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Optimus begs someone outside the fourth wall to save him from this leech.
Sadly nothing the theater staff did could get the cum stains out of the carpet.
Chatting with Optimus Prime and asked if he knew who Bonita Prime was, his response? Who the fuck am I married to again.
Bonita can't blame humidity for her fat face or ratchet eyebrows.

Deviantart-favicon.png RealMrsOptimusPrime, aka Bonita Alvarado, Bonita One Prime, or simply “Bonita” to those who know and loathe her, is one of the most staggeringly productive LOLcows to ever afflict the Transformers fandom, and one of the most retarded fuckwits to ever shit out a drawing on deviantART. As her username suggests, she is completely obsessed with the most heroic cartoon character ever, Optimus Prime. She enjoys tracing, stealing photos and plagiarizing fanfiction, yet refuses to admit it. Her illiterate journal entries are comprised of her rambling endlessly about how much she loves Optimus Prime. Everybody has to hear how she wants to be with him and loves him so much, and even claims to have married him and she writes the worst Mary Sue characters and fanfiction possible, which has her name as the character's name or her newest Mary Sue character name Delena Darkside AKA Causeway.

Bonita claimed to be 36 years old, but proof of bullshittery was found when the idiot uploaded art revealing her true age in her gallery. Apparently, she has no math skills or just has a complete inability to keep track of her lies. Jesus fucking Christ.

Transformers first came out in 1984 -- Bonita was born November 29, 1985. She claims that she was two years old watching Transformers, but it's doubtful that it would hold the attention of a two-year-old brat, for she really was a year old brat when she probably saw the cartoon. She posted this on her journal page: "I can still remember the first time I saw him on a TV commercial, but when I saw his Optics in the 2007 movie, in the scene where he was talking to Sam and Mikaela when he’s said "We are here looking for the Allspark and we must find it before Megatron!" that is when I fell head over heals for him. I was still with my Ex-Husband at the time, but Optimus became my husband in my eyes that night, and from that day on my love has grown more and more, even to this day. And it will continue to grow, for my love is true for him."

Thus, Bonita Jean Alvarado became an adulteress with a fictional robot, and any man who dates and then marries her will find that she will refuse to drop her so called legal name of Prime for his last name because she loves Optimus so much and has to contend with her batshit obsession with Optimus Prime. But as Anons know, she will never ever get married again since she loves Optimus, so much to cover her apartment in the complex she lives in in Optimus Prime figures and she has threatened to kill anyone if she feels that she's about to lose Optimus Prime.

Even the Optimus Prime on Formspring thinks she's batshit insane.
This fake Optimus RPer is taking Bonita's side. I thought Optimus Prime was honorable and listened to reason.

Bonita Prime will con anyone into believing that she's innocent of the crimes she has been accused of doing. She is a liar as she plagiarized another one of her watcher's stories only a month ago. Sadly, the watcher who got her story stolen by Bonita accepted her apology. But as you know, this mere fact proves that Bonita Prime is back doing her old stunts again of stealing from other people.

Miss Havisham?

Internet Shenanigans

I am only 16 yrs old when I drew this.

Since Bonita joined deviantART in February 2010, from the first day, she has posted a shitload of extremely shitty fanart and has the propensity for leaving a shit trail of verbal diarrhea, she has attracted a small army of Yes Friends who are just as retarded as she is. If you mention how lame her deluded fantasy is, you can expect her autopals to call you out on it. This has led to some lulzy threads, especially when Bonita forgets to hide the comments. But she just LOVES to hide any comment that comes in on her comment side of her deviantART account, and her reasons for hiding is not even really clear as to why she hides them. Probably because she doesn't want her friends and watchers know how batshit crazy she is when the real sane visitors leave her a scathing comment about her obsessive nature for a fictional robot who isn't even real

Bonita's deviantART gallery is filled with traced drawings of Optimus (usually with herself dressed up to look like a Disney Princess or some sort of Optimus Prime-slash female Autobot), photographs of her many cum-stained Optimus toys as well as photographs of herself with a Bumblebee edition Camaro, and plagiarized fanfiction that looks like it was typed by a 4-year-old (though it doesn't look any different from the originals, amirite?) in which she bangs Optimus and one of her Yes Friends lays an egg.

No, really.

Until recently it also contained stolen cropped pictures from a Transformers convention, which she uploaded so she could claim she was there like all the other cool kids in the fandom, but some jackass reported them and they were removed. She also likes to upload journals with really original titles. Bonita may be confused by your comments at first, since she's too dumb to understand when she's being insulted. She'll most likely leave you a dazed, but nice comment with horribly mangled grammar and inappropriately placed question marks, as well as further declarations of her pathetic love of a fictional character. Once she realizes you don't support her twisted obsession, the lulz commence.

Hi everyone I am making this Journal Because Of the mean and horible things People say about Optimus....

There is a Prson on here and that prson is ( tesIiox ) this Prson is saying mean and horible things About Optimus....( know that : freedom is the right of all senteant Beings ~ Optimus Prime) But No one is going to but My man down! No one.......Optimus is the love of my life and he is loved by many, many, many People......( But I am telling this to the People how don't like Optimus Prime ..." Keep it to your selves Please" I am vary Protective of Optimus Prime ....He is My One true Love and I am not going to stand around and let People talk shit about him.......Optimus dose not desrve that he's a hero and My husband.....( I don't care if any of you think I am crazy! this is my life and I will live it with My one true love Optimus Prime)...

( Oh and I want to tell the people this - " How do some people know what Optimus would say?"

thay tell me he's not real!!! BUT HUN HE'S REAL T ME.....End of it....

The Real Mrs. Optimus Prime aka Bonita Prime, known as " Elita One ".....Out.....

If all of you Optimus Prime Fans agree with me please leave a comment THANK YOU to all my Optimus Prime Fan Friends.....

I am just tiyerd Of People telling me that Optimus is a sissy , Cowerd, and many, many more that I don't want to put up here......Warning to all of Optimus Prime haters out there- BACK OFF of Optimus Prime,,, you will never under stand any of us


—Bonita stands up for a fictional character.

No Bonita, insisting you're married to a cartoon character that only lives in your mind isn't going off the deep end.

She can count over 9000 of the dumbest pretend children on dA as they believe her gas filled lies and would gang up on anyone who disses Bonita.

And she's got competition for the title of most delusional tartlet ever. wifeofoptimusprime, in particular, has caused quite the lulzy stir by showing up and also claiming to be married to Optimus. A hilarious pissing contest ensued in which the two batshit fangirls competed to see who could claim to have gotten hitched to a fictional character before the other. Bonita began by posting a marriage certificate which showed she and Optimus had gotten married in 2007. wifeofoptimusPrime countered with “I married him in the 90s!”

“as i said I married him years ago in the 90's but apparently to her I am in the wrong”


wifeofoptimusPrime, in the wrong.

The depth of Bonita's insanity (or hopefully just pathological lying) is not to be underestimated, however.

“Yes I realy changed My Last name to PRIME when I got Married to Optimus 1989 BUT I also married him in 2007 because I love him so :) .”


“My Real age in real life is 36 years old just so all my friends know”


Bonita gives TMI as usual.

Do the math on that. Yes, she married Optimus when she was FIFTEEN. Take that, poser! But when the truth of her true age came out, Bonita was only 4 years old in 1989, which makes Optimus Prime a pedobot!

She has at least 100 clubs devoted to Optimus, and regularly starts even more identical ones. Drop links here, and don't forget to join and leave comments showing your support!

