled across it, rubbing his eyes in disbelief that RockyandGinger4ever had not yet had her very own ED article. The drawings themselves are disturbing, crudely drawn, and almost ARE the very definition of DO NOT WANT. Everything in her portfolio will leave an imprint in your mind which you will never be able to get rid of.

She claims to be a very opinionated person. She hates Bush and America for some fucking reason.



—RockandGinger4ever, has an opinions. NOONE CARES

Unhealthy Lesbian Obsession

Malin is also a huge butthurt idiot and cries to all her little tartlet friends if she doesn't get enough comments, faves and asspats. Her latest journal features a lulzy whine about some loli named Jennifer, AKA Eskarina, who deleted Malin off her MSN, a very natural reaction when someone's had a conversation with her for over three months. screenshot was taken; let's read, shall we? Try ignore those two fag chickens on the bottom, they will only creep you out.


Those things on Swedish can't be translated because Swedish isn't a language.

Wannabe Troll Gallery

Gallery of Fugly

Ugly photo's of Malin for the lulz

The "Art"

DO NOT CLICK ON THESE IMAGES, NO EXCEPTIONS! Dear God let me unsee it... Also, it's totally not porn or suggestive, Malin said it so it MUST be true!

After looking at all these images, you won't be able to fap tonight, and if your making sweet love to your significant other you will see RockyandGinger4ever's horrible creations. BURNING IN THE BACK OF YOUR MIND.

Her Unhealthy And Disturbing Fan Fiction

THIS JUST IN! Exclusive part of Malin and her sick lesbian tartlet Jennifer's story!

Ginger smiled a little and then pinned her beloved by his shoulders to the couch, "Oh? Is that so, Rocky Rhodes? You were...dare I even say it, a slut?"

Rocky stuck his tongue out at her, "Oh yeah, like you can make fun, ya practically tackle me ta the ground every time you're in heat." Ginger blushed. "...Well... I can't help it." "Neither can guys at that age." Rocky pointed out, after a moment of quiet he asked calmly, "Y'gonna let me up?" Ginger shook her head, "Nope, you're my prisoner." Rocky stared at her, "B-but we did this this morning? You want it again?" Ginger purred, all tensed, "Ooh yeah, i want it! I’m sooo hot right now, and i don't want to spoil my pleasure when it's on the highest level!!" Her eyes turned black, Rocky was shocked by the way she looked at him. Ginger grabbed his butt so her nails dug in onto is skin. His neck arched painfully, a breath hissing out between his teeth before he managed to mutter, "Ok, ok, but upstairs, huh? Don't want the kids to see." Ginger giggled to herself and let go, allowed him to at least get up, then hurried over to the stairs, standing at the bottom of them and untying her scarf sexily, leaving it loose around her neck. He grinned at her, following her to the stairs, pinning her against the wall at the foot of them and kissing her deeply, one hand behind her head holding her to him, the other sliding over her chest, their bodies pressed together tightly against the wall. He let go of her eventually, but his eyes still burned in desire, and she pulled free of him to hurry up the stairs and into their room. He followed without hesitation to find her upon their bed, her hat and scarf thrown aside, posing beautifully. She smiled and beckoned him over, rolling onto her stomach as he approached and arching her hips up. He grinned, deciding to tease her a little at first, and stroked a feather tip over that spot on the back of her neck where he bit down. She moaned in delight, she always was sensitive there. "Heh, you're loosing your feathers here doll face, guess I must be pulling them out." Rocky took the blanket and shoved it over them, then leaned over her and bit her softly in her neck. Ginger breathed out loudly when he put her in to rocking movements. All muscles in her body tensed and she closed her eyes. For every push, she moaned, she closed her eyes harder; she enjoyed each second and wished it would never end. Then, pleasure, so strong all her feathers stuck out from all sides, she shivered, she screamed! He moaned, his back bent down, stopped and just breathed, all exhausted. For a moment neither of them could move, frozen in orgasm like some erotic statue. Then with a deep sigh of residual pleasure, he pulled backwards and collapsed beside her, panting heavily for a moment. Ginger lifted her head woozily and smiled at him. He looked so delicious after they did this, he always did. His neat feathers and comb a mess, chest rising and falling out of exhaustion, struggling to find the energy to keep his eyes open.




League of Ass Kissers

Postspam this image on their pages for great justice.

A small Bio of Malin's loli friends who are noteworthy for anons interest, also, troll the absolute fuck out of them at all times.

Not only is this guy shit at 3D graphic art, but he has an unhealthy obsession with destroying ED, anon and the hat0rz, he's also a pedophile (seeing how he's so interested in Malin's fat chunky ass).

  • Encore-x3, Canadian bitch whose gallery is cluttered with absolute shit, she cannot draw and never will. When Malin throws another whine-filled journal (almost every day) she rushes to her fat acne-prone side for support, but is too much of a pussy to stand up to them, the best way to deal with her is excessive trolling on RockyandGinger4ever's DA page wherever she comments.

Ginger is the most easy to troll out of ALL of Malin's fanbase, ANY comment even SLIGHTLY hurtful/critical will result in butthurt replies almost immediately with excessive lulz and NO U wars. Troll as much as possible. After she realizes what a dickhead she is Ginger will hide her own comments and pretend like nothing has happened. Soon she confessed her real name: Anger-Rae Scarf. ChickenRunRox also horrifically defends Malin on her DA page, calling anon both pussies and fags, how creative. She will apparently "pwn" anon to death and always uses the term "depressed" or "busy" as an excuse to get anon off her back. It's becoming clear she has a lot of potential lulz to be milked and may very well soon have her very own ED article to BAWWW over. DO IT NOW!

