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Info non-talk.png Rick Astley won MTV Europe's BEST ACT EVER award!
For all mankind.
Never gonna give you up.
Never gonna let you down DO IT FAGGOT
(fail, it says hes never gonna give you up, not ever DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS.
RA will never.jpg
When you're on CNN, NBC and Carson Daly, you are officially old meme.
You got Rickroll'd.
This guy's doing it, why don't you?
You got Conficker'd by F-secure.

First off, know that he's never gonna give you up, and never gonna let you down. That said, to Rickroll someone is to intentionally misdirect them to a video of Never Gonna Give You Up from two-hit-wonder 80's pop icon Rick Astley. Astley has recently called the song "naff" (Britslang for 'lame, insincere, and cheesy') in several interviews about the meme.

This concept of the Rickroll originated from the Duckroll troll (which started off as "eggroll"[citation needed], but got wordfiltered by 4chan) and has the same intent of pissing off the sucker who falls for it after he or she is pwnt - for the 25th time. Linking to a video of Never Gonna Give You Up or some variant thereupon has become the new Goatse, though after the The Power 5 being linked to a mildly popular song from the 80s really isn't that bad. Not to be confused with a Barrel Roll


Never Gonna Give You Up is a 1987 dance song by British singer Rick Astley. That same year, the video for the song saw heavy rotation on MTV in the United States.

The video

<video type="youtube" id="oHg5SJYRHA0" width="852" height="510" frame="true" position="center"/>




Believe it or not, the first people to be "rickrolled" were Scientologists. Says a lot, huh?

The roll part of the name has been apocryphally said to come from a 4chan favorite, the "Duckroll". This was used the same way as the Rickroll, claiming a link was actually interesting and actually linking to a page with an animated GIF of a toy duck rolling across the screen. "Roll" became a universal suffix for similar fake links like Leekspin, and with the advent of the Rickroll found its greatest success.

Rickrolling began on 4chan's /v/ image board on the day of Grand Theft Auto IV's official website premier. However, due to heavy traffic on the website, it was impossible to watch the trailer for quite some time, so Anonymous took it upon himself to link everyone to a supposedly leaked trailer hosted on YouTube

Rickrolling has become popular outside of 4chan. Many different website communities have claimed they invented Rickrolling, such as GameFAQs, who claim that the Rickroll started on their Halo 3 board. World of Warcraft gamers, (WoWfags), have also laid claim to inventing the Rickroll, and have beaten it to old meme death on their game forums twice as fast as 4chan ever could have done. The Washington hometown forum on AK47.net, filled with a bunch of old guys with guns, is also known for having links off to the Rickroll all over the place.

The motivation behind using this particular song as a troll is obscure. It's a cooperative prank. The prankster gets to feel clever, but the victim doesn't have to look at something genuinely disturbing. All good memes have a purpose behind them. [citation needed] However, during a Rickroll phase on the World of Warcraft forums, it became clear that (as well as simply being lame) the song was believed to have homoerotic associations of some kind, and was thus used in order to try and induce disgust or revulsion in heterosexual viewers.

MTV Rickroll'd

See main article here: The Rolling : MTV Gets Rickroll'd.


It's like this (Picture of inu shoujo Hinata-chan from an Eroge game).

The file Lolicatgirls.swf is a fan favorite of 4chan's flash board. The flash file contained is a hentai dojinshi clip of an underage catgirl. It's delicious cake, you must eat it. lolicatgirls.swf is a meme on 4chan's /f/ that pre-dates Rickroll, but is the same concept. It's a loop of some guys dancing in a busy street to rave music, instead of loli catgirls, as the title would suggest.

As you can see this flash always promises less than it delivers and it comes in many variations: http://eye.swfchan.com/search.asp?q=lolicatgirls.swf

Barack Roll

On October 2007, some fucktard with a little too much spare time on hand make a new version of the Rickroll featuring Senator Barack Hussein Obama speaking out the song's words, but only the first half because the fucker was too lazy to finish it. Americans flock to Obama solely because of his skin color(OMG! He's a nigger! He'd make a great president!) so the video has received Over 100,000 views. After Obama became president this version also lost its humor factor and now joins all the other versions to do nothing but piss YouTube users off.