Who wants to wake up next to this in the morning?

And as if she couldn't dig her hole any deeper, she started up a YouTube channel. She then proceeded to take the same six clips from the movie, arrange them randomly in WMM, and set it to whatever lame ass love song she was listening to that week. Sometimes she'll even insert low quality footage of herself in with the movie clips. She also has videos of her talking about her dozens of Optimus Prime toys and home items (her bedroom is fucking creepy.) She had also had a video entitled "Maxs's Mom," which was her sitting in front of an Optimus Prime wall sticker talking to her deviantART "son." She said that Optimus was going to beat up the mean kid who was bullying him when he came back from doing something, or some shit. Sadly this video was taken down sometime last Thursday.

Bonita recently added a very illuminating footer to her journal, presumably to get people to stop asking why the fuck she likes to pretend she's married to a robot.

I also want you all to understand my passion for Optimus Prime; it's due to rude, arrogant, iggnorant, moronic, buttholes lieing and cheating and taking for granted all that is good anymore. It's "these" human males that made me turn away from getting my heart broken and turning to a fantasy love.


"I'm masturbating in public because men SUCK!"

In late July, more evidence of Bonita's sticky-fingered ways cropped up, as she began bawwing incessantly about how some meanie had accused her of plagiarism. The claims were, of course, true. She posted at least three journals about how Ravette2004 was unfairly attacking her, thus ensuring that everyone with a brain would compare what the two of them had written, and report her shit to the admins.

Ravette's friends then dogpiled on Bonita, causing Bonita to cry even moar and sick her army of friends on Ravette's friends. An epic battle raged between the two mouth-breathing factions. Many lulz ensued as they all yelled at each other, both in personal journals and on the front page of a Transformers fanclub.

Does she look sane to you?
Bonita, an argument for stronger gun control.
This is what happens if you challenge her love for Optimus Prime


Soon, one of the more retarded fics Bonita had posted, “Together in Battle”, began disappearing from her gallery. This relieved a great many people who had feared that she produced all her dipshittery by herself instead of having to steal it from other people. Bonita appeared not to notice that the admins were on to her, and continued claiming innocence until August 7, when she finally posted what passed for an apology to her.

YES I did take some things from you but I didn't try to take your story line I wish you would understand and Except my apology


I am doing this as my apology to you on this behalf okay, I hope you except my apology. [...]

I also want to say if you would apologize to me for saying rude and nasty things to me and about me I am doing my part and I wish we can be friends and I am still not going to stop loving Optimus that is a fact.


Bonita does her part!

Eventually, some poor sap who'd been talked into being Bonita's new beta helped her write a more suitable apology, and the drama began to taper off. Her friends continued to whine about how Bonita was being unfairly accused, and though there were some heroic attempts to set them straight, a few were irredeemable and remain butthurt to this day. Bonita promised never to lie again.

As we all knew it would be, this was short-lived. On August 11, she posted a picture of swords that she claimed came from a mysterious deviant. When people questioned her about dragonquestor, she immediately posted a journal about how dragonquestor was not an alternate account, despite the fact that they type identically. But as Anons know by checking his account out, he hasn't posted a thing since Sun Oct 10, 2010, which is clearly, he never really intended to use since there is not one single new photo of his swords that he claims to collect. He clearly is not a true sword collector or his deviantART account would have tons of photos of his sword collection, but he's a liar like Bonita is, as for one thing, how in the world did Chicago, Ill move to be so close to Harrisonburg? Answer us that Bonita, because before he switched his location to be close to you, it stated he lived in Chicago, Ill?

Very recently, she created yet another fake Optimus account, LeaderOptimusPrime, but once screenshots proving it was Bonita surfaced, she baleeted it.

She's got plans to launch a new site, too.

I am also creating a website for transfomer art and to spred the love Of Optimus Prime to the world wide web I will let you all know when I get it up and rolling I am going to ask Hasbro for there adorsment ( I hope thay approve )


Bonita hopes Hasbro approves.

However, even Hasbro has some dignity, and the site is sure to be shot down before it ever launches.

Bonita continued to baww at regular intervals about how mean people were harassing her, and on August 14 she ragequit her realmrsoptimusprime account, moving over to mrsbonitaprime, where she can be found fapping today. Apparently the mrsbonitaprime account was made first, but, setting a precedent for months to come, she decided she needed more than one.

The faggotry continued on the newly active account immediately, with Bonita assuming that everyone would stop calling her out on her bullshit now that she had deleted her old account.

I deleted my old account because that is the account I did wrong things on and Well this is a new account


Making a new account fixes everything!

All her ass-kissing friends predictably panicked at the thought that she had left them, before she added them all again less than a day later and assured them she was going nowhere. This suited everybody, especially the trolls.

On August 23, some faggot decided that Bonita's art sorely needed improvement. It could use a little something more, something to make it... interesting.

Thus, mrsbonitapr1me was born, and immediately commenced trolling by downloading her art, drawing cocks on it, and reuploading it. The resulting BJ pictures were far superior in quality to the originals. The false Bonita also left an all-caps message on the real Bonita's page, just in case she didn't get the hint.



—mrsbonitapr1me stakes her claim.

Many lulz were had before the false Bonita was banned in a matter of days, clearly too awesome for deviantART. More will surely follow in the footsteps of this trailblazer.

In typical Bonita fashion, she even claims that she owns the sole copyright over Optimus Prime, and that Paramount and Hasbro have to get her permission to even use Optimus Prime in the movies. Which is a lie as if she was the copyright holder over Optimus Prime, she would have to be married to the Japanese man who created the Transformers and she's not married to him. After all, she's married to Optimus, right?

She has recently created another dA account to make it look like she has gained more followers and watchers. This time it's movieoptimusprime, which uses the avatar she used for her own realmrsoptimusprime account before she deactivated that account. Samefag detected!

She is currently calling herself Bonita One Prime, which only proves she knows little to nothing about the mythos of Transformers. You cannot claim the name of the Primes if you aren't one; you are either born a Prime or descended from a Prime like Optimus Prime was. She cannot legally take Prime as her last name as it was a part of his actual name and not his last name anyway.

But Cyndilovespiccolo got a piece of him first. Bonita rages in silence!

She has recently changed her DA page around to attempt to fool people into thinking that she's not as fucking crazy as she actually is. But, if you look at her other pages that she has around the net, they have not gone through the same changes as her DA account has.

Here, for posterity, is a previous version of her deviantID. Observe the crazy!

Name~ Mrs. Bonita Prime - Optimus Prime's Only Real True Wife.

Husband ~ Optimus Prime Leader of the Autobots.

I am the Only Real True wife of Optimus Prime My skills include special Forces, sword Fighting skills hand to hand combat and Special weapons , and Cybertron special Forces skills , I have been trained in all forms of military tactics, I am also the member Of the black person team and I help anyone in need my Assistants.

Optimus and I Fight together side by side in battle, I protect him and watch his back as he dose the same for me. We also have a loving family together! two boys, and three girls, our girls are like there Father in so many ways But they have my looks and there Fathers courage.

I am also a woman who is Deeply in Love with My Husband Optimus and when I am not fighting or [training I work on some animation of Optimus for fun and work but I rather not put any of that on here because it People would try to copy it, but I do a lot of Stop Motion Videos and I do art as well, I also have a you tube Web Page...It is under 01mrsoptimusprime ok Look me up when you get a chance. Thank you for visiting my Deviant Profile.

