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A typical day in rehab.

Rehab is a place for quitters. It also comes in handy when you troll too hard and -in lieu of trolls remorse- you need to apologise to placate the angry mob who are calling for your head. Rehab is the second best sort of fun anyone can have without putting a penis in their ass. Or, in the case of this this place, possibly with a penis in their ass. A great boost to any social circle is an association with a reformed crackhead, they will certainly provide many lulzy stories during family gatherings.

Celebrities particularly enjoy going to rehab as an excuse for stupid shit they've done (see also: sorry). Whether or not these actions were actually caused by drugs or alcohol is inconsequential. As in the case of Mel Gibson, a Jew hater who pretended to be a drunk to save his shitty career. It didn't work.

Kinds Of Rehab

dead, lol

People In Rehab

The progression of a pre-rehab crackwhore.

People Who Should Be In Rehab