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With Jews, you lose!
What over nine-thousand people think of realitysquared

Realitysquared is commonly known as the most incompetent fuckup of a moderator ever to ever grace the internets, and boy does he grace it! He's made it all the way to being one of the top members of the administrative team over at DeviantART, where he lives up to the meme of being within the top 10%.

There isn't much to know about this guy. If you are lost and lonely on dA, someone is spamming you, or worst of all; some 11 year old has stolen your work and is selling it as a print, do not expect any help. Srsly, this guy actually lets shit like this stay up.

What Realitysquared Thinks of This Article


Oh, the hypocrisy!


He knows, guys
Realitysquared's learned stance on copyright violations
Realitysquared's technique: When you don't know, don't answer. And it works!
RealitySquared cares about the community and feedback from the people. That's why he never responded to these comments further.

Realitysquared is infamous for two things among his failure of moderation work - the first is being incredibly lazy, and the second is for being absolutely clueless about copyright law. However, realitysquared has the magical ability to combine all of these things into one great catchall for dealing with any problem.

As he said in the featured chat of 20th January, 2007;

Highly popular animated childrens [sic] shows expect and even sometimes encourage fan art, and on the whole they ignore anything which doesn't involve the sale of their properties. By contrast private artists often get quite angered at people tracing. The decision for leniency for TV/Movies is also contingent on the person not trying to pretend it's a freehand drawing. [...]

I'm well aware of Disney's somewhat draconian protection of their characters, however attempting to stop such artwork from being submitted would be like trying to plug a firehose with your finger


—Realitysquared, Using 'grown-up' words.

Ah, like any true foundation of a community, realitysquared is strongly opposed to anything that involves work, regardless of how illegal the alternative is. It will be a lulzy, lulzy day when DevianTART gets pwned by the man. He also has an excellent understanding of how copyright laws work - which is just fabulous for somebody in such a high moderating postition. GG, DeviantART. GG.

Well, what can you expect from somebody who "self-educated [himself] in copyright law about 5 years ago" and "[owns] several research books on the subject"? Why, he practically has enough skillz to become an e-lawyer! Hm, might be overqualified though. In all honesty how does anybody go through life on the interwebs without picking up at least enough copyright law to know that if you allow traced artwork on a site that makes you money, YOU IS BREAKING THE LAW, let alone after allegedly studying this law?? The mind boggles.

What's REALLY un-funny about RealitySquared is that a long time ago, with much lulz, he got arrested for art theft himself (WTF?????), and this very event was reported in deviantTART News. Why he's still an admin, nobody knows.


Realitysquared fanart.png

Most users never even realize that realitysquared is no longer allowed to create or change the copyright and community policies on DevianTart. He can edit or change the wording in the FAQ pages and explain them in his own words as he tries to enforce them, but in nearly each and every instance he only manages to fuck everything up. He used to have a degree of authority over these with some input from Artist Relations and Spyed, but with his usual dumbfuckery he created so much controversy and anger within the community that most of the staff got fed up and tired with his bullshit along with the clusterfucks he creates.

Realitysquared soon fucked things up to the extent that his subordinates were later placed under Community Relations and told to report to someone else, but that didn't really matter since they were just as incompetent as him and later got the shaft. One of Daniel's biggest fuck-ups was placing a complete sociopath named subversive-imaginati as a member of the policy enforcement staff. After going on a psychotic rampage and banning over a dozen artists for trivial or non-existent reasons, she was eventually removed from her position along with her co-worker (who were the only two people left serving under RealitySquared). Afterwards it was revealed she had a history of abuse and was seeking professional medical help and psychological counseling. Go figure.

Why the dA community sucks

But he can block youuuu. Fucking fag.

R^2 was also placed in charge of the Etiquette Policy and its enforcement in the hopes of improving people's on-line behavior. Everything he wrote and tried to instate was dismissed after users laughed in his face while pointing out just how ignorant he was. Even the two literature gallery directors were brought in to make the clusterfuck manifesto readable when Daniel tried to type up something half-way decent, but the good directors decided to scrap it and start fresh. Good thing too, because every time he tries to tweak policy on something like banning or deleting comments, higher-ups usually have to either reverse his decisions or make up new policies to fix the messes he creates.

One initiative that Realitysquared tried to take was making DevianTART a socially acceptable and squeaky-clean fascistic environment that would be acceptable to even the youngest of little tots, born out of the belief (or is it knowledge?) that most of the community is made up of whiny bitches who can’t handle the slightest bit of nudity or violence in the works of others without calling the artists psychotic perverts. What ultimately resulted was an interbutts version of a Sesame Street artistic community. Such examples of policy enforcement include, but are by no means limited to: erotic material being deemed pornographic (fuck the Renaissance, amirite?), material including drug use being inappropriate, and violent or graphic material no longer being allowed.

So how do you measure success? That's easy - just look at the result. Obviously a site like deviantArt has decided to create an environment where the art greatly lacks originality and quality because of its decisions, mostly due to Realitysquared's direction. There is no other proof needed of an epic failure, just have a look for yourself and compare it to just about any art collection in a museum, gallery, or book in the library.

