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Note: this is an article about an Encyclopedia Dramatica user. For more information, please see the appropriate user page. To leave this user a message, please visit their talk page.
Note: this is an article about an Encyclopedia Dramatica user. For more information, please see the appropriate user page. To leave this user a message, please visit their talk page.
Note: this is an article about an Encyclopedia Dramatica user. For more information, please see the appropriate user page. To leave this user a message, please visit their talk page.
Cat eyes.JPG
Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
This is your white knighting fart furry Jacob Feasel IRL. Note the shirt listing the name of a seriously out-dated Seventies band.

White Knights like Rockosocko, real name Jacob Feasel, are fairly common among the internetz. You can imagine how many come to ED to take it down. Some learn, and some faggots don't. Those who do, tend to lead more prosperous lives. Then, we have the ones beyond help. The ones who defend something so stupid, that it is a mystery to how they have survived this long. Someone more depressing than you. Rockosocko is the latter. On his DeviantART page he is a large fan of role-play, furries, farting, lolis, and very big asses. He often combines all of these things in one disgusting abomination. Besides being in his twenties and still fapping to this shit, his arguments, communication skills, and overall behavior suggests a severe case of autism.

Fart Fetishist

If a normal person was turned on by this, they wouldn't go out of their way to say it.

It is confirmed that Rockosocko has a major fart fetish. He has created an account on ED just so he could defend his hero, only to be banned and be featured as another BAWWING furry. He only requests people to draw, for he can't draw himself. Only crappy artists, of course, take his requests. If you were to comment on the fetish, he would either try and defend it or block you.

Rockosocko's YT

Besides having a shitty fart fetish, he also has no taste in comedy. Making YTPs, gameplay vids, and stupid G-mods, you will find him not to be nearly as depressing as he is on dA, but still very usual.

Doing what every other autistic thirteen year old boy does on YT.

Note all of the Sonic faggotry, MLP faggotry, and more shitty music.

Rockosocko's dA

Adding more awful fart pictures to his favorites.
This brony loves to add MLP farting to favorites.

Rockosocko is a comparativley famous member on deviantART due to his wonderful art and great critiques. It can also be noted that this is the site where he met friend and fellow asspie furry fart fetishest Butlova. He is currently apart of 54 deviantART groups and 3 admins. As you can see from this journal post, he is deathly afraid of the fact that Black Jesus has won the elections again.

Rockosocko's Friends

  • Megatank1994 - A furfag who went as low as to white knight for Rockosocko. According to his logic, when he crapfloods you, it's alright. When vice-versa, you should be reported. He never has any interesting shit to say. Even compared with Rockosocko.

Complains On His ED Article

Those bitches... They wrote an ED page about me!


—Cried the fart furry on his DeviantART journal.

After he failed to protect his friend ButLova and got a banhammer up his furry butt for being a white knight, he's bawwwing about how Encyclopedia Dramatica is a bunch of no-life losers picking on ButLova. When he found out he has an article on ED, he farted in rage to cause a huge skidmark on his chair and write a angry journal about it, getting his friends to butthurt with him and agree whatever he says about ED.

Rockosocko's Wonderful Gallery

Rockosocko's Gallery About missing Pics

Rockosocko Quotes


Let me guess: You came from Encyclopedia Dramatica.


—Question Rockosocko after someone comments him on defending his friends.

æ can suck it!


—Spreading the beautiful word of ED.

I just don't really like to look at my comments, is all.


—Rockosocko on deleting comments like a cowardly deviant who can't take critiques.

Hate to disappoint you, but I'm no furry.


—Rockosocko bullshitting out lies and denial.

Just imagine how bad it must stink.


—He seriously wants to be farted on by Renamon and Vaporeon.

Can U note me her pooping w/o the fart?


He also wants to fuck an alien biker.

All of you STOP being such whiny, little bitches just because your drawings aren't as good as his! Heck, I bet you hardly ever drew anything good at all! So, just go back to your business & LEAVE HIM THE FUCKIN' FUCK ALONE!!! D:<


How he fail reacts to trolls on the ButLova article

Just... Shut it, you dumb. little bitch! >:(


—Being a fucktard.

Meh, I'm an Uncyclopedia guy.


—Showing what kind of "taste" he has in humor.

Encyclopedophile Dramatica

Encyclopedophile Dramatica Encyclopedophile Dramatica Encyclopedophile Dramatica Encyclopedophile Dramatica Encyclopedophile Dramatica Encyclopedophile Dramatica Encyclopedophile Dramatica


Another autistic fat furry white knighting for a White Knight.

You still never drew the pic of Cream on the toilet that I wanted in return for this...


—A FurAffinity user doesn't know that Rockosocko can't draw.

I know, but I don't give a rat's ass about those butthurt SOB's.


—Rockosocko sees his article and tells the way he really feels.

Butthurts Gonna Butthurt


—Self reflecting AND butthurt.

I hardly go there anyway. I'm more of a fan of Uncyclopedia, 'cause at least THEY don't cruelly mock people!


—In other words, he's butthurt.

Deeply degrading.


—Cried Harry Topper of his when he first read this article.


You know, there are some poeple out there worse than me. Heck they even like to masturbate to people eating each other's poop & rubbing it all over their bodies.


—He forgot to mention that his fetish revolves around shit spewing out of the asses of children and animal hybrids.

What I wouldn't give to see you banned for good...


—Keep on dreaming fartboy.

Says the morbidly obese nerd who still lives in the basement of his parents' basement.


—A morbidly obese nerd who still lives in the basement of his parents' basement

Other White Knights

Rockosocko isn't the only disgusting person/furry with autism that white knights his friends and furry lovers. There are also other people/furries on art sites like DeviantART and Furaffinity that can be as mental and autistic as Rockosocko with sick fetishes that exist.

  • Honeybunn1018 - A female diaperfag furry that gets angry easily whenever she gets trolled or her friends gets trolled. While angry, she shits her diaper. She's also a admin of the club diapered-dreamers and a member of many furry diaper groups.
  • Artisanking101 - Another shitty diaper fetishist furry. He can barely draw worth shit and has white-knighted for Honeybuun1018 multiple times.
  • SubjectSigma77 - A clopper who claims that fapping to horses technically doesn't count as bestiality.

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