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RoboCop is an Americunt cyberpunk media franchise involving the adventures of Alex Murphy, a Detroit police officer, who gets pwned in the line of duty and then has his remains transformed into a clunky, humourless cyborg at the behest of a shady mega-corporation. Thus equipped, Murphy battles both violent crime in a severely decayed city and the blatantly corrupt machinations within Omni Consumer Products.


RoboCop is an essentially accurate depiction of 21st century Detroit save for the overall effectiveness of law-enforcement portrayed. There are some further inaccuracies which can be highlighted thus:

  • Upon returning to his former home Robocop finds it to be empty and with a fully functional electricity supply; all homes in Detroit are immediately stripped of all wiring and plumbing by marauding niggers upon being vacated.
  • During the riot scene, white people can be observed stealing tube televisions; there are no white people in Detroit and even ignorant coons know enough not to bother with CRTs in the digital age.
  • The plexiglass protecting gas-station/convenience store windows in the movie is considerably thinner than the plexiglass in real Detroit area stores; the liquor store with no plexiglass at the beginning of the film is a work of complete fiction and even less believable in Detroit than a robotically augmented police officer.

Aspects which remain true to life are the giant tanks labelled "toxic waste" arbitrarily sitting around the city and the fact that everybody has a gun.

RoboCop 2: Electric Boogaloo

RoboCop fights a butthurt drug-fuelled robot.

RoboCop 3

RoboCop fights a flying gook robot although sadly the formerly lulzy violence is reined in.

RoboCop: The Series


RoboCop: The Cartoon


RoboCop: The Comic

Shit art.

RemakeCop 2014

RoboCop gets raped by Eric Newman and Marc Abraham.

Our RoboCop Remake

Online RoboCop parody; the only good scene is were he shoots a mob of rapists in their dicks.

O.C.P. Gallery

RoboCop on a Unicorn About missing Pics

Robocop shooting a bunch of dicks in the dick

EDited for TV

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