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Sexual Revolution

Ricky Himself

Another tripfag falls

Ricky !aZkBiDudVc is a bitter misogynist tripfag who peruses various boards on 4chan, spreading his unimportant opinions over anyone who'll listen. Which is usually no-one. He has a tendency to make shitty comics so as to easily inject all of his autistic views into the large anonymous membrane, which always result in badly made cut and paste shitfests that rot both the eye and brain. If said comic is about a specific bullshit opinion that has gently floated out of his anus, it will undoubtedly adopt the I am silly! formula.

He is mainly known and hated for his controversial views on Women, often creating threads about it, which is the equivalent of sticking your testicles into a shark tank, as 4chan is almost entirely made up of dirty jobless hippies. It is often suggested that Ricky is simply a well executed troll as his views often piss off great quantities of people to lulzy extents.

Doxd and Defaced

Sometime later it was revealed by hardworking /r9k/ virgin e-detectives that Ricky's real name is in fact Ricky Molina, a greasy Mexican forever alone who was a furry. Later, a thread was created stating he was a 15 year old Mexican in which he replied to confirming it. The Mods, being the caring, helpful sweaty pile of mass they are decided to b& him and his tripcode (#tripfagtime gives you a 30 day ban)

Since Ricky's ban, Ricky has been under the alias "Ritchie"



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