I also want people to know that I would do any thing for My One true love Optimus Prime , anything I would die For him and I would Protect him at all cost even if he dose not want me to I love him and I will do any thing for My Him even if that means my life..

I even got to meet Peter Cullen the voice Of Optimus Prime, he is so cool I also do short film’s and working my way up I am also a animation freak/ art like drawing on the side when I am not training or fighting Decepticons and Optimus is always there in my heart right with me. I hope you all like my drawings, Please Comment and tell me what you think of my Okay.

Yes I realy changed My Last name to PRIME when I got Married to Optimus BUT I married him in 2007 because I love him so.. But we have bin together censes I was Sixteen . we were made to be together for ever :) . I am deadacated to him and no one can change that ( If you don't beleave that I am married to Optimus just look in my scrapbook!!! and you will see )I will accepted any friend reqest even Other Optimus Prime lovers and fans ok Thank you My Autobot Friends.....

I love Optimus and he loves Me and no one can ever change that and no I have not devoiced him and I won't I love him to much to do that, We were made for each other, spark mate's for life...even in death....Together forever.. The Real Mrs. Optimus Prime aka Bonita Prime.. Out....

[ASCII art of a semi truck labeled OPTIMUS PRIME_MY_HUSBAND]

I am Optimus Prime's Wife~ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ To Infanity Transformer Fan ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Optimus Prime's Wife♥♥♥♥ I am % TO Infanity & I am Never letting him go..

In Love With him..1.000000. To Infanity…

Optimus Prime is the only Love Of my Life and I am the Realy married to Optimus Prime this is no joke ( I have Legile Proff and Papers to prove it )♥♥♥

Oh I love Optimus so much and No other man will evertake his place " Ever". By: The Real Mrs. Optimus Prime aka Bonita Prime ... out..



She got told off.

This comes from her deviantART account about her FaceBook page, which she calls herself Optimus Prime's lady and there is also times when she will switch back to Optimus Prime's Queen.

My facebook page.

This is My Facebook Page Hope you all like it "I know I sure do "

OH Optimus Prime you are One HOT BOT and my True Love.


I Just love you so much Optimus Prime you are forever in my heart and I will love no other like I love you. I would hug you and never let go you are my one and only bot I will ever have. With out you in my life Optimus I feel incomplete, empty, I can not live without you. I need you by my side forever and always.I love you more then I can ever say or do. More then you could ever know Optimus I am yours forever.

Oh Optimus Prime you are my one and only, you are my everything, my life. Optimus you make me complete. There is so much more I want to say with my mind body and soul " I am internally yours." Everything I do is for you and I think of my self with you, in you're arms as I place a kiss on you're metal lips. you will always be my one true love. I love you so much Optimus and even though people don't understand my love for you. I will always love you Now and for always.

I am forever yours Optimus Prime.

Bonita Prime


Just to show she's crazy.

She's not really a truck driver

These crabs were rescued from Bonita's bionic bush.
Bonita Prime sitting on the step a Peterbilt Truck. It belongs to Blue Ridge Community College. She doesn't own it.

She states in her page bio that she's a truck driver before her accident which turned her into Robonita. We seriously doubt she really knows what a truck driver does when they're out on the road.

Here she is with a shark stare - with the dead eyes and the dead look appearance.
Here is my updated CDL with my new legal name and my real home address on it, with an old copy of my CDL with my birthdate whited out and real address. I didn't get permission from Hasbro, didn't need to he's my husband.

She claimed that she was on vacation from being a truck driver on August 27, 2010, that her two weeks were now up, and she went back on the road. She recently posted photos of her sitting on the seat of "her" Peterbilt truck, which she claims to have bought used with her welfare money. Bonita had told another DA member that she was totally broke. Bonita guessed it was time to restart her greatest lie of them all - going back on the road as a trucker.

She magically appeared online during the time she claimed she was on the road to post on several people's comment boards. She must have one sticky keyboard full of tuna cum and doughnut crumbs. Truth is truckers are not able to get online until they reach home base or have an extended wait time to unload, which is uncommon, and yet she was able to be on every day at every hour, except this past week. She posted several comments to her friends and watchers, which means she's not a trucker.. She claims that she owns a Peterbilt 360 - a very rare truck that is not seen beyond the lumber yards as they were made in the 1950's. By the look of the truck she's posing with it would be rather expensive to run and maintain it's condition for it to be roadworthy. She must have a rich sponsor to supply her with funds to keep it up and running and plus to watch over her robotic son.

She states that she's an East Coast trucker, which is more bullshit. If she was, her son would be in a foster home as his mother is not able to care for him; however, it is now known she had lost custody of her so-called son to her shoplifting teacher of a mother.

A call to the Blue Ridge Community College, in Weyers Cave, VA, revealed that Bonita was a student there but she does not own the truck pictured on her DA page. The truck that she claims is hers is the college's truck the students train in. Bonita is trying to purchase the truck with the help of the semi instructor who taught her how to drive it. Unlikely, as semi instructors wouldn't be concerned about what the students did after they finished their course, especially one they found molesting the school truck on a semi-regular basis. Get it? Semi-regular?

Robonita is currently unemployed, proven in her being online for hours. Her diarrhea trail rolls from Facebook to deviantART to her blog. She stated before that no one is with her in her cab as she's on the road, which allows her to be able to be online without her boss being concerned. She admitted on her DA account that she is a trained semi driver but she is not driving a semi at this moment, and is most likely hustling Johns for money to buy all her Transformers figures, or else she continues to shoplift them.

How to piss off Bonita

Here is her Formspring bullshit. A true Autobot doesn't try to break up relationships, but Bonita likes to twist the universe to her liking amirite? HAHAHA, IT WAS A TROLL!
  • Make a troll account and claim YOU are Optimus Prime's real wife.
  • Tell her that Optimus does not love her.
  • Tell her that Optimus would not marry a human.
  • Tell her that Prime is not Optimus's true last name.
  • Tell her that her driver license is fake.
  • Remind her that she is delusional.
  • Remind her that a uterus cannot produce a robotic baby.
  • Remind her of her ED page.
  • Remind her that all of her work is traced or plagiarized, mostly from photographs or other untalented hacks.
  • Tell her how disappointed her fandom is in her.
  • Tell her that she's not really a truck driver.
  • Tell her that her so called son is her younger brother.
  • Tell her she is not a 36 year old woman.
  • Tell her the brutal truth about her art.

Speaking of which...

Her Art

Bonita claimed to have gone to art school, which clearly is more bullshit coming from her mouth, considering that her art looks like it was drawn by an autistic ten-year-old. Most of her masterpieces feature Bonita in different poses, usually hanging off Optimus Prime who is typically just sitting there like a dumbfuck with robodowns. When the time comes to color, she uses the finest tools at her disposal. Along with her beloved Optimus, she likes to draw a Peterbilt truck, always at the same angle, which she has drawn at least 100 times.

In her art, Bonita depicts herself as some kind of half human, half robot monstrosity in a white minidress with flames on it. She has trouble deciding which parts of her are robotic and which aren't, most commonly her eyes. Her most recent drawing exploits her Mary Sue self having anal sex with Optimus while her BFF “Fritos” looks on, presumably envious.

Most of the shit screencapped here was removed by the moderators of DeviantART, although Robo-nita claims otherwise, claiming that she removed it herself. Hammered for being a trace artist, she's shitting herself now that we all know the hideous truth that she traced her pictures from colouring books and claiming that she drew them, all she did was add a few extra details to them to make it look like she drew them when she traced them.

