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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
OH MY GOD, Grell has gained some weight!

About the Tartlet

Last thursday, a basement dweller and a furfag decided to have sex and have a babby named Anna. When the fucktarded couple found out Anna was an aspie and was a fucking fatass, they both an hero'd and left Anna to fend for herself with her aunt. Anna then joined devianTART and goes by the name of 'Ravda' or 'Sammy-Silverstripe'.

Ravda, a feared dream-demon of the internets is an artist whose work is as beautiful as her body. All Ravda wants is for people to leave her alone, despite the fact that she's just fucking asking for it. She is also an asspie who thinks that just because she has Assburgers, she can get away with anything and everything that involves BAWWing and butthurt towards other users. She thinks that she is a Nightmaren, up to the extent of supposedly worshipping NiGHTS into Dreams' main villain, Wizeman the Wicked, AND thinks that she is the main character of an anime called KuroSHITsuji who goes by the name of 'Ciel', constantly quoting that she made a contract with a demon and will kill anyone who 'gets in her way'. Currently, she's a new born Neo-Christian who preys on Jeshire, her lesbian bumchum, even though CHRISTIANS HATE HOMOSEX. She's also working on a "long overdue comic", which might include the following: bestiality, furries, assburgers, lesbians, porn, and a ton of other shit that Christians fucking hate and shun.

How IT Came to Be

This look fits her well.

Ravda once came along on devianTART when she decided to produce awesome artwork of her own mary sues and fucking messed up characters. At one point, she was fraternizing with another tartlet named LordBlumiere in a shitload of Roleplays that consisted of her character (called Zeravia Firestarter, apparently) and LordBlumