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Regular Show is a boring-as-fuck 80's-based show for furfag stoners which airs on Cartoon Network. The show revolves around the lives of two useless hipster dweebs named "Mordecai" and "Rigby", who fail at their jobs every day. The vast majority of episodes in Regular Show are exceptionally irregular, and can be summarised as "two furries fighting over whatever the writers pulled out of their ass that week (implies that the writers could make something worthwhile if they actually used their brain) pulled out of their untalented brain", and sometimes the above with shipping.

What was originally mean't to be a show about a human zoo tended by animals, Cartoon Network spotted the potential original idea and shut it down, as they cannot allow an original idea to broadcast on their channel and, probably, because the original series would have spawned more hardcore furry porn and autism than the entirety of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. Even though people on the internet are now desensitised to hardcore furry porn as there is so much of it.

Regular Show was developed by James Quintel, an artfag whose mediocre cartoons are the main source of Cartoon Network's death, this show has eight fucking seasons and yet Quintel has never realized how boring-as-fuck and repetitive the entire series has become over time, to the point where no one really gives a shit anymore.


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Regular Show somehow manages to have less effort placed unto it's plot than most cartoons which have aired since the mid-2000s, as even though the world gets nearly destroyed in most of the episodes, it's never referenced to again. So it's nice to know that the show's creators possess the same attention-span as its fanbase.

99% of the show's episodes follow this formula:

1. The two main characters make a huge fuck-up.

2. Resort to some bullshit insane restoration technique that almost always causes a huge fucking catastrophe.

3. Always desperately seeks out Step #2 to avoid getting their lazy asses fired from their dweeb boss.

4. Repeat Step #1.

The closest thing Regular Show has to offer that resembles a plot is Mordecai's crush on a slutty waitress named "Margaret", despite it being an obvious cumdumpster as it appeared to have a new boyfriend in every episode it was in. In recent episodes though, Margaret has revealed to be single and is warming up on Mordecai. Why should I give a fuck and what's with the "it" and not "she" you may ask? Well, you see how Margaret is red? In reality, only male robins carry red feathers, making Mordecai...


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Regular Show's concept and cast show that they were made by Quintel's art college years; it's just boring furries doing boring things.

  • Mordecai and Rigby: Rigby is an overzealous raccoon who is Mordecai's only friend. Even though the little shit's stupidities are the only thing that keep the episode's plot moving forward, that doesn't change the fact that he's the most annoying character in the show. Mordecai is the boring one. Together they're employed as park groundskeepers, but being an art college graduate, he even sucks at that. Rigby became a bit more bearable as the show goes on while Mordecai remains a whiny little faggot. Eventually the show trolls its fanbase killing each other over who Mordecai puts his beak into only for him to end up with some random bat girl in the end.
  • Benson: A bipolar gumball machine who, aside from being a shitty boss for not even being able to handle the two morons, is notable for his rage fits and penchant for ruining any potential fun his underlings may be having.
  • Pops: A senile lollipop man whose Britfag accent and 5-year-old mentality earn him the title of being the biggest fag in the show. At some time, he was apparently a somewhat more functional being, until the duo crushed him with a golf cart and gave him brain damage. Becomes an hero in the finale to kill his twin brother. We're supposed to care about this even though he spent the entirety of the show being nothing but a comic relief character who spouted non-sequiturs.
  • Hi-Five Ghost: Muscle Man's bisexual butt buddy. Is by far the most useless of the main characters and barely ever talks, let alone gets involved in the plot. In recent episodes, the creators seem to have remembered that he exists, and have given him a bit of backstory as well as a (human, for some reason) girlfriend, but by this point it's just shit nobody cares about.
  • Margaret: A Female robin that fucks human men and is a coffee shop mistress. Her only purpose was to be Mordecai's love interest. Went to college and dumped Mordecai. Came back to make more unnecessary drama.
  • Starla: Muscle Man's fatass of a girlfriend who looks and acts like a female version of him. She's by far the most hated character in the show, as not even the most hardcore autistic fans of the show like her.
  • CJ: A cloud or smoke or something, and is a coffee shop mistress. Her only purpose is to be Mordecai's love interest after Margaret dumps him.
  • Eileen: She's to Rigby as Margaret is to Mordecai, but while Margaret has the personality of cardboard box, Eileen has the personality of a Styrofoam crate. While she is supposed to be a mole, she looks like a human more than anything for some strange reason.
  • Thomas: Originally the Meg Griffin of Regular Show, then turned into a James Bond Russian Spy rip-off after the writers forgot he was a character. Furries shat their pants in anger after he left the show.


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There's also a special called 「Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special」; otherwise known as "Every mecha anime ever, go yoai yourselves desu".
They have a movie too. In it Rigby gets rejected from "College University" even though everyone ever gets into that school and it was a record year for how little people applied, so he gets Mordecai kicked out as well.


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