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This article is about someone or something that has been left to rot on the internets forever because nobody cares anymore.

No, it wasn't haxxord. This is what it really looks like.

Rikopets (www.rikopets.com) was another ripoff of every single fucking virtual pet site out there. But don't ever put them in the same category as Neopets, as this will cause as much unbridled anger as calling a KKK member a Jew or "niggra". As you used to be able to plainly see from their "awesome" page, they're nothing like their hated enemies.

Or, at least they were.

Rikopets was abandoned in mid 2009 by all who once frequented the site including users, spammers, mods and trolls alike. The entire site, once a dried up furry cumstain on a random corner of the internet, has since been allowed to expire.

The story

One day while trolling on the internet and surfing for god-knows-what, Dan (the "owner") came across Neopets. Seeing all the "babes" (underage whores) caused his brain to go into spasm mode telling him (along with killing baby chickens) that he must own one of these sites. So he ran to his mommy and threw a temper tantrum until she and his father paid for the bandwidth. Knowing their son to be a control freak, they decided that they should be mods to stop him from running rampant in his new, "pussy-mobile" of a website. His father also decided that he must do all the HTML coding because his failure of a son couldn't handle it. Thus, this gigantic fucktard-fest began.

Rikopets is a dictatorship played almost entirely by people who think it isn't a cheap knockoff of Neopets. Mainly consisting of furries, pedophiles, Hitler, 16 year old girls, Dan's precious mommy and daddy, and faggots.

Terms of Service

Rikopets had a Nazi-like stranglehold on all of its members.

Infraction: Anything to go against RikoPets or its administrative body.

Simply put, if you didn't lick Dan's or any of the admins assholes at all times, you could be b&.

Rule: All art submitted in any form (directly or via forum) to RikoPets or its staff is no longer property of the original artist but becomes property of RikoPets.

Look, Rikopets can steal your art!

The forums

File:Rikopets forum.png
The forums are emptier than a bike rack at a black person convention

While apparently once a lush haven for all pedo-loving rikopets, the forums, like the rest of the site, were completely abandoned.

Inhabited almost exclusively by furry butt-fucks and pedophiles, the forum area was used for everything sane people hate. Check out some of these intelligent fucking topics:

  • Chuck Norris "facts"
  • ;.; Dog Dung and Breakdown ;.;
  • Don't use BIG WORDS in Research Papers
As a side note, I'd like to say that the special ed teachers don't like big words being used by their tarded students.
  • Lol, Shadow owns Poo. XD
  • That So Pooshnik!
What the fuck is a Pooshnik?


Rikopets had only two games (as this was being written). One being a thing called "Perry Pong" (for those not in the know, a Perry is the bastard child of a cat and a retarded ferret). Perry Pong involves the player playing a glitchy game of pong where the paddles don't fucking work. The only other game is Skayt's Slots...I'm still trying to figure out what the pope's nuts a Skayt is. The slots apparently give out over 200,000 rikopoints (the ripped off name for neopoints) but no one has ever won more than 100 points out of it, leading most to the conclusion that Dan and his father still don't know what the fuck they're doing.

The world

File:Rikosia neopia.png
The completely original world of rikosia. Stuck right next to a picture of neopia for great justice

Named Rikosia (because all the fucktarded names were taken for the pets), this globe was almost an exact replica of the Neopets world. Just take the fucking image and flip it, exact fucking replica. I might add that only one place works when you click it, the rest just bring you to gay furry porn.

The world of Rikosia is merely a bunch of javascript imagemaps that you click on.


Exactly what Dan's mother should have asked for when she was trying to abort the failure in her womb. This section of the site offered no help at all and just told you to contact the admins directly. Of course the admins hated to be bothered through their mail so they sent your ass to ignore. This was the point where you considered your life and thought about becoming an hero.

The pets

14 different rikopets! gotta catch em all :D

Designed with the yaoi-loving furry in mind, the pets are named based on a complicated system of jumbling letters together:

  • Guby
  • Keerat
  • Kolpin
  • Perry
  • Irivia
  • Skayt
  • Toge
  • Orrin
  • Reshk
  • Kiyos (see: Chocobo from the Final Fantasy games)
  • Vandee
  • Pucky (a fucking rabbit)

If you picked any of these, please consider your sexuality now.

Notable Rikosians

Waste of sperm. Cannot code worth a shit, feel free to spam the hell out of him.
Narutard and wannabe Flash programmer. She has a problem identifying men from women.
Dumb bitch, admin ass-lick, and all around illiterate who thinks she's a shit-artist, and guess what she is, she thinks she is special because she draws women who look like men with tits...She is also a DevianTart ( Find her at http://www.Neko-Fayth.deviantart.com).

Spam raid

Evillittleminion, was a 16 year old girl who threw an E-Tantrum because she was not admitted to be a dick-sucking moderator on Rikopets due to the fact that her brain capacity is not above that of the population of 12 year old girls on the site. In a blind jealous rage she proceeded to spam the forums for at least 100 years with her ass licking partner, zombiekingjohn who assumed the names dontmesswiththebest and pancakelover while they claimed to be anonymous. Trying their hardest, they managed to make 600 spam posts before their brain capacities were reached and they had to go comb bugs out of each other's hair. When questioned about the incident they proclaimed that their fight against Rikopets was for the lulz. However, it is glaringly obvious that they did hold a personal grudge against the site, calling it a "dictatorial process", asking for others to spam the forums (read: X is not your personal army), and bringing the fight to other websites. It may be assumed that they do actually enjoy the site however, because you could still catch them on the 'Users Online' list at the end, despite the fact that their accounts had the ability to communicate with others on the website removed.

Other theories include that they aren't actually the spammers themselves but merely set up to look like it. Their attempts at raising an army were only to get back at the site for unfairly cutting off their communications. In either case it is clear that they still are buttfucks who did enjoy the site until the spamming events. It's possible they still enjoyed it up to the end or were trying to get pictures and quotes to make them even bigger faggots.

Note from a friend of the spammers
To set the record straight, Evillittleminion is a guy though the age is correct. He really was doing it for the lulz, no this isn't him or his cohort adding this. Also, they really don't go on the site. They planned to try to destroy the site as a mod by spamming it and banning everyone but settled for spamming when the fucktards didn't make him a mod. Their brains didn't explode the cheap bandwidth broke. It's no grudge it's just troll syndrome. The buttfuck, nekopets ripoff site probably claims that their online status shows but I'm fairly sure it doesn't ever show. They either made that up or the site is that glitched.


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