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Reversed-Pocky (AKA, Pocky) is a self proclaimed anime artist and weeaboo, who dwells on the lovely website, Deviant Art. She is renowned for her drama fits, being a newfag and also, bringing faggotry to the internet. As Pocky is a completely mindless twit attempting to read any of her DA journals will most likely make you want to become an hero to end the torture. Reversed-Pocky is one of many deviantART members who hates Encyclopedia Dramatica and believes most members on ED are 4channers, which of course is not true. While yaoi is not enough, she decides to troll a few SRON/SROA members on their Deviant Art pages, even though she failed completely at making their internet life hard. She now tries her hardest to hide her sexy style through troll accounts.

From her photobucket account. srsly?

Artistic Mastery

Code Blue, ABORT.

Pocky enjoys drawing on oekaki, where she can fish for more comments than the miniscule amount earned via devArt. The style she draws in is reminiscent of Precious Moments dolls on crack. Her favorite things to draw are kawaii nekos (or canids?) in the same monotonous sitting position, making shallow characters that reflect her interests, and drawing pictures for people who don't give a shit about her; the usual. Aside from completely obliterating the laws of the universe in every picture she shits out, Pocky's art puts the Fgs-Scale beside itself with anger as it earns a Code Blue. Pocky's stance on art is obviously "quantity over quality", as she spews new oekaki vomit onto her dA approximately every 3 days.

An Innocent Beginning

What she thinks about ED

In the beginning, it is correctly assumed that Pocky was so insignificant that noone acknowledged her existence at all. Being an inferior artist, Pocky looked up to many deviants, the sad truth is that most of them probably hate her. One of these artists, Kuitsuku, must have inadvertently instilled unto her the belief that, just because it was her story; Pocky, too, could improve her shit skills without the use of references or critique.

Pocky, secure in her hugbox, received a whopping average of one(1) ass kissing comment per deviation. With such reassurance, Pocky was convinced: "I understand most people like my style..." Imagine for a second, if you will, her dismay when someone so boldly approached her with such a comment:

You're 15, you should know better than to let the eyes take up 90% of the entire face.


Shiverstar-, keepin' it real

This statement was so debilitating that it effectively became the worst memory of Pocky's entire year of 2007.[1] Luckily Pocky had her friends to stick up for her, which proved more powerful than dogs and curtains combined[2]. The troll was vanquished and peace prevailed.

At least for a while. Several Trolls appeared not long after, harvesting lulz from the bloated teats of the lolcow in a much less gentle manner than that of Shiverstar.

As if all this faggotry was not enough, Pocky has also taken up to ruthlessly driving many memes into the ground, in addition to beating personal jokes surrounding others characters over the head. When questioned, she stated she uses them "for teh luls". These are, of course, always unfunny and annoying as hell.

Sweet Justice

On Feburary 11th, 2008, Reversed Pocky was banned from her account as a result of hackers.

Trolls and weeaboos alike everywhere cheered and had many hearty lulz at her as she crawled back to her second account.

My fucking deviantart got banned, I was hacked. I'm going to go fucking insane. -_-+++++



Pocky, being true to herself

Just as Planned

That day an anon planned a most epic hack.



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