The discovery of her own ED page

This lead to a BAWWWWWWWWWWWW and a few minor attempts to DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING and shift the blame on the talk page. Pity she had no idea how the internet works.

The Logic of Malin

KFC would be a blessing for this chicken.
we know you do

Malin likes to think she's always right and ED is a bunch of liars (like every other tartlet), she also doesn't realize why she's on here in the first place. First of all ED is short for Encyclopedia Dramatica, ED is not "a guy who is jealous" of your shittastic CR porn Malin moronically quotes to every anon she "pwns". Secondly, Malin's "art" IS porn, saying it's not when she has over 9000 drawings of CR couples making out/fucking/doing unfabbable shit is lulz. As a side note to Malin, this article about you is 96% your own quotes and pictures, are you calling yourself a liar?

well, honestly, what it says on ED is all a may THINK i'm sexually attracked to chickens because he says so! haven't you figure it out yet that that site is for fuckers? and you believe what it says there because some idiot have made it all up? if you would get to know me in person you wouldn't say the same. and stop mailing me! in what is it so fun to laugh at me? If you have something to say can you say it to my face in real! Because I excist, but I am NOT the one that says on ED.

and why come to me and say bad things to me when you don't know me? It would be the same if I insulted you for something that's not real! I am NOT lesbian, sexually attracted to chickens (who the hell made up that!?) , I am NOT drawing and writing erotic! Sure, I'm drawing some erotic stuff, but haven't you seen all the other artists on dA? or worse, furaffinity! Why are you mobbing ME!? of all people! I know someone here that draw flushed away that can be porny, do you think she goes horny on rats!? it's called FANDOM!!! Why do you even CARE about my interess!?!

Please... can't you and all the other's leave me alone and stop believe what's on ED! and if you KNOW that ED is made to "lulz" at me because to make me sad, then why are you guys mocking me for something I haven't done wrong?

and now if "devianTART" is so bad and gay, why are you even a member here?

just please... leave me alone?

and I bet you will call me sad just because I'm hurt!?!?!! THAT IS SO LOW!!! so MEAN!!! can't you understand that!?!? and if you're believing what's said on ED, you will become just as fucked up as the owner of ED!



—RockyandGinger4ever, deleted this as soon as she wrote it

RockyandGinger4ever leaves DA

About 1 week ago this article was created the fat bitch decides to ZOMG QUIT DA to get the trolls off her back. Not only is this the most retarded thing you can do on DA, but it generates much lulz from how fast she gave up. It is a FACT that almost all tartlets return back to DA to draw more art and the trolling will NEVER stop, she even deleted her own friends comments. The most lulzy part was at the same time and date she told the trolls she didn't care about her article and thinks its funny, screenshots are below but hidden on her DA, could she be the new DivineAngel?


In just a few hours she's back, a new record and possibly a challenger to the retarded level of DivineAngel, how can someone be this stupid? It's obvious we have a fresh new lolcow to milk of all it's lulz.


Malin is going to PWN us? WHAT. Damn guys we are FUCKED! Better buy a dog the bitch is coming after us. Oh and we taste like sour pussy too. Wait a second. She says she isn't lesbian, but... How does she know what sour pussy tastes like?

Taken at the same time as her lulzy "leaving DA" journal.

This Time I'm Serious Guyz!

September 28th 2008 saw the epic DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING of the poultry mongler, which was shortly followed by another emo style final solution comment for people to reflect upon lol over.

RG4E goes bye bye.png

Translation to the swedish text: And may-Linn, lets meet up sometime ;) come visit me in Sweden my friend (From this info we can obviously assume that she wants to meet up with her lesbian friend and have chickensex.)


She's fucking back, and stealing characters, yay!

Oh look, a new DA account! IT JUST WON'T DIE. Oh look, a new fursona to go with it!

As if returning wasn't enough, she brings good news: She has a 21-year-old boyfriend with itsy bitsy balls and even smaller ability to JUST SAY NO to his just legal Not only does she have a boyfriend as of May 7th, 2010, but she has also proven to be a controlling bitch of a girlfriend, going as far as designing his fursona and simply forcing him to like it. Ruwrak is a black, red, and purple faggot who apparently likes chicken pussy and jizzes sour apple cum. YUMMY. Apparently, he doesn't have balls big enough to tell his own "sweet jelly" (as they seem to call each other) to shut the fuck up. Even better, he can't draw for shit, and she knows it. In fact, she released a public journal on FA where she asks why the girls in relationship seem to draw better while the boys eat shit when it comes to any sort of "art" imaginable.

Here's the good news: She changed her fursona because she's a twat who has seen the light and is ashamed of the shit she was feeding to people in the form of chicken porn. Here's the journal with her explanation (It's cute that she thinks her fursona being a chicken is why people don't want to trade with her)

EVEN MOAR GOOD NEWS: She's already stealing other peoples' art and ripping it off as her own, every bit of which gets eaten up by the three or four 50-year-old watchers she has on dA and FA. Troll her FA if you dare, and you may find your art piece edited, traced, and recolored for her own selfish pleasure. We can only hope that she continues to bring more lulz to this page.

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