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Miss Piggy
No, IRL, she's flat chested. Ego much?
ugly new hairstyle

Rememberance-the-fox is a yet another tartlet who traces other people's images because she thinks her equally obese boyfriend will protect her by telling the mean monsters to go away. Even since Anonymous started attacking her site, she has refused to leave DeviantART. She actually uses other pictures for every picture she draws. Srsly. We're not joking.

In a past event, she attempted to draw porn of her badly named, badly designed Mary Sue, but she failed because she somehow forgot females had nipples. After she submitted the picture, her chicken-packing boyfriend encouraged her to draw moar of her eye slaughter.

If you try to flame her on her page, her friends will try to defend her, she'll block you and will give you a quality insult like "I'm Rubber, you're glue."

She also just loves fapping to any picture with girls with big titties. GIRLS, BEWARE, CLOSET LESBIAN IS GONNA GET YOU.

As of now

She is trying to resume her life living in her rut. You can help her get out by scaring her and sending her to the hospital, due to her high Cholesterol. If you troll hard enough, she will actually cut herself. She did before, srsly.

She had just recently blabbed where she lives. What a fucktard. Anyway, she lives in North Carolina, in the Raleigh/Durham part. Oh, some moar news. Apparantly, her parents are kicking her out of her house. Evidently it seems not even her parents can stand her. Evidence of the moving has not been supported though, so she could be just making everyone feel bad for her fat self.

She also enjoys faving porn of furries. Trisha is sikritly a lesbian. It is also believed that she just keeps creating dA accounts and putting a giant sign on her forehead saying "I'M TRISHA ANN, COME GET MEH!!1" Just to fap to the comments of flamers and trolls.

Well, right now, she admits to worshiping Avril Lavigne. She says Avril Lavigne is the best American singer ever. What she doesn't know is Avril is Canadian.

She is apparently Graduating High School early. After an unnamed individual sweet talked her into telling her what the American school system is like, they were told that she had already graduated high school over 9000 years ago despite turning 18 February of 2011. Now, as we know that the American school system is challenged, and half the American high school students must complete a rather tedious project, but they cannot be so bad as to completely skip someone from that. The goddamn computers handle the shit. As fatty has proclaimed that THEY COMPLETELY FUCKING. which leads to the suspicion that she is being rather mendacious.


Anon: What level are you in? I don't know the education conversion between the United states and the Kingdom
Trisha: I'm graduated
Anon: Aren't you 17?
Trisha: our education conversion goes from K5 which is Kindergarten to K-12 Senior Year
Trisha: and it's Divided into Grade school- than middle school- than high school
Anon: 12th is like...18 years old
Anon: Er
Trisha: yeah but I got to skip ahead XD
Trisha: I'm 17
Anon: At graduation, you should have been are around 18
Anon: How can you graduate bloody 2 years ahead of the rest of your class???
Trisha: I'm home schooled
Trisha: or was
Trisha: XD
Anon: Hnnnn
Trisha: my last year I took online classes
Trisha: and finished my senior year in 3 months
Anon: You guys need to take...about 40 something classes and complete a project though
Trisha: yeah
Anon: I hear my US friends complain. both Public and homeschooled kids.
Trisha: for public school
Anon: It's like the Senior Project
Anon: Law applies it to home schoolers as well :s
Trisha: I didn't have to do a project
Trisha: depends what state you are graduating from
Trisha: I live in North Carolina
Anon: The administration made it law in 2008 for the whole country :s
Trisha: but my School was in Georgia
Trisha: heh I know I did like a whole bunch of Assignments
Anon: What about the weird junior paper
Trisha: yeah I did That in Junior year
Anon: Why didn't you do the rest of the project though
Trisha: well okay this is weird,. I was homeschooled where people sent my work through snail mail. THAN I transfered to a highschool online
Trisha: they didn't say anything about a project
Trisha: so APPARENTLY I didn't have to do it
Anon: ._.
Anon: ...Your school system sucks ass



—Anon and Trisha...lying her fat ass off

An art school in Pittsburgh apparently loves her so much, they are offering her a full ride scholarship!In this sad attempt of a lie, she is foolishly trying to hide the fact that she sucks as bad as ur mom and doesn't have the talent to become a graphic designer.

As of last Thursday, Trisha is apparently ENGAGED!...To that ugly son of a bitch named Devon...No one will feel sorry for either of them. They deserve each other in their ugliness and retardedness till death do they part.


