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Reverse Trap Chan finally got her webcam to work on Stickam, she had a lot of trouble because she uses a Mac and /b/tards finally stopped crying.
Reverse Trap Chan got out of the shower and had really fluffy hair!

Reverse Trap Chan is a demi-camwhore who got her start on June 10, 2007 by challenging the denizens of /b/ to make her cry. Were they able to meet her request, she would meet their base criteria of "Tits or GTFO." That she did. She was quick to reveal much else, including vagoo, in only a matter of hours.

What the hell is that?

She is called 'Reverse Trap' because she appears to be Gary Busey but is actually a woman, contrary to shit like Bridget. She is believed to be a raging dyke, however, despite her claims of having a boyfriend (which, when revealed, interrupted the feverish fapping of many anonymous,) and it seems that /b/ is still researching both of these pieces of information and attempting to extort moar n00dz.


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