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Homer Simpson bow tie.jpg Nobody has heard of this person, but whoever they are, vandalizing this article only makes us want to learn more...

Please do give attention!

Previously Deviantart-favicon.png rawrgimmeahug,and currently Deviantart-favicon.png godsfave/Deviantart-favicon.png ottobotz, Deviantart-favicon.png 905-SOT or (Rebecca Lynne Walmsley), she is your typical 16-year-old Internet dA furfag who is the first ever 16-year-old bisexual, asexual, and demisexual person all at once. Also known as Nate and Rawr, Beka spends her time drawing her fursonas that happen to be rip-offs of many other people's characters, just like her sloppy, lazy style she likes to call art. Beka has a nice log of art theft. Beka has, according to her deviantART journals, made several attempts to gain by telling her followers how she cuts. Beka loves the attention, and if the drama dies down on her page for too long she will start to B'AWW about not getting attention.

Beka also enjoys whining that she has no friends, giving out all of her information consistently and then screaming that people she hates are tracking her down.

Her fursona

Rawr has a fabulously original fursona This work of art must have taken lots of thought and inspiration to come up with.

The name is rumored to have come from the nickname of the deceased Deviantart-favicon.png rovdjuur, who committed suicide right before she adopted this fursona. She denied it in a comment before deleting the ref sheet, but the fact that her boyfriend's story differs with her own makes you wonder.

After breaking up with her old BF, she created yet another fursona, a stoned-looking blue otter named Otto

But believe it or not, this was not always her fursona! When she first joined deviantART she had a truly beautiful fursona, named Beka.

Beka has been called out on her older fursonas' designs several times.

Beka at her best

With a rather unsatisfying gallery, it's a wonder how this far-fetched teenager has gained as many watchers as she has, with her nose sky high as she mushes her way towards popularity. She sadly can't pick up the motivation to at least try to improve her so-called art, giving her constant influx of new peers an unholy amount of freshly scribbled-on pieces of digital paper.


On top of massively shitty art, which includes, but is not limited to broken legs, sprained ankles and wrists, heads bigger than the bodies, and a hunger that will never be fulfilled to stop the aches and pains of her shitty anatomy and coloring skills, our favorite furry also whines and cuts if her sloppy pooch provider doesn't give his second helping of sweet shit covered anal when the period is all over. She wonders day by day why everyone leaves her, and makes shitty vent art when they do. That's all right, though, because she'll bend sexuality again once he finds someone new who will shove their genitalia back into her sloppy fat mouth in a week anyway.

I take PayPal commissions!

For just $18, you could have something like this.

With any form of talent obviously far out of reach, Beka begs her influx of furry ass kissers to spend money on art she takes no more than 10 minutes to make. Ready to test her new account while being too young to use that site.

Please Commission Me!

As we figured, nobody wants to spend their hard earned money on Beka's shit artwork, but she continues to pester everyone and their grandmothers for money. Everyone is getting sick of seeing her overpriced, terrible artwork, to be honest. Sadly, some people actually enjoy it, and these people usually consist of 10-year-old asslicking whiteknights.

Beka also has a great attitude about her commissions and to her commissioners. If you were one of the "lucky" people who got a slot for a commission, you'd probably want to expect her to cancel and refund it because of her real life problems that make doing work so hard to do. Also, if you have tried commissioning her 3 times and this shit has happened each time and you try to tell her, expect to get yelled at with her saying "at least I refunded you; if you don't like it don't commission me". Although, this will bother Beka when streaming, so later in that stream while everyone is talking about something else, expect her to scream at you that she doesn't need your opinions on her commissions.


This is taxidermy.

Deviantart-favicon.png FoxItUp

Beka had also found new interest in taxidermy Which so happened to die down after a while because she clearly didn't know what the fuck she was doing or what anything about the profession meant, and made a new account specifically for her newly possessed pelts and pieces, while she only uploads a picture of a red fox tail, laid out on her slutty spread legs, offering free blowjobs to manged raccoon, bears, and wolfs alike.

How much do you wanna bet she uses this as a furry buttplug.