Sony/BMG Attempts to stop the Rickroll

On Saturday, March 29 2008, SONY/BMG started sending out copyright notices to all YouTube videos that RickRoll people. Videos with obscure titles such as Ex Girlfriend Stripping have been flagged by Sony/BMG and YouTube in the hopes to collect data about RickRoll, as well as remove certain videos containing RickRolls.

YouTube's EPIC Rickroll

YouTube RickRolled its users on April 1st, 2008 by pointing all "featured videos" to the song. As such, rolling is now officially old meme. However, The Lonely Island's music video Jizz In My Pants has recently surfaced via the World of Warcraft forums, as a possible successor to the Rick Roll. The term "Jizz Roll", certainly has vastly more potential for creating revulsion in people, and thus lulz, than the Rick Roll ever did.

Since Rickroll's death, Rick Astley, in order to keep himself entertained, has taken to deriving lulz from the handicapped:

The Great Michigan Marching Band Rickroll of 2008

On October 11, 2008, the 350 member Michigan Marching Band rickrolled over 110,000 fans in the Big House at the Michigan vs. Toledo football game. Instead of playing Paralyzer, the ingenuitive band played a well written version of the popular meme. This proves that The University of Michigan is a great place to go to school.


All the cool kids are wearing it.

In addition to being old meme, Rick Roll is now officially "cool", mostly thanks to Nancy Pelosi. If you see any one wearing one of these shirts, please kill them with fire.

Rickrolling the Nation


During the 2008 Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Rick Astley himself Rickrolled 50 million people. He appeared on during a song on the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends float. Thank God it was interrupted, amirite? It ended with a diseased, bi-polar Azn stating that he loves Rickrolling which fucking ruined it and officially made it an old meme. It was also obviously lip synced.

The Macy Parade rickrolled all you faggots, and now you're bitching about it.

Which is what rickrolling is all about.



Epic Rickroll is epic

Miscellaneous Trivia About Rick

  • Rick is a ginger but dyes his hair a darker color to cover up that fact
  • When Never Gonna Give You Up was first broadcast on radios across the world in 1987, many people assumed he was a nigger.
  • In the Whenever You Need Somebody music video, he does a Nazi salute.
  • Rick is married and has one daughter, but he only married his wife to cover up the fact that he is a raging homosexual.
  • In the Take Me To Your Heart music video, Rick's hitting on the saxophone player.
  • Rick only weighs 120 pounds.
  • Rick is related to Conan O'Brien.
  • Rick's first job was a teaboy for music producers.
  • If you raise the pitch of Rick's voice, it will sound like Kylie Minogue's voice. If you lower the pitch of Kylie's voice, she will sound like Rick.
  • Rick used to get repeatedly raped by his dad. It's okay, he enjoyed it.

Rickroll: Variations etc.

See: Rickroll: Variations and assorted crap.


Enjoy your Aids and your nightmares...

NEVAR FORGET! Evil Anti-Matter Universe Rick Astley

  • WILL give you up!
  • WILL let you down
  • WILL run around and desert you
  • WILL make you cry
  • WILL say goodbye
  • WILL tell a lie and hurt you

You have been warned, ladies (and 10% of men), Evil Anti-Matter Universe Rick Astley is NOT your friend and does NOT fight for freedom.


Best 9 seconds of your life.

How To Rickroll Programs

First you are obviously going to need the Rickroll video. Secondly, you will need an .exe. You can use any binder to join these but I recommend DON'T DOWNLOAD, IT'S REALLY PRORAT, A RAT TROJAN! (net tools 5 has an exe binder. use that.)

Using Splice/Binders

  • Open Splice and in the first box, browse for your Rickroll video.
  • In the second box, browse for your exe.
  • Choose any icon (It doesn't matter yet) for your new exe and save it.

Using Resource Hacker

  • Get Resource Hacker.
  • Open your exe with Resource Hacker and expand Icon
  • Then look around until you find the icon for your exe.
  • Right click on the Icon Number and click Replace Resource
  • Click on Open File with a New Icon then browse for your original .exe (In B4 Rickroll). This will give it the icon of the original .exe
  • Save it.


The Return of Rick Astley

Rick Astley has resumed his career. You can see for yourself.

<video type="youtube" id="rgUrqGFxV3Q" width="852" height="510" frame="true" position="center"/>


See Also

Not even Rick Astley's professor is safe.

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