In the past, she was being an art thief for a year straight. Srsly. She stole art from equally failed furfags 17 times. Each time this happened all of her friends found out about it, because she's too fucking retarded to cover her tracks. After the 17th time, a group of people started attacking her. So she put up an Editorial on DA about internet bullying. It contained butthurt and a failure at grammar. Also, she is a pathological liar. Saying that her father is an abusive drunk and at the same time dying or deathly ill due to some sort of Lupus.

In the dead center of the thieving, that's when she started drawing furry porn. Everyone was flaming her [Insert fat joke here] boyfriend for the multiple eye assaults. Since her boyfriend is terribly one-sided, he accused everyone of wishing rememberance dead, and reported every single person for the lie. No action was taken, though.

Due to her popular belief, she thinks that stealing art is interfering with her Religion and stopping Jesus from cooking those prime ribs.

The drama really kicked off when she was found to be drawing disgusting furry porn and proudly displaying it all over some furfag oekaki. She was exposed by a group of her friends and she promptly bawwed, cut and threatened to leave the internets forevar.

Fortunately her fanherd didn't believe a word of the thousands of apology journals she posted and decided enough was enough when she claimed the only reason why she traced other peoples art was because she had ADHD. What the fuck.

After she posted her pretend pr0n, her friend who dates her main character decided that the tiny relationship they shared was no Moar. Somebody had to call the Waaaambulance, she started BAAAAAAWing at it until he decided to take back the whore if she stopped being a total Bitch Wanker.

Her Boyfriend

Classy for a pedophile.

Chris Highwind is an obese retard with jugs bigger than your mom's. He's also eighteen, which makes him a pedophile. When trolled he always attempts to argue back and never bothers to hide the comments which makes him a prime target for lulz.

Chris is the proven worst artist on the face of the planet. He draws like shit. If he drew a woman, you would mistake it for a lizard, or a Battletoad. No, really, let me rant more about his shit he calls art... The anatomy looks like it was done by a 4-year old. No, really it's that bad. Seriously. He's 18 and he draws like shit because he was dropped on his head as a baby.

Chris is also an unfunny fat fuck. If you didn't get the gist of that from above statements. Since he's a fag who only knows basic, old memes, he'll constantly say the meme Over 9000. BUT, he'll say "OVER NINE FRICKIN THOUSAND!!!!!!", which makes him look like a douchebag. Further examples of how unfunny he is are saying things like "MUDKIPS!!! XD!!!" or even destroying a classic meme like "O RLY!?!?!?!?". Jesus Christ, he needs to be shot.

Chris, also must be gay (or at least bi), because the only things you'll see him looking at is pictures of furry yaoi. See his DevianTART favorites.

On top of all that, Chris constantly responds to trolls with things like "YOU HAVE NO LIFE!!!!" which is ironic, because Chris is a fat computer nerd. He'll also say we have no artistic value, we'll never amount to anything, or even "im better than you". He only says these things because he can't come up with a good comeback for shit, and in vain attempt of making himself look/feel better.


Many a Boyfriend

Well, apparantly, she broke up with Chris and found a new Boyfriend named Dustin. She just basically treated him same as Chris, along with the mandatory pictures of her releasing her true wit; yelling out Mexican plates randomly and the common Chuck_Norris jokes.

Oh, but she broke up with him. No, wait, HE broke up with HER. Probably due to her being an unfunny fat fuck who still draws porn badly. She apparently went out with someone named Cody before, and he insulted her, but he felt so bad about it, he cried then went out with her again. Of course, the true story is most likely he insulted her and SHE cried, and he went out with her again so she would shut the fuck up. What's most likely to happen is he'll break up with her, and she'll die alone.

What? Another one? Yes, his name is Devon. If you notice on Trisha's signatures, she thinks everybody is after her prince. Even though he is one ugly fucker.

Jesus Fuck.


Dramatic Shit

This is a lot of shit.

Furries trying to take over dA


..sighs* I can't Trust alot of people Anymore

If I do I get hurt. I wish I could just be left alone on the internet and Not judge THIS IS worse than a Highschool... first I am posted on ED get made fun of for my Weight and my BF than they use Religion Against me to make me Guilty Hell, I learned As long as you believe in God your good. you don't have to be TOTALLY clean Cut. DAMN. and what's up with people and my Character? ok ONE! she can be Sexy. SHE"S NOT ME DAMMIT!!! :U [EDitor's note: She is fucking lying in the next 2 sentences. Nobody could be THAT satire.] God, trisha Ann is me! and she's plain like me! and what I draw is MY GOD GIVEN RIGHT!. SO FUCK OFF!. got it? note this wasn't going out to my Friends. just my Ex ones.


—Trisha being the antichrist.

well for the past Year I've been getting Dizzy Spells,

well I never thought of it because I've been Sick and Also have Animea (Ann-ee-mee-ah) it's where your blood levels are low last time it was a 7 at age 12 and they got it up well 3 Years later just starting back I've been sick left and right. Coughs , colds, Stomach problems.

this morning around 5 or 6 Am I don't remember I went into the bathroom because I was feeling abit hot in my Room to I splashed cold water on me, after that I blacked out and I passed out,

AND Our Bathroom is small and you can HIT ANYTHING well I fell face down, my Face hit the floor, my Face is All Bruised, my head hit the wall and I got a BIG sore on it and it bled.

I was taken to Urgent Care there I got my Blood Drawn and more. hopefully I'll know. They said I didn't Fracture Anybones so I am thankful for that.

but man I am So in pain. I thank God it wasn't Serious.

because if I hit my Head in the wrong spot I could have died. so yeah.


—Trisha, Attention Whoring

Animea, huh? You know, I swear, that sounds like something gay, only with one letter in it dropped.

her frends stik up 4 her

MY friends have -all- put me in a REALLY bad mood now, so I'm going to yell at everyone I can who have been ticking me off because I am utterly fed up of standing aside and watching things unfold. So I've come here to Hyper and Taiku. You made that stupid page on 'encyclopediadramatica' about Trisha, and I think that is one of the lowest and most disgusting things anyone could ever ruddy do! You even made hate art towards her! The fact that she stole 17 times and has changed her character over 60 is a lie, I know she's done both things quite a bit but you're just exaggerating. Many people steal art in some way or another, whether it be a pose or an idea or tracing, but they do it to improve their own art, so why is it that you feel the need to scream down Trisha's neck every single time? And who cares if Trisha changes her character a lot? IT'S HER CHARACTER, she can do whatever the heck she likes with her as long as it's not looking completely like someone else's! And Trisha's stories are her own, you can't say her character or story is too 'mary-sue' unless you're actually inside Trisha's head and know the whole thing down to every detail! So for goodness sake, stop being so flipping childish and grow up and simply ignore Trisha if she annoys you so much! Oh, and you used other people's artwork on that site and criticized it, including Nogo's and Huski's. So that's stealing and therefore makes you guys look worse. Congrats. I'm sorry to everyone else who has to read this and of which it doesn't apply to. *goes to others*


— Madelyne, in being a butthurt.

okay, I wasn't going to say anything, but Hyper, you really need to shut it. Trolling people isn't 'cool' or whatever you think it is. What you did to Trisha was disgusting, no one deserves to be put down like that. I don't care what they've done, it sickens me to see people treated so poorly. </3

Completely agree with you, Maddie.


—BlaqkHavoc, in stupid reply.

In response to BlaqkHavoc:

I'm afraid trolling is the only cool thing anyone can do. And is the only type of comedy on the web. If you think otherwise, you're lying to yourself.

Trolling is the internet.

ED is the Universe.



—HyperMikukachi, in not lurking enough.

Ok, Mur, I feel it's time to end this. Trisha knows she stole the work. She's admitted it, and people still like her. She's not doing it again, and if you can't get your mind out of the past, then I am not going to let you rope me into it.

You are blocked until you get your head out of the past, and forgive Trisha. I expect to have you blocked for a good long time.


—Chris being a fag.

You get on Trisha because she draws her characters with little to no clothing these days, and yet, you draw your characters with little or no clothing, and don't complain about that. At least Trisha's characters have fur...

Please, would you care to explain this? And don't say "she's too young", because she's growing up too.

If you can't explain, then please zip your mouth about Trisha's characters. Thank you and have a good day.


—Chris being a bigger fag then before.

This goes out to all of the people on SA, DA, AND FA who have flamed Trishy


You act like it's your purpose in life to flame an innocent 15 year old girl just because she draws stuff you don't like. And you go after her artwork too! That's wrong, espeically if you'd draw the same exact thing! You follow her through every site she goes to.

You are some real bastards...Leave her alone. Otherwise, I'll do what I can to make sure you leave her alone.