This account was hacked and is no longer in use.


New girlfriend!

Deviantart-favicon.png badassstunts

Beka's old boyfriend, he was apparently an abusive drunk, and he was also four years older than Beka! They loved to talk about their Internet sex lives on public comment threads, where Beka's 13-15 year old followers could see and read it!

Deviantart-favicon.png ohscee

She's started going after women! A few days after breaking up with Cody, Beka found herself a new dirty ass slave to shower her with affection and draw her art of herfursona. Beka's page was coated in lesbians and comments on how much She loves girls!

Deviantart-favicon.png StarlingNox

Apparently, Beka loved him more than he loved her. Her overly sappy and pathetic affections for him were returned by nervous-looking replies on her DA profile.

Deviantart-favicon.png horsebomber

The two knew each other in real life and had been seen posting publicly about their sex life for the world to see. Beka seems to have a weird fetish for the overweight. As well, the fursona she created for her boyfriend - was that meant to be offensive, or is that just me?

The two tragically broke up in July 2014. Beka accused Mason of cheating, when Mason was actually just lightly flirting with a friend over Skype. We suppose Beka's sloppy, yeast-infected beef curtains were not enough for our friend.

Horsebomber craving Beka's McYeasties.

I am not a thief!

Oh, Beka. I'll never get tired of your bullshit. There's always something new with you, be it a new relationship, or whining about more drama. We all know you're a thief.

Original Characters

While being unable to grasp the concept of art and originality, she attempts to rip off and references other artists work in an effortless attempt to improve and change her shit ridden style, as well as her completely unoriginal characters.

Beka also drew Deviantart-favicon.png terrorium's OC without permission, causing quite a stir on the now-closed drama blog where our sweet furry masochist had her own tag.

Original Artwork

And if Beka can't think of how to fingerpaint her shit on paper, she strolls merrily through other artists' galleries, picking up pictures she finds kawaii and tossing them into her art program to trace or heavily reference.

Once the stolen or referenced art is posted and recognized as such, she B'AWW's and whines about how she isn't inspired by them and doesn't even like their artwork! But while she goes around copying others and cuts herself when people call her ass out, she turns and does the exact same to others who have traced or referenced her work and laughs when they block her.

Who in their right mind would trace her traced work anyway?

Beka has no shame about publicly displaying her kinks in her art, from scat to bondage and babyfurs, showing us just how much of a spectacular sick fuck she is.

New gender!

Prior to February, 2013, Beka was identifying and clearly dressing as a female known as Beka. But, as most people who join DA, not for much longer!

As of February 4th, 2013, Beka had decided that she is now genderfluid, like most all other furries on dA, and even had a fursona where she bound her saggy pancake breasts so her watchers can't beg with mouths wide open for her expired, talentless milk.

And just as expected, March 8th, 2013 - our favorite bisexual, asexual, demisexual, lesbian, genderfluid, furry faggot was now FTM transsexual and was looking hopelessly online for a binder. Go figure.

Actually I don't identify as male! My gender is just that so people stop calling me by female because it hurts since nobody uses my proper pronouns.


—Beka not making any sense, as usual

March 11th, 2013 - Apparently transseuxal wasn't enough for our furry popstar. She claimed to be asexual, and agender! Maybe the more different she tried to be, the more people liked and watched her.

Eventually, Beka went back to identifying as FTM transsexual, and not only that, but a truscum! She had the nerve to call nonbinary people out when she herself had called herself so many different genders that it made our heads spin! Eventually, she realized that bashing the majority of the furries on DA would make her lose popularity, so he revoked her views and started stating that "everyone's views are valid"!

Beka went through another period of being "agender", but now on her Diphy account, she is now calling herself a male.

7/23/2014 -- On her new Caramel account she is back to being some sort of "non-binary" make-believe special snowflake gender shit again, despite acting and presenting as completely female.

I am an actual pool toy

Beka began following along with the DA trend of identifying with something outside of the human spectrum - she is shrimpkin, dinokin, and some other weird ass kin-furry-shit.

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