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Robot Unicorn Attack IRL

Robot Unicorn Attack is the most fabulous 2d side-scrolling flash game to have ever existed. It contains robotic pink dolphins, robotic fairies, giant stars, and, of course, a robotic unicorn.

About the Event

On February 26, 2010, some /v/irgin decided to venture into Adult Swim's flash game hell hole, looking to burn some time. Immediately, the suave pink thumbnail of Robot Unicorn Attack drew his eye and he clicked it. The feelings that the flash game brought to the /v/irgin's icy heart were confusing and deeply disturbing. As he was pulled into the game's inner logic, he realized that he always wants to be with you, and make-believe with you, in harmony, harmony-- oh love!

The /v/irgin went to /v/, who would surely hate this game as much as it hates all games. However, the instinctual hate /v/ has for games couldn't take hold. /v/ felt, for the first time, harmony harmony (oh love!).

By this time much hilarity ensued, as /v/ sent a massive amount of emails to moot, requesting that he add the song from the game (Always, by Erasure) to the background of /v/. A little after 2AM on Saturday the 27th, moot complied with a huge grin.

Many virgins unaware of /v/'s new favorite game were dumbfounded. Then the final hammer struck. As per request, moot made the background rainbows. And not just any rainbows, YARANAIKA RAINBOWS.

Events Leading Up To The Change

/v/ was a dark, dark world of tali waifu threads and rage. There was no game in existence that could be loved. /v/ only had hatred in their hearts for themselves and the gaming world. What /v/ was waiting for was a robot unicorn to open their eyes.

Then the first instance of a Robot Unicorn Attack thread popped up around on Wednesday. A few /v/irgins took notice, but little attention was paid heed. Then the game was brought up again on Thursday, this time gaining more attention. Robot Unicorn threads started popping up on /co/ and /a/ as well, though with much more varying results.

Eventually, on Friday afternoon, /v/ began to take notice. Every time a Robot Unicorn thread 404'd, a new one would pop up. Some realized a tidal wave of hilarity was approaching, so they bandwagoned together fairly early on and made some efforts to make sure that they were prepared for it. Gay Purple Man, a notorious tripfag, began streaming R.U.A. on livestream; BaconShota made #robotunicornattack, an IRC chat on Rizon; lordofthet started a group on steam; and MFGreth1 added the game to /v/'s recommended wiki. The final nail in the coffin was brought down, however, when a flooded mass of image macros consisting of memes long past and new, working in conjunction with the new material, began flooding other /v/ topics, as well as finding their way onto unrelated boards.

Suddenly, /v/ was full of robot unicorns. /co/, /a/, /m/, /tg/, /k/, /x/, /mu/, /tv/, /jp/, and other boards also came under unicorn spam. However, /b/ received no such treatment. Whether this was on purpose as not to involve /b/'s general fail, or on completely on accident, currently remains unknown.

During this time, a plan was hatched to email moot, spamming requests to play ALWAYS by ERASURE on /v/, for a single day. To back up the idea, several /v/irgins began hacking the leaderboards for the game, proclaiming their homolust for moot (another group of /v/irgins began working on a "/v/ sings Always"... fuck). This not only got moot's attention but, being the general sucker for attention he is, he played the game and fully supported its homolusting delicious gameplay, and thus began preparations for the transformation with a .swf request. The rest is history.


Like all revolutionary things, Robot Unicorn Attack is faced with staunch opposition, consisting mainly of insecure faggots who don't want their nerd bastion to be associated with an actually enjoyable game and/or something which might be considered slightly unheterosexual. Some anons say that it's just a stupid Adult Swim game that doesn't deserve the fanbase it has. Others say it's a magical wish granter that will open your eyes.

Lovers will love. Haters will hate.

But which is stronger, /v/, which is stronger? The answer is certain, and there will be no shame.


February 27th

The gleaming rainbow robot unicorn had given /v/ a new sense of freedom, as they now had no shame. They began truthfully telling their opinions on games, and showed no fear in letting /v/ know which games they actually liked.

February 28th

As HARMONY finally vanished from the pages of /v/, most /v/irgins sat there and reflected upon the short, but well-lived, experience. The majority realized they enjoyed it, missed it, and made quiet 'rest in peace' threads to the beloved new theme. The few 'IM SO FUKKIN EDGY' 15 year old fags started posting 'FUKKIN THANK GOD SHIT WAS GAY AS FUCK'. Of course.

Of course a script was made to revert /v/ back into HARMONY, whenever the user liked. Much joy was had.

/b/ is butthurt

As you may have read, /b/ was disincluded from all the HARMONY. Due to the fact that they are small children who throw tantrums when they're left out, they decided to start spreading false rumors that it was EPIKK B TROLLIN LAWL SO RANDUMB. This is false. However, people are often gullible, so when they learned that the .swf used for the /v/ background was a link to /b/, they assumed such rumors were true; in reality, this is due to a simple mistake when the .swf came into substantiation.

tl;dr /b/ had nothing to do with it, but they want to feel cool so they'll tell you it was their idea.

7chan copies moot

When doesn't 7chan try to suck the cum dry from 4chan's testicles? Copying 4chan in every single possible way, like they normally do, the admins at 7chan went ahead and added the song to the background of their own /v/ board. 7chan once again proves their staff doesn't have a single original thought in their collective mind.


Gaia gets in on it

As if it's a surprise, Gaia now has a free item dedicated to LIVING IN HARMONY HARMONY OH LOVE! What is a surprise is that its timing and faggotry fits, unlike all the other memes they tend to steal.

March 27th (1 Fucking Month Later)

Due to the huge faggotry of moot and half of it's posters, the Harmony scene once again drapes over /v/. How will this will end? Only time will tell.

November 20th (It's happening right now!)

Due to some fagbeard /v/irgin trying unsuccessfully to resurrect the magic, a mod added the song to the thread, thus, successfully resurrecting the magic and causing mass HARMONY for all the /v/irgins.

Heavy Metal Edition

Robot Unicorn Heavy Metal has just released. HAIL SATAN EVERYDAY!!1

However, comparing this with the original, the original is way more manly than this gay shit.

<video type="youtube" id="eSMeUPFjQHc&autoplay=0" width="1" height="1" frame="false" position="center"/>


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