Tracing is her skill.
This is what her work looks like when she doesn't trace. She can't draw to save her sorry ass!

Her latest picture shows solid proof in the middle of the photo along with an image of her fictional hubby. Bonita says she "looks on the source" to draw. However, we all know that source is sitting under a nice big piece of transparent paper.

Proof of her tracing paper.

As seen on her video, she lifts up her drawing papers and you can actually see that some of the paper is tracing paper.

Even more proof. Look closely at the folder-- see the flap where you would stick paper in when it's not open? You can see right through the paper to the flap. Tracing paper it is.

I am a tracer and I'll fail to prove I'm not in these videos!

Finally after a ton of people yipped at her about proving that she doesn't trace, Bonita cracked under the pressure and made videos of herself drawing. These latest two videos show two witnesses, supposedly Yes Friends of Bonita's. Unfortunately, later she realized that these two videos only proved that she traces, so she removed them out of severe butthurt.

When the video begins, Bonita already has a sheet of paper out on her drawing surface. She removes her Optimus Prime cover out from under the paper in a vain attempt to prove she didn't trace, but didn't realize that if she was going to show us absolutely the truth to prove that she doesn't trace, she would have opened a new pack of paper, show us it is completely blank and hold it against things to prove it isn't tracing paper, and then lay it on her drawing surface.

But then again, Bonita is terrible at lying and even more terrible at trying to look like she isn't.

She pulls out the copy of a drawing she did before. She tells us she draws by looking off her old art. What she prays you don't see are the pencil marks that she had already laid down beforehand. They are nearly invisible in the shitty lighting until the second video when she darkens them in with her pencil.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, faggots of all ages, we ask you this: If Bonita was really drawing her work, wouldn't she slowly improve over time? All of her pictures are in the same style and don't change or evolve to become better as her skill grows. Bonita's pictures remain the same and don't change, for if you are not a tracer your drawing would improve over time. Her artwork has not evolved as it is done in the same angle again and again and in the same exact pose and style.

And here is proof that she is a tracer! All of her attempts to prove otherwise have failed miserably before our eyes. What a glorious wreck to behold!

Note how it's in low lighting that can account for the tiny inconsistencies from pic to pic. The expression and placement of the optics is always the same in all her frontal shots of Optimus.
More tracing paper! Look at the top and (your) right edges!

She broke down again!

She finally cracked under the pressure of being called a trace artist and so did another drawing video. This time she tries to show that she's not tracing, but why the fuck did she have tracing paper within her binder when she did the video of her collection? Why can she not explain that little detail?

Well, she did the video in her bra of all things.

The slut removed it after she learned it was placed here on ED, for all the old men to jerk off to. Needless to state, she still visits her page to see what's being posted about. Hi Bonita or whatever you call yourself today, since you can't seem to recall what your real name is.

Bonita tries to prove that she's not a trace artist, but as you all know, she lied, as while she holds the picture up to the screen, it gives her the chance to grab one that is already traced upon. There are just too many things that she did in the first few seconds, and now everyone knows Bonita is a liar and a trace artist. But why wouldn't she draw us her female character instead of doing Optimus Prime over and over again? Wouldn't you think she would draw her female character instead to prove that she's not a tracer? But that would mean Bonita is smart, which she isn't.

Her Gallery of Porn

Here is her gallery of pornographic images of her making out with Optimus Prime in her original Mary Sue creation of Bonita Prime before she became Delena Darkside AKA Causeway.

Some of the drawings seen here were removed by the moderators of DeviantART, even though Bonita claims that she removed them herself because they were offending the younger fans of her make-believe husband - Optimus Prime.

Bonita's BAWWWs and Lies

These screencaps show the lies and retorts that Bonita Prime or her White Knight or goons creates to cover her ass after people find out that she has stolen from others again. Mainly, after she steals the screencaps from another DA user Cyndilovespiccolo's very own caps. She cannot help stealing from Cyndi after all, her screencaps are 1000 times better than Bonita's caps.

Great Bawwing of 2015

Those who have followed Bonita know she has a habit of searching deviantArt for artists who are taking free drawing requests. The requests are always the same, her self-insert Mary-Sue with Optimus Prime. One artist, after being contacted (Which she has lied about) to do a request, made what is quite possibly the best piece of Causeway art imaginable. Bonita promptly lost her shit upon seeing the work. She accused the artist of being a cyber bully, her go-to tactic to try and get people to stop criticizing her but this piece was in fact the catalyst needed for several deviantart users she has harassed to come forward and tell their stories. When the journals started to be posted, detailing Bonita's deplorable behavior, she went into damage control mode and deactivated her account. This is not a new tactic for her, she did it in June 2012 when people were sick and tired of her behavior back then and knew she would inevitably re-activate her around before the 72 hour time limit ran out. Predictably, her white knights came out in full force, the most aggressive of which was Menslady125, although her threats are presumably as impotent as Myotismon's digi-cock. Let's be honest though, he doesn't have one. User Dragalfly was the first to come forward and posted screen shots of a conversation she had with Bonita over the piece. She explained why she thought Bonita was overreacting and that Bonita had a lot to work on in terms of character development. Bonita's mature response was that Dragalfly was just jealous. Next were users Laurelinprime and Agent-LaDue. LaurelinPrime detailed how over the last year Bonita has made the girl's life hell by claiming Laurelin has stalked her. HaloAngel21 confirmed that Bonita had warned them of LaurelinPrime's 'jealousy for the character'. This was later substantiated by lalacat2000. Sorry Bonita, you finally got called out on your horseshit. Agent-LaDue's journal explained how easily Bonita turns on those she called friends if they dare to disagree with her. LaDue had the wherewithal to stand up and agree with Dragalfly, again Bonita's mature response was message LaDue to say LaDue “did not care about her” and then blocked her.

Her Grand return!

It was no surprise to anyone when Bonita reactivated her account two-and-half days later complete with a half-assed apology for how she acted but really, she was still in damage control mode and was trying to make herself out to be the victim again. Bonita says she is willing to listen to constructive criticism about her character but when people suggested re-designing her, she went back to edit the journal claiming how Causeway is not Prime with robo-tits. When she says 'constructive criticism' what she really means is 'I just want ass pats'. Below is a gallery of all her asshattery to put on display!

Claims of Kleptomania and Dyslexia


Bonita's supposed half sister Ashley claimed that Bonita has kleptomania in attempt to make the trolls feel sorry for Bonita's retarded asshattery all over the internet. Unfortunately, this sounds like yet another lie to cover up Bonita's delusional life as the wife of Optimus Prime.

Kleptomania causes a person to snatch physical objects, giving them pleasure or relief. Using a disorder as an excuse just sinks Ashley and her sister to a new low. Now Bonita's supposed sister is blaming their mommy. Anything if it means Bonita can avoid getting caught in her own web of bullshit.

Her supposed half-sister also claims that Bonita has dyslexia. Again, this wouldn't cause her to steal official art and fanfiction she found on the internet. Ashley is apparently a drop out who never quite got around to learning that. We all know that late at night, Bonita probably takes hits off the crack pipe and makes Ashely wear an Optimus Prime voice changer helmet while she fondles her under the covers. Then Bonita wakes up sober and cries that "I didn't realize it was my sister because of my dyslexia!"