And to those who are against the flamers

Thank you for supporting . Please help me in keeping her safe from flames.

That is all. Any and all flames will be reported.


—Chris whom should shut up already.

("Her Jewtubes" section was taken down because she deleted fucking everything there.)

The "Sheep"

This section is perfect, do not fuck with it.

Those with dA's come first. Btw, feel free to add summaries of each of these faggots.


Jesus Christ, I never knew people could get so retarded. Apparently, Trisha has a retarded friend, who is a Furry, a Jew, and retarded. She is called Kittyblack person. She is probably even more retarded than Trisha herself.

Now, KittyCoon is your basic wannabe. She thinks she's a brilliant troll and Anonymous. Little does she know, she's a failure at life. Every time a veteran or decent Troll comes along and trolls her, she gets all pissy and throws a lecture about how she's the best motherfucking Troll ever. I can't stress how much she fails at this.

She even fucking stated she was against ED and hoped it would die, and not belong in this world. It's most likely a ploy to delete this article. Which is fucking impossible, because the Administration of ED can just change it back in a second.

And what regret should I feel?

Should I feel sorry for you? Bullying someone who just wants a second chance? Or should I feel sorry about cutting so deep into your emotional matrix, either way, this is how a real troll does it, they do not forget, and do not regret. The only thing we seek is entertainment, and thanks to your co-operation, you have brought us a well sought after reaction.

With kind words. -KTC



Recently Kittycoon got pissed off, leaving this nice little message on her newest FA page.

I dunno what to tell you, you keep switching accounts, changing your character, and for the most part, they will always keep watching you.


From Kittycoon's own realization, she finally sees fatty for what she really is, a retarded furfag who can't get it right.

This is her reaction once again being sorry for copying.

Because I needed a new Start.

if you think this is So much as Ridiculous do what you want. it's fine with me. :< I'm Sorry I make you Feel this way.


Her Character

-Trisha Hoshino has been changed CONSTANTLY, nearly 70 times and still counting. She has thousands of boyfriends and can't even decide on one. Trisha Hoshino also attempts on 'saving' the galaxy, which she fails epicly from what the public can guess because she never finishes one piece of fiction she writes. And also has a thousand characters bio stories based on Rememberance's mary-sue, which are all different from the next.

Trisha Hoshino the slut.

Rememberance bawls if she doesn't get the guy she wants, like Rox the Wolf who is currently with a way better choice. Her character has also had several of fugly babies with her thousands of boyfriends. Among those babies is Tristen, Teresa, Roxanne and Darren, who are all of fox origin. shes currently having 1,000 babies at the moment. What.

Her character Trisha Hoshino has not always been called Trisha Hoshino. She has also gone by the names, Trisha Wolfox, Trisha Aurora, PRINCESS Trisha Aurora, Whoreface and others we cannot find at this time. Her bios have been changed many times as well, along with renaming her fictional planet, and the basic story of her char, such as saying there were only two "Star sisters" that fell to earth, Trisha, Trinity and Trinket all live together in a small trailer.

Her character being changed over 9000 times is not an overestimate. Trisha has gone through multiple designs for her character, all of which are very WAII KAWAWII!!!!1 ^__^. This is displayed by a timeline. Being an indecisive person who has ADHD, she has recycled many upon many looks, sometimes day after day, literally. All of these fabulous looks are beautiful, colorful, and help the character not even resemble her former self, allowing her to completely change her character every day into a new character with the same name.

Can't say 60 times is way off now, you fags.

Fresh Princess of Bel-Air

Now this is a story all about how my
Life got flipped turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute just sit right there
I'll tell you how I become the faggot of a town called Dev-Air

In North Carolina, born and raised
On the internet's where I spent most of my days
Chillin' out, eatin', sittin' all cool
And losing some flame wars outside of the school
When a couple of trolls, they were up to no good
Started making trouble in my neighborhood
I got in one little fight, and the admin got scared
And said "I'm gonna ban you, you better be mared."

I whistled for a friend, and when she came near
Her ass said "FRESH", she had a dick and a mirror
If anything I can say, this friend wasn't rare
So I said "Naw, forget it, I'm gonna go die in the air!"

I pulled up at a MOD, at about 7 or 8
And I yelled to him, "You suck! Smell you later!"
I looked at my DA, I was finally banned
Now I'll do a favor, I'm gonna get canned.

Her 'Art'

There are enough pics here, no moar thx.

Fanart from her fanherd

Hate art

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