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A fatwa calling for her beheading is currently pending.

Rima Fakih, Miss USA 2010, (born ريما فقيه‎ or Rimaah Fakmih on October 2, 1986) is the last and final prophet of Islam to succeed Barack Hussein Obama. Rima (PBUH) was born a Muslim to parents Abu Bakr and Khadija al Kurba. At age three, her family emigrated to the USA due to a serious lack of adequate food and clothing in the Islamic state of Lebanon, where she was born (an Arabic country, notable for its production of traps; e.g. singer Mika).

Rima Fakih popularized the final divine version of the Quran (v. 2010), as revealed to her by Angel Gabriel (Jibraeel) in the course of three years. It henceforth allows Muslim women to dance around a chrome pole and display their beauty and grotesque, unwashed body hair publicly, which was previously considered a right only reserved for Muslim men.

As a prophet of Islam, she will be entitled to eleven husbands, some of them being little boys of age nine. Also, after death, the 72 virgins reserved for her will be an equal share of boys and girls according to her sexual orientation, provided she kills at least one Jew in her lifetime. In some circles, it is speculated that her prophecy may get revoked if she gets into an affair with a man with Jewish ancestry.

After Barack Obama in 2008, she was crowned Miss USA in 2010, emphasizing on the trend that the USA, like Lebanon, will be transformed to an Islamic state within the next decade. Rima will spend the current year promoting malnutrition and inadequate clothing for the masses in the country.

Miss USA Contest

Like every young American girl, little Rima dreamed that one day she would have her existence validated by creepy old men. Unlike other pageant contests, where contestants boast about promoting well-rounded young women, Miss USA prides itself in being just like Trump, by focusing on the tits and ass of women who's only marketable skill is owning tits and an ass. As well as a talent section, there are also formal and swimwear sections, as well as an interview round that tests contestants for the ability to breath and form semi-well-structured sentences.

Formal Wear

As stated before, Rima loves drugs and pole-dancing. Normally relying on poles to stand up, her walking skills are a little underdeveloped, resulting in a bit of a slip. Should have stayed away from snorting expensive birth control pills before walking!

Affirmative Action?

Some people are wondering if Rima Fakih won the contest fairly, or if it was just another case of Affirmative Action. Given the fact that a white woman has only won Miss America once in the last seventeen years, they may have a point. Race aside, the contest prides itself in being very fair in judging these young ladies. Or as Donald Trump says, "It's all pink on the inside."

Remember though that in a post-9/11 and post-racial world, we need to highlight the diversity of (non-white) women.

Fox News and friends could tell something was up because a blonde white woman did not win. They questioned Miss Oklahoma, who should have won, on if she was set up to lose. Instead of asking her a question about the ability of controlled substances, she was asked a harder (and false question, according to Fox) about the Arizona no-Mexicans law. Obviously, this beautiful young girl was set up with a harder question. Continuing the cycle of millions of years of oppression against blondes. [1]

No surprise here. Affirmative action was first applied in beauty contests for black women to win in the 1980s, then it was the turn of Latin, brown skinned women, and now it's Muslims. That's why most people ignore these rigged "events."


Neocon pundit Daniel Pipes on racism.

of course, punish the white person for being honest, and let's follow obama's lead and kiss up to the arabs.... hyphenated americans one and all.... (at least until obama destroys America.)


basilzaz, on the tragedy of Miss Oklahoma.

"Stripper 101" contest

Fox News blew their load when they found out about Rima Fakih's academic career in a Stripper 101 class. Knowing the classy nature of a Donald Trump-owned beauty contest, many important people are talking questioning Fakih's ability to represent American woman and a role model for younger girls. Since most girls end up being little more than strippers or whores anyway, the answer is clearly "Yes."

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