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Refath0 is actually a man IRL.

Enjoy your cock!   8====D (_(__)

Refath0 otherwise known as Fred Peters is a Runescape addict wanker who was discovered by a random fellow citizen after dick mongler was spammed/trolled after the dick brain told him off and to suck a dick. His rise to fame occurred in a matter of minutes, after realising how much fail his trolling was. Before this however, he was usually seen hitting on 8 year olds, which then, was sent to the E-court! He was sentenced to life in prison due to his major sexual-assault addiction. He then somehow escaped, using his cock, which some how went from 1 inch to over 9000 inches. Everyone in the area were killed, and eaten by his gangling penis. After this, he was well known across the world, and is now on the Hall of faggots.

FUCK YOU ALL, why the hell do you think I raped people on a fucking game!? It's full of fucking 13 year olds!! I'M SERIOUS, I DIDN'T DO JACK SHIT!.


—Refath0] April 1, 2010

Early life

Refath0 was born in an unknown place in China, where he didn't eat nothing but 12 inch black person cock. Unlike you, he wasn't classified as a pedophile until he was over 9000, where he got his first root with a 6 month old child, who had no idea what was going on. His parent's later dumped him in a bin, since they found out he was a gay fuck head who wanked over Jagex. Later on, he was enrolled by his paranoid parents to a gay school, which had pedo teachers with dick weed students. In his sexual life, he usually wanked over your mom. But he was still classified as a gay dildo slapper.

This is what made the pedophile become a faggot


Listed below, shows the reasons why this fuck weed is a troll.

  1. Trolled innocent nigras who imported themselves to fagscape.
  2. Wanks over Runescape.
  3. A 69 year old virgin. (Not really, since he butt banged lots of kids).
  4. He is a faggot.
  5. He wastes his pathetic shit life that you need.


Since the mayhem of Pool's closed, the walking blob of Cholesterol later on had a pedo rampage by raping all black fellas. This was a death toll of 69 black people, according to Refath0. His name even proves that he is a pedo cock sucker. He also preys on Runescape moderator fags. To rape them down, and steal their virginity. Later on, fagex joined the pedo and had a tasty blow job feast. The feast contained 69 Jews, one Andrew Gower and one straight retard.

The van which that Refath0 stalks in.


After being caught by attention whore's, Refath0 later on went on fagscape and wanked over all the Asian cyber daters. He later on spamming lots of shit that people did not like, then therefore, killed themselves.. The typical reactions of the opposing side which are full of Americunts, later on threw a lousy Justin Bieber type of fuck face comebacks. This had no effect on the drugged up whore beast, and later on through his 1 inch wonder on an Asian. Meanwhile, a bloated air head shit brain who is known as "duck", later came and had an attempt to fight him off. This didn't do any impact on the pedo and did a major butthurt comeback to the other lifeless loser who was trying so hard, his vagina snapped in half with a burst of cum pouring out like it's 1999. The fagex police (moderators) later came and muted Refath0, who later was found in a Jew area called "Draynor Village".

You all fucking suck hairy balls! Get a girlfriend you fat fuck heads.


—Refath0 raging[1] October 3, 2010

This is an example on how this darranged rat spreads his pedoness.

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