But her half sister's claims of her being a dyslexic and a Klepto, are just lies to hide the fact that she's lying in order to keep her watchers and friends by her side when they found out that she was still lying to them. Her sister and she have no serious relationship because Ashley's bisexual and Bonita is a full fledge lesbian.

This Christmas, Bonita One Knight is getting herself the 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime from her dad and the 25th Anniversary Optimus Prime from her mother, yes, the same mother who taught dear Bonita One Knight how to shoplift when she was younger. She must have forgave her for teaching her how to steal like the bitch she is.

still blaming her grimmer problems on her Dyslexia


Spam on her page.

When Bonita was informed of this article, her first reaction was to shoot the messenger. Bonita vowed to report offsite activity to the admins. That'll show 'em! She also posted a journal yelling at ED, in which she vowed to continue being an obsessed retard for Optimus.

this is not going to stop me because I am the wife Of Optimus Prime and I stand Tall along side of him and I am going to keep doing my art and right my story's as I please


Bonita will right her story's.

Her hugbox friends predictably chimed in with support, theorizing that whoever wrote this article is “gay” and “so bloody mean!!!!” as well as jealous. Apparently they have never been to ED before.

One of them even vowed to take down ED. What a great friend!

It is worthwhile to note that though she claimed to be ignoring the whole thing, she keeps changing her info whenever it is quoted, thus proving that she is still coming back to this article. The part about her being 36 years old and marrying Optimus in 1989 was removed from her profile less than 24 hours after being quoted. Hi, Bonita, or whatever your name really is!

A month later, she posted another journal linking to ED. Lulz ensued in the comments, in which all her retarded friends reacted as though they had never seen the page before.

Look I don't care what you right about me It dose not Bother me one bit


Okie dokie!

If they made a page about me, I'd command them to take it down.


TucanaTheTucan demonstrates her intimate knowledge of how the internet works.

Another DeviantART member made this comment on her page: dAReAlIstArTCritIc stated: your shit looks like a 3rd grader drew it. i don't think optimus prime would marry someone who has the artistic ability of an eight year old.

Will she hide it or flag it as spam like she normally would do? No one knows as she claims to be on the road.

Here's another comment from another DeviantART member, and her reply is comical. Irken-Invader-Jessa says: You DO know that optimus isn't real, right? So you CAN'T be his wife?

mrsbonitaprime replies: I know this but I really don't care thanks for your apinion

Finally, Bonita had had enough of whining at ED where she thought they couldn't see, and decided to grow a pair and do something about her article. Something decisive, something bold, something... absolutely hilarious ... she tried to vandalize her article!

Her attempts at vandalism were automatically reverted, at which point Bonita took off the kid gloves and has been trying to remove her article ever since.

She does not seem aware that Mysterybot is always on patrol. Her accounts are given the automatically suspended each time she or her friends vandalize this article. Thank you for the lulz, Bonita.

Attempt failure, Bonita!
Trying to pretend she was not here. We're onto you, Bonita!

And now, for your lulzing pleasure, here are some of the heinous things she has written when trying to remove her own article.

i ask that you stoop writeing lieing abot me.


— Using all the creativity with usernames that she is renowned for, mrsprime joined ED and deleted her own article.



—Oh no, here comes the capslock!



— Not to be deterred, Bonita again joined ED, this time as Imprime, pretending to be Optimus Prime. Another hilarious deletion attempt was made, with just as much success as the first two. ED is inaceptible! Whatever that means.

you ar all Lying i was Given that lug nut covoring . YOU are all stupid butteholes Telling lees about Me liek the Name of my husband Optimus i comand you to STOP!!!!!!!


—This being in reference to the recent possible theft that occurred at the Transformers 3 screening she recently attended, also confirming she is regularly checking this page, good work guys!

i, DO not stel that lugnot . Take thise lie Down NOW!!!!!!!!!


— Bonita, on a roll and still butthurt about the lugnut.



— Bonita, yelling at Al about layyers and Lise! oh noes

I DID NOT STEL THE LUGNOT covor i Swear that drever Gave me that lugnut cover . You popel are so Mean to me how dare You kip riting lies abot me hear!!!!


OMG we're so mean 2 her :(

i Hate you all you tralls are just BIG HOLEY JARKS!


— fuckin' LOL, raeg seems to destroy her spelling.



—Still butthurt.

'RAVETE IS A LAYING HORE SHE STEELS FROM ME !!! ALL THE TIM!!! SHE COPPY ME!! i tell the troth she is trying to fream me !!!


Trying to make it look like she's the victim here. lol no.

Her newest slut, devianTART member LeathurKatt has now started to lie for her as well. Look at this cap, we got from one of her old watchers.
Her newest slut, devianTART member LeathurKatt has now started to lie for her as well. Look at this cap, we got from one of her old watchers.

Bonita the Stalker and the Copycat

Since July of 2010, Bonita has had an obsession with a fellow Transformers Fan, Kathleen Todd AKA Ravette2004, for reasons which will forever remain a mystery. It started out harmlessly enough, stalking Ravette's page often and plagiarizing a little fanfic here and there, but after Ravette called her out on it in late July, she began stalking her in earnest.

She was soon blocked, but that did little to deter Bonita, as she continually checked her target's recent activity and left comments everywhere Ravette did. Ravette moved all her fanfiction to her own website to keep Bonita's jizz-soaked hands off of it, but this was not enough to make her stop her stalking.

Instead, a new, creepier phase of stalking ensued. Every time Ravette mentioned something interesting about her life, Bonita copied it. When Ravette had an operation, Bonita mentioned having a trucking accident. When Ravette mentioned getting custom Transformers in the mail, suddenly Bonita was ordering custom figures in the mail as well.

Many people noticed this habit, and called Bonita out on her obsession. The resulting drama and wank spilled over to others' pages, most notably raidenprime, where a strange and lulzacious proxy argument took place between raiden and TheRealBumblebee.

SPOILERS: TheRealBumblebee is actually a sock account of deathangel40. BALEETED DUE TO BUTTHURT FOR VANDALISING REALMRSOPTIMUSPRIME'S ED PAGE, but she has a new account which even her husband TheRealBumblebee doesn't even know!

At least she's not a pedophile, right?

Bonita has gone out of her way in her attempt to take another fan's website down. This is her first and maybe not her last attempt at trying to remove this fan's website. You see, Bonita has jealousy issues, and the idea of some other fag having the domain name she desires adds skid marks to the cum streaks in her crusty granny panties. She doesn't like the fact that this fan created the website first, and now that Transformersforever has forgotten her, she spends her time trying to get it removed from the webhost's servers.

A recent development: Bonita was recently seen in another fandom's chatroom where her victim Ravette2004 was at. But this was not a Transformers Role Play chatroom but a chatroom for Mass Effect, the video game. Why would mrsbonitaprime go looking in another fandom unless she's purposely stalking Ravette2004 and now going into other fandoms to find where her victim is at? She's crossing into other fandoms searching for Ravette2004. Isn't Mrs. Bonita Prime a Transformers fan or not? Here is proof of her so called claim of stumbling into the chatroom, Hi Bonita, we see you looking here. As you can clearly see that she's bullshitting everyone into thinking she stumbled into the chatroom with Ravette2004 in it by accident. There is over 1000 chatrooms and she just happens to have stumbled into one that contained Ravette2004 in it? Can we say she's lying about that fact?

Bonita claimed to have stumbled upon the chatroom which Ravette2004 was in. Which is bullshit as the link was on Ravette2004's DA page in the comments. Bonita went in there knowing that Ravette2004 would be there.

