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Killing off the furry menace since 1991.
SnooPING AS usual, I see!


The last thing you see before you get raeped!
Robotnik's very own pingas, in all of its glory.

Dr. Ivo Robotnik (Dr. Rrrrrr-obotnik in the way he pronounces it. Not to be confused with Dr. Eggman, his faggoty game counter-part) is the Final Boss of all furfags in every dimension.

Despite being a morbidly-obese ginger, he isn't a force you would want to fuck with. Dr. Robotnik is responsible for the glorious memes you know as Pingas and Double Nigger, which proves of how much a fucking genius this guy is. As Hitler burned millions of Jews, Robotnik did the same to furries, both of which were in need of instant extermination. However, like Hitler, Robotnik's plans were thwarted and his reign was demolished.

This Robotnik was very different from all the others that came before and after him and didn't receive much attention until the day "Pingas" became a meme. From then on, he became favored amongst the YouTube Poop community as this Robotnik, as well as the show he starred in, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, were easily exploitable and thus created a good amount of lulz. Many of his infamous catchphrases such as "I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!" or "I'll have to give myself a Prrrrrrrmotion!" were also spammed a whole fuckload of times before they became as loose and full of AIDS much like Sarah Palin's vagina. Unfortunately, the meme has seen less usage as newfags continued to use the living hell out of it like they have done with just about anything else.

Today, Robotnik can found working at his local McDonald's striving to make a living seeing as he lost his job due to the budget cuts made from the harsh economy. Much to his dismay, he preferred to work at Wiener Schnitzel since they have dick shaped food only to find out they had no opening jobs left. As for his assistants Grounder and Scrather, they now work as discreet prostitutes selling their services on Craigslist. Unfortunately, they have been caught in a sting mission from the Feds and are now serving a 15-year sentence in a state prison. That, however, has not stopped them from selling their bodies for mere sexual pleasures as it is easier for them to sell themselves for a cigarette or two in the showers.

Legend has it he's having sex with Your Mom right now.


Robotnik will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

The Origins


It all started in an episode of The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog titled "Boogey-Mania", in which Dr. Ivo Robotnik said the unforgettable words "SNOOPING AS USUAL I SEE?", which had a slight emphasis on the "PINGAS" part. Of course, no one noticed the bit until the hilarious YouTubers behind YouTube Poop discovered AOSTH which was around 2007. It didn't take too long until many of them abused that scene within their videos, with about 99% of them being a copypasta of the last but with a slight twist. Practically the same shit in every video in a nutshell. Since then, it has been a popular fad and people started laughing their asses off hearing some fat dude with an oversized mustache and an IQ of at least 9 say the word "Penis".

5 words that will change your life forever

I like the part where he said "PINGAS"

The YouTube Poop that started it all

Sauce part 1

Sauce part 2

Eggman goes back to his roots.

How NOT to use "PINGAS"

"PINGAS" is not any of the following:

If you're not aiming to look like the douche you already are, try typing "PINGAS" like everyone else does. It may possibly make you cool and funny and everyone will want to be your friend!. Doing it wrong is a sin and will outright expose your newfaggotry to the world of the internets. Of course, if you do not want to expose your useless existence and continue to further make yourself look like a retard, you can always just say nothing. It is highly recommended to do the latter as it will be one less infection to contaminate and further contribute to the cancer that is killing the internet. However, if you are retarded enough to do this and fail, the only way to erase this transgression is to an hero.

The word "pingas" (pronounced as PEENG-ahs) is Spanish slang in some Mexican countries for "penises". But nobody really cares about that, so long as those damn spics finally mow the lawn like they were supposed to 3 weeks ago....those damn Mexicans.


Apparently, PINGAS was not alone in exploitable things Robotnik would say. YouTube Poopers would watch every re-run of AOSTH, frame-by-frame, to discover of any new exploitable scenes and in hopes of possibly creating a new meme. Unfortunately, the only one that actually managed to get some attention was in the Christmas special of AOSTH, in which Robotnik stated, "Ah! Happiness is so much more enjoyable when it's based on the misery of millions." He was found yet again putting a heavy emphasis in order to make a "penis" sound when ending the word "happiness", thus creating "piness". All the rest were just shit attempts to get attentions.

Yet another challenger, PEINOUS

YouTube Poops


Not too long after the shitstorm of PINGAS videos, the YouTube Poop community began making YouTube Poop Music Videos (or YTPMV) which takes the faggotry of AMVs and combines them with the retardation of YTPs; thus creating retarded faggotry. One of the most popular of these were "THIS VIDEO CONTAINS (X)" which would take that shitty Kirby song from Super Smash Bros. and 13 year old boys would cum on it with their underdeveloped sperm by having Pingas played throughout the song. To no one's surprise or concern did this mini-meme (if one can even call it that) spread and spawned more YTPMVs out of the region of Robotnik's anus. Soon, people began using other character's and their catch-phrases. The end result left YouTube with a terminal illness that could only be cured by killing it. Too bad it was already infected by Fred videos.

Life in AOSTH

Robotnik is rich and beautiful.

The AoStH version of Robotnik differs greatly between all of his other gay animu carnations. One of the main differences is that this Robotnik provides comic relief as the creators were hoping in creating a funny character. To much surprise, the creators unintentionally managed to create what is quite possibly the first intentional unintentionally funny character to ever be made. Many wouldn't find Robotnik funny until the start of his YouTube days.

In the show, Robotnik constantly seeks vengeance on Sonic, protector of furries and their homoerotic pictures despite the fact that all furries are "no good". As the creators would like everybody to believe that Sonic is the good guy and Robotnik being the antagonist, the role of hero and villain is actually the other way around. What the creators of said show didn't want you to know that Robotnik is actually the protector of great justice and purity and that the furry menace must be punished for corrupting the world with its traced fanart that nobody wants to see.

Robotnik is, however, not alone in his quest of exterminating all the furries within the realms of Mobius. He is joined by his in the closet lackies, Scratch, an oversized robotic cock, and Grounder, a green drill with a pointy dildo attached to his face. Both try to gain Robotnik's love, approval, and a Prrrrrrrrrromotion ever since the incident that Robotnik found out he couldn't see his own penis due to his blubber blocking it. The traumatic experience forced him to chop off his own pingas and donate it to a local Children's Hospital as a toy to those suffering from leukemia. Then there is the monkey robot named Coconuts, another useless robot wanting Robotnik's penis.

There are also episodes in which explain the unrevealed origins of this sadistic obese evil Genius. It was revealed in an episode that his mother is a single parent and was impregnated at the age of 14. As desperate as Dr. Robotnik's mother was, she was able to find one guy willing to fuck her seeing as she was ugly as shit (she looks exactly like Dr. Robotnik, but with big tits and some eyelashes). Although there are no evidence of this, it is theorized that Robotnik's mother had a virgin birth and that he is the re-incarnation of Jesus Christ. Just like his mother, Robotnik too was lonely and desperate for some dick up his ass. But apparently, no one was willing to give him any except his robot drones, all who were already used as sex toys. Since Dr. Robotnik wanted a heir to his already shitted empire, he decided to create a robot son since even if he could acquire dick, there would be no way faggots can reproduce. Therefroe, Robotnik Jr. was created, only to betray his father and become a furfag himself thus angering Robotnik into committing suicide.

Oh, and he's voiced by some Britfag who died from cancer.


Robotnik does a little strip tease after losing the game.

Sega, being the lazy unoriginal creators of shitty games they are, pondered on the thoughts of creating a game starring Dr. Robotnik. In hopes of gathering more Jewgolds, they decided to use the Robotnik from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog seeing as the show was sorta popular. As everyone already knows, Sega can't make an original title that is actually good in terms of graphics, story, and gameplay. So they decided to copypasta Puyo Puyo, but with some added twists (much like how many YouTube Poopers did the same with their shitty YouTube Poops). In hopes of making a good game that would become a blockbuster hit, the game was a piece of shit that quickly became unheard within a 2 month period. The game, however, has no trace of furries within it, thus proving it has some win within it. Not very much, mind you.

As bad as the game was, it actually had somewhat of an interesting plot. The story in the game was about Dr. Robotnik offering some jobs to beaners (they literally were beans), all whom were excited to get a job that they'll never show up to once receiving it. Robotnik promised the beaners health benefits, minimum wage and protection from border patrol. What the short beaners did not realize was it was all a trap that lured them into being turned inmto robots and becoming Robotnik's slaves. Once being robo-tized, Dr. Robotnik had hoped for the now robotic beaners to serve his every whim seeing as they have now been transformed into slaves. But to no avail did his plan succeed as even making robots out of Mexicans would have no effect on their laziness and their ability to work. The entire plan backfired, and Dr. Robotnik wasted several hundred dollars on green cards for nothing.


Da Pingas gallery About missing Pics

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