This is why we can't have nice things, faggots.

Discovery of the child genius

RealityImpaired's middlename is "Comedy"! Chicks dig that shit.

Jew was and still is notorious for his participation in the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney online diploma program. In a show of skill and grandeur Realitysquared snatched the 1994 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney World Championship. With this victory, he was granted absolute knowledge of copyright law -- guaranteed by his stylish dick shaped trophy.

With an infant DeviantART facing the menace of extreme policy breaches and hacker stackers this gregarious, master blaster Realitysquared was desperately sought after by the DeviantART Administration. He was found in 2002 CE, when war was beginning. His immaculate knowledge of the law, and charismatic personality helped turn the course of the war into today’s present impasse.

Early in 2004 though, the New York Times leaked a story involving Realitysquared, claiming he had beaten Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney in a mere two days. He was then made PC Gamer's Man Of The Year for 2005. Shortly after revealed that Daniel Realitysquared (his birth name) was actually a hidden character in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney that could be unlocked by clearing all court cases without actually winning them.

Testimonials to Realitysquared's faggotry

If realitysquared spent less time loving deviantART and more time loving real women, he wouldn't be a basement-dwelling hermit.
Still a virgin?
An artist's critique
  • It also appears he can't read. My carefully researched, link filled, multi-paragraphed request to unban my account is met with a "banned for /b/ harassment" sign on my userpage. I'm not even a fucking /b/tard. WTF? -Cirrus
  • "Friend: "That was the faggot admin I argued with when I was B&" Me: "he needs to be fired" " -Robocod
  • Reality Squared is a fucking asswipe. He banned me for 'participating in a raid against divineangel' and then said something about deserving it. He thinks he is so bloody brilliant when, truly, he is a complete moron. -skeletonxcrew
  • He didn't even ban Firefag despite all the harm she did, LOOSER --Great justice BadFurDay
  • He has a bias to paid and popular users. Even when presented with a questioning and insulting piece of art that called his methods into question, he left it be, because the user was a paid user and getting close to 20k like Fdurduh -Lj-favicon.png lougaraswifthrt
  • See that image [above] about realityfailed's stance on copyright violations? That user he was talking about who was "twisting" established policy to further their personal agenda? That person who is trying to discredit him by publicizing his retarded comment on copyright violations? That was me. Fuck you, faggot. Fuck you hard. -Lj-favicon.png kassichu
  • I think I've gotten into more arguments with realitysquared than anyone else on the whole net, as far as art goes at least *sigh* I spent a month arguing DA's pornography rules with him/her and personally, I don't think he/she cares how inconsistent or badly enforced DA"s rules are. What ever is easiest to enforce seems to be the thought. -_- -Lj-favicon.png ani_bester
  • The funniest thing about the whole RS/tracing drama is that DevianTART's registrar is Go-Daddy. Go-Daddy is absolutely ANAL about copyright (god I love 'em) - if they get sent DMCA's they get straight to shutting down servers. -Lj-favicon.png merlin_the_wise
  • RealitySquared? Ah, yes. That's the modfag who wrongfully accused me of raiding, then perma-b& me for being the "leader of /b/", despite having over 9000 pageviews and a valid subscription. Leader of /b/, huh? I guess Anonymous really IS my personal army, after all. Sounds like someone should do a little research next time. Then it wouldn't have been necessary to show him how sadly mistaken he really was. —Deviantart-favicon.png 2401penitenttangent
  • Prick banned me for being a 4channer. I resent this, since the incitement to join my raid, which led to my ban, was on 7chan. What a fag. —Deviantart-favicon.png darbysniper
  • A forum thread of mine got locked by him because it was a sexual topic of sorts. Yet I specifically remember seeing a different thread elsewhere, titled "What's the best way to give head?" that was never locked, and was in fact, a very popular thread. When arguing with R^2 over the "appropriateness" of sex-based discussions, it didn't take long to conclude that he was, and is, a virgin. Earl
  • Ok, me showing that I hold the copyright for what I was drawing is harassment, but that faggot Primus is allowed to use pics from Hannibal Lector movies? What a hypocrite! Aria
  • Relalitysquared is such a fucking prick. I post ONE link to the GNNA, and he gets all dAmn bannin' on meh! -Level20X6
  • Moron blocked me for pointing out a mistake he made, then when I posted on the communityops saying he was being immature I ended up banned 3 days later. —Deviantart-favicon.png unholykira
  • He deleted a ticket of mine because it was a miscat. He also had a tiger drawing in his gallery that he stored when it was pointed out he referenced without crediting. FacePalmVeteran 22:17, 19 January 2013 (EST)
  • He is now defending dicks who trace: Woohoo!Deviantart-favicon.png atroxi
  • Filed a DMCA against two users but he dismissed the tickets because of technical details in the infringing work. He claimed they weren't *exactly* the same so he wasn't going to do anything. When I asked him how that was, he went silent then 6-7 days later marked the ticket as solved without responding. FacePalmVeteran

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