And if you thought she had stumbled into it, wrong, the link to the chatroom to which Bonita stumbled into was actually posted on Ravette2004's comment page and Bonita was once again checking out Ravette2004's page to see what new figures she bought so she could go out and buy them herself, like the little stalker she is.

The link on Ravette2004's comment page. Clearly, Bonita went to Ravette2004's DA page to see what is being talked about and found the chatroom link there and went there, clearly intent on seeing what Ravette2004 was saying about her.

Even another Transformers fan can see through her bullshit claims but Bonita clearly is believing her own fatty lies to where she clearly claims she's not stalking her and that she doesn't care what Ravette2004 does. Yeah, right! We see you looking at her page, Bonita.

Claiming not to be stalking Ravette, when it is so clear that she is stalking her.

People who have been affected by Bonita's gasfilled lies and ran screaming from her are now in contact with the user in the comment above and is telling him everything about this lying baby.

Clearly, she cannot stop lying even to herself.

Her so called real son

I bought another Optimus Prime costume.
I have no son to take to my Halloween party that I am attending with my friend.

Bonita claims to have a son but according to the photo here, she must have been a slut at age 10 for her to be so young, as the photo shows her being around age 14 - 16 years old.

Look at how young she looks, she's lying about him being her son, when he is, in fact, her younger brother. If he is her son, where are the brags about him on her journal, and where does he go to when she's off on these weekend trips to see her dad? Clearly Bonita's monstrous ass swallowed him up while she was busy stealing everything she can get her cum-soaked hands onto.The only "children" she has are the fake ones she claims she had with Optimus Prime, her husband.

The kid on the cover of that medium sized costume will most likely will become her son's photograph as she photoshops the kid into pictures to make people believe that she has a son. Bonita darkens the eye holes so no one really sees who it really is underneath, so her ruse of having a son is continued on since her little brother no longer wants anything to do with his gas filled lying couch potato older half sister.

Mother's day claims to have a son, when no real proof is seen.
She's a better mother to a 30-year-old tard than to her own son.

Now that Mother's Day was here, we suddenly hear about her son, when before she wouldn't even speak of him, like he never even existed at all. She claims that she'll be taking him to his first BotCon when he's older, yeah right, Bonita! You could have taken him to this one! But it would mean that you have to show your child to your friends or come up with a serious ass excuse why you really don't have one. And as people know that, the BotCon officials might not allow her son to get in line along with her to get something signed by him.

Anyone who has interacted with Bonita knows she's not quite right in the head. Whether it's her fanatical obsession with Optimus Prime or the belief that she really is Elita One in human form, you can just tell she rode the short bus to school. Bonita has a son by her first husband which is horrible enough to know she's contaminated the gene pool. Some have said she doesn't mention him to keep him away from the trolls, the truth is that Child Protective Services of VA have removed him from the home, declaring her an unfit mother. She was in therapy to try and regain custody but the State has decided that the child is better off in a group home. How shitty of a mother do you have to be for that to actually happen? Poor kid is probably messed up because of her obsession. Here she is taking a selfie in the bathroom of her son's 'special school' instead of you know-interacting with her son! And yes Bonita, you look like a fat fuck. Put down the god damn tasty cake and take a fucking walk.

Fattyfatfat - Copy.jpg

Bonita the Toothless' On-Set Adventure

Like all rednecks, Bonita has lost her front teeth after blowing too many truck tailpipes, as is seen in the photo below the video. Observe her and her brain-damaged accent as she whines and cries at the sight of her delusional obsession. She also thinks people have the memory capacity of a gold fish with her constantly stating, "This is Mrs. Optimus Prime!" throughout the video, which makes her look and sound like a bloody fucking idiot.

Bonita claimed that she was given a lugnut cover off a hubcap of the Optimus Prime truck, but the Anons know what a liar she is. She stole it to use as a dildo as soon as she got to her hotel room as there is no video proof of her getting the lugnut cover from the night staff, who are under orders not to give anything away for free to the fans beyond letting them take photos and stand next to the vehicles for photos.

The official Paramount PR guys stated that no props were given away to any fan that night, and they had talked to the night crew; the night crew stated that one fan tried to ask for a piece of Optimus. The fan was told no and the crew walked away from that fan, who later mysteriously held something in her hand and pointed off to a couple people.

Therefore, once again, Bonita is caught lying through her... oh wait, she lacks teeth to lie through. She doesn't care as long as she can convince herself she has Optimus Prime's penis with her at all times.

Her obsession knows no bounds and may never be cured.

She even copies irl. Look at her copying Cyndilovespiccolo's Botcon photo. Cyndi says she respectfully wiped off her fingerprints and lipstick marks after touching the truck. We all know that Bonita left cumstains all over the truck, and the poor driver had to endure the tuna scent of her molluscum contagiosum infested cunt the next morning.

Her friend Freda, claims that their video camera died before they gave Bonita the lugnut cover. How strange that she was able to video right after she got it in her hands as shown in the video on YouTube.


Bonita is the fatty who cried wolf. Nobody believes anything she says regarding the lugnut. Why would her camera so mysteriously die right before the supposed hand-off, only to be working again after? Why wasn't Bonita showing signs of being upset that the camera missed such a crucial moment? She then goes on to claim that such parts were removed at the request of Paramount Pictures. For one thing, why did Paramount Pictures go after one person's video and ask one person to remove pictures and alter their videos, and not touch anyone else? There was no such request made by Paramount Pictures-- if there was, wouldn't Bonita post it to prove to the detractors that she did get such a request from them?

She wanted robot cock, and dammit she stole to get it!

This one shows her fat hick mug. You can tell she's upset at the flash going off to reveal her touching the truck, which likely wasn't allowed on the set. Poor Optimus Prime needed a thorough disinfecting wash after encountering Bonita's gonorrhea.

It might be that the photo opportunity was over by the time Bonita's fat ass arrived at the lot. She snapped a few photos with the flash on, but when it came to her kiss on Optimus' exhaust vent, the camera flash was suspiciously absent, which is probably when she looked for a missing lugnut cover. Fortunately for fans everywhere, the crewmen heard the gelatinous squishing sounds of her masturbating and kicked her off the lot. She used that as her opportunity to claim they gave her the lugnut cover.

She is so proud to have been given the tip of Optimus Prime's robot cock.
My tale of how I got the lugnut.

If that wasn't enough, Bonita contradicts herself between her Youtube and her DevianTart. From her toothless mouth falls the stuff of liars - on Youtube she states Paramount doesn't give out its information, yet on her very own DA page, she gives their number. It has been verified that it IS real via a quick run through Yahoo.

That phone number may be the only truth Bonita has ever told in her fat failure of a life.

When she was confronted with the legal issues of her having that lugnut cover - as it is theft because it was not legally handed over to her - her response was to balk and talk the issue in circles, culminating in her claiming she called up Paramount and was told it wasn't a big deal. Bonita tells people she removed some pictures and videos at the request of Paramount, but it's really a butthurt attempt to hide evidence, which she is extremely known to do, as she would delete anything on her page to hide evidence or when she has been proven wrong once again. It was her habit on her previous DevianTART account, for when she posted something that is proven not to be true, she erases it as fast as she can as she doesn't want her friends and watchers to realize that she's been making shit up again. Bonita also refuses to return the lugnut cover. We can all see where her morals stand on the issue.

I'm not sending it back. Thats that.

The main problem is this, Paramount will not throw out the lugnut cover of Optimus Prime, they will put it right back on his wheel. (After cleaning off the tuna smell of Bonita's yeast-infested pussy.) It is customized to the truck's wheel. It shows that Bonita has no problem whatsoever with holding on to stolen property. She refuses to do the right thing and return it with apologies to the driver, who might have lost his job because of her. She will not send it back to them because its it's a piece of "her" Optimus, and that cold chrome just feels so good sliding between her wet beef curtains. She's never gonna give it up.

Some argue that the lugnut cover that she claimed is from Optimus was already missing, and that Bonita is lying about where the lugnut came from. This photo was supplied, taken during the daytime:

However, it's difficult to prove that this was actually taken before she got there, and may well have been taken after.

Bonita was asked by a member of DeviantART about the lugnut cover and this is the paraphrased lie she spewed. "It might not fit into any vagina except my own!"

it might not fit into his wheel, thus is why he gave it to me.

Which is bullhockey, as if it didn't fit, why would they keep it in the truck itself? Paramount Pictures would not send an ill fitted lugnut cover to be placed on Optimus Prime's tires.

Micheal Bay was recently quoted that he had met one disturbed fan that he wanted to get away from as fast as he could as she claimed to him to be Optimus Prime's wife and she really needs to get help as she is crazy! He fled from that fan as fast as he could and told his security people to get her off the movie set as quickly as possible as she's a loon. Needless to state, even Micheal Bay thinks Bonita One Prime is crazy!

I got robot cock and you didn't!

It was later learned from other fans who were there, that Bonita was not handed or even given anything by the night crew or the driver himself, she was actually escorted off the lot, to which she pointed off to the side to three strangers who were laughing as her Yes friend Freda Morris, held the video camera which had supposedly died before the hand off as she stated that the video camera died before the hand off even had happened. Bonita was not given anything from the crew and magically produced a lugnut cover. Paramount informed the night crew and the day crew and the drivers of the vehicles themselves, that no items from any of the vehicles are to be given away to the fans. Bonita's claim of getting the lugnut from the driver is false. She has NO PROOF on video that her video camera or her camera's batteries were about to die and thus the so called hand off was done. She didn't cry out my camera's battery is dying and then right after the mysterious hand off from the driver, her video camera suddenly returns to full battery charge? Suspicous, no? She didn't get anything from the driver or the night crew and she's once again lying to everyone about getting the lugnut.

Bonita did another collection video to update her old one, one item mysteriously vanished from her collection - the lugnut cover that was supposedly came from Optimus Prime's wheel. Her so called prized item is now missing from her video collection and her collection totally. This is proof that Bonita didn't really get the lugnut from Optimus Prime's wheel as it would still be in her collection if this was true. Sadly, it is now known that Bonita Prime lied about getting the lugnut.

Bonita's Botcon Experience

It started easily enough in late 2011 when colorist BDixonarts posted a journal asking who would be going to Botcon 2012 and thanking her friend Cascadiasci for the ability to go. Bonita, being the talentless hack that she is, latched on to BDixonarts early and stuck to her like a remora to a shark, picking up any little scraps she could. Seeing the journal Bonita posted, lamenting on the cost of such a trip.


She probably made up some bullshit story to get BDixonarts and Cascadiasci to pay out the ass for her to go because everyone knows that Bonita is a poorfag who can't afford shit unless it has Optimus Prime on it. Once there, she proceeded to fuck up the weekend for everyone else.

Nameless fan in the background wishes she was somewhere else.

She even got to meet Derrick J. Wyatt who promptly tweeted about his brush with crazy.

She can't even be effed into wearing her false teeth when out in public.

The biggest draw to Botcon 2012 though was the fact Peter Cullen, the voice of Optimus Prime would be there. There was a drawing to be able to get in line for the autograph and oddly enough, Bonita was not one of them!! Still she and her possy, probably including the renowned RazzieMbessai. Her blubbering and sobbing probably scared enough people away for her to steal the place in line where she finally came face to face with the man whose voice makes her cream her transformers themed granny panties.

Mr. Cullen's eyes water from the rank stench that is Bonita.

You would think with the mere chance of meeting her idol Bonita would have put some effort into her appearance but she once again proves to be far to stupid to give a damn about such things.

Bonita pretends to be thin in front of her imaginary hubby by sucking in her gut
She can't hide her rolls from the camera

Not satisfied with ruining just one, Bonita went on to cock up things at Botcon 2014. This time with an extreme case of unwarranted self-importance. She actually entered into the Fan Art contest with this lovely piece. Examine the description closely. The woman is 28-years-old and writes like a chimpanzee that suffers from shaken baby syndrome. She believes she is the first person to draw a full fembot. Bonita is becoming the Kay Fedewa of transformers only with more lulz. Oh and remember, transformers changed her life!

Bonita tries to art copy.jpg

As if her rotten tuna stench wafting through the convention halls and cum covered fingers touching all the Optimus merchandise was not enough to offend even the most seasoned con-goer, she went a step further by raping their eyes by cosplaying as her robo-self ElitaOne. The fail has been compiled and documented for all to see.

Child Bride

For as long as Bonita has been the internet she has been looking for her "One True Optimus Prime". Thankfully many guys are able to smell the crazy before they stick their dick in it and get the fuck out of the situation, leaving Bonita to start the search all over again. Unfortunately she has wrangled an obviously retarded young man into a relationship. I say young because this poor soul Mackinley J. Rattey is only 22-years-old. Bonita is seven years his senior and using his inexperience at life to her advantage.

Childbride copy.jpg

Slandering of the Dead

She shit on ODB's talk page. Bonita is disgusting enough to piss on the e-grave of a beloved ED member. Seems she enjoys revealing her true colors, and cares about nothing and nobody but herself.

Bonita played dumb when mention of her behavior on Encyclopedia Dramatical was questioned. As usual, she lied and said she knew nothing about how she signed up to splash hatred about ODB after his suicide.

I Have no ED account

But we all know she does. She has several. After all, she has to stick it to the man! And there's nothing you can do to stop her love for Optimus Prime!


Everything in this jizz-scented bedroom is stolen.

Bonita Prime is currently banned from several stores in her city because she has been caught shoplifting by hiding items in her cunt and fat rolls. Due to her stupidity, Bonita displays her stolen goods to the world and claims many of the items she bought are rare and hard to find. It should also be noted that whenever a person she knows online finds a new rare item, Bonita orders it, too. Or she steals it.

What would her noble husband, who stands for leading by example, honesty and courage, say about her uncouth and dishonest behavior? Frankly, she and her so-called son TheRealBumbleBee act more like Decepticons than noble Autobots.

This lying sack of sludge has a criminal record in her city. Stealing IRL lost its orgasmic thrill for her ever since she grabbed Optimus' lugnut. Now she takes her thieving ways to the interbutts by stealing people's photos, fanfiction and journal posts. She claims her kleptomania is the reason she can't control herself.

Look at this 10-minute video of her entire house. Every fucking room has Optimus in it. Even the bathroom. It's shocking that the toilet paper doesn't have Autobot logos all over it. This cunt is beyond screwed up in the head.

(Out of all her shit, she only has one tiny photo of what I'm guessing is supposedly her son. It shows up at about 5:17 where she talks about the white truck that is "her" robotic self. Her priorities are so fucked up amirite?)

She will never change.

Proof of her crimes

Since Bonita claims to be innocent of thefts, people stated she's innocent of being a thief. A search online proves, Bonita's Yes Friends wrong as here is proof of Bonita's offline thefts.

Clearly, Bonita has sticky fingers, which has now turned to go online as she has stolen photos from DeviantART members claiming their photos is hers by right of her being married to Optimus Prime, the greatest and most noblest of all Fictional Characters.

If you wish to see the files yourself, go here: General District Courts in Virginia Put down this name in the search section: Alvarado, Bonita Jean. County would be Rockingham/Harrisonburg General District (Pay Online). You will see her crimes and probation violations.

Bonita's friend and white knight Leathurkatt claims that the site above is hosted by China!, which forged those documents. Clearly, this white bitch knight doesn't know how to do a domain search to find out who clearly owns that site. And no, it is not hosted in China or made in China.

Here's who hosts the government website that shows proof of Bonita's offline thefts. This is from We caught you in a lie, Leathurkatt.

There will be people who will state it is illegal to post this information on websites and that the court dates are wrong. This is a known truth that the government's records that is listed are 100% correct and it would only be illegal if the case was sealed as for the suspect was a minor. But this person in this situation is an adult female, thus the information is PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE AND RECORD! If Bonita Jean Alvarado, which happens to be Bonita's real and very much legal name, didn't want her crimes to be public knowledge, she shouldn't have done the crime.

Her claim of changing her name to Prime

Is false as there is no court records of her going into court to get her last name changed from Knight to Prime. Several anonymous court insiders did research in Virginia to find out if Bonita One Prime had officially changed her name to that of Bonita One Prime, to find nothing either sealed or public record. Bonita One Prime is driving with an illegal drivers license. Her claim of having the last name of Optimus Prime as her own is nothing more than more lies as she did not legally changed her last name to Prime. Her real name still is Bonita Alavardo and she is still a liar.

She had legally bought and paid for an eBay seller to do her CDL which she stated to him that it was for COSPLAY, but anonymous knows she is using it in real life knowing it is fake. She tried to get the eBay seller to do her BIRTH CERTIFICATE so it could be legal but he refused to do so as he told her it was illegal for him to do that.

To prove she is more batshit insane than previously thought, Bonita has gone that extra mile and changed her name to Elita One. She says it's because she loves the character but how the fuck can you love a character that was only in a single episode? It is in fact an excuse to now call herself "Optimus's Lady"


As if this story can't get crazy enough, Bonita continues on with her delusional bullshit. This time she got some poor sap she calls her 'boyfriend' who in reality is probably some homeless drifter she promised a hummer and a hot pocket too, to dress up as Optimus Prime and propose marriage. Let's just hope her son wasn't around to see this.

Claiming to be the Autobot's Queen

Bonita has sunk to a new low, if that is possible. But she has recently got it into her fat, thick head of hers to call herself - Optimus Prime's Queen and Queen of all Autobots.

Sadly, this insane person doesn't realize that the Autobots do not have Queens or any royalty of any kind, just their leaders being titled Prime, none of the leaders' spark mates are given the same title if they have a spark mate. This poor pitiful person doesn't have a clue on the facts of Transformers, she's getting the information from another one of her Yes Friends who has the wrong information on the Transformers.

Trying to warn her commenters and watchers

Poor pitiful Bonita has once again trying to put blame on Ravette2004 for being her internet stalker, that she's unaware that her older watchers are the ones who are reporting her copycat ways to Ravette2004, not Ravette2004, who is not even interested in Bonita's lying ways anymore.

Take a look at this little journal post warning her watchers and visitors. I had to highlight the text since it is light gray text on a black background. Seems like Bonita is humping her friend Leathurkatt as they both don't know shit about colors that work together on a webpage.

Bonita making an attempt at warning her watchers and friends about her so called internet stalker, but she sadly points her finger at the wrong person - Ravette2004, when it is her own older watchers who are doing the reporting.

She is so stupid, she's probably smoking a joint thinking of ways of fucking Optimus Prime.

Tattooed her love on her ugly ass car

Bonita recently got some new decals for her car's back window so everyone knows she luvs porking Optimus Prime. Look at the hidious tattoo she gave to her car.

Look at my ugly ass car, I made it a bit better looking with my love tattooed on it.

Sadly, the car didn't like the tattoo very much as it went into rust mode as fast as it could.

Bonita's Shitty Fanfiction

Bonita is known for stealing fanfiction, but may also write some of her own. You can tell by the level of retarded in a story whether it's hers or not.

Her work has been featured on's fanfiction friday, which surveys the worse fanfiction the internet has to offer. Unlike most authors, who are either ashamed of their work or just too smart to become a lolcow, she joined the ranks of such internet wizards as brickhousebunny21 but she, apparently lacked the sense to realize she was being made fun of, so instead of being pissed off, she thanked everyone as though she had won an oscar.

[Fanfiction Friday from February 2010]

No fandom is truely safe from Bonita Prime's ugly maw.

Her new target of her Mary Sueism is, none other than Star Wars.

She has given Darth Vader a new daughter - a Mary Sue by the name of Karreal Skywalker. Made her into another Darth Vader sort of. You can read her ugly ass story in the image below.

Now going into the Star Wars fandom doing a crossover with Transformers. Sadly, Bonita doesn't know shit about Star Wars to know that her crossover is crap and not worthy of being posted.

She does not know a thing about the mythology of Star Wars or that Darth Vader only has two children and he would not adopt or mentor another, who would look similar to him. We know from the Clone Wars the cartoon series that he did have a padawan, who probably died before the third movie came out, which probably resulted in him being a very angry man.


Bonita Prime is using her OC account Autobot Causeway and her OC account Deviantart-favicon.png Autobot Causeway and her new account - Deviantart-favicon.png Causeway SG, on DA more and more than her main account since no one knows that Autobot Causeway and Causeway-SG is Bonita Prime, the lying sack of pond scum is using her OC account to cry art theft. She made a comment to a DA journal about art theft and how her work was stolen by a guy she helped create an account for on DA. She had a journal posting about how her artwork was stolen by another user and now that the boot is now on her foot and she's not really liking it at all. The journal post where she cried art theft on her AutobotCauseway account was deleted immediately when she got nagged on by several people stating how does it feel now that your work was stolen by another? But as You know that she will most likely delete the journal like she always does. Bonita promptly deleted her AutobotCauseway's journal posting stating anything about her work being stolen and she's acting like nothing happened.

Her work got stolen and she's not liking it at all. Instead of deleting the journal like she always does when people prove her wrong, if her work really was stolen, do you think that she would not delete the journal? I think she's claiming art theft and when people got on her case about it, instead of keeping her journal up, she deleted it she always does.

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Bonita's real address
She's still an idiot, here is her new skype.
Bonita proves to be an idiot. Go spam it to cyber clubs, telling them she loves to cyber.

BONITA'S EMAILS: [email protected] and/or [email protected] The second one has been deactivated by the slut.

  • Tumblricon.png elita0ne - Used to spam any post with Optimus in it.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png Causeway-sg - Bonita's newest deviantart roleplay account.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png mikuop - Group she co-founded with some other faggot
  • Deviantart-favicon.png tf-shotcatchers - She just made ANOTHER CLUB and it looks like it's one to brag about her visiting the TF3 set and getting the lugnut cover.
  • Fb-favicon.png OptimusPrimeFan - Bonita Prime's FaceBook page. Clearly she still claims to either be the Autobots' Queen or Optimus Prime's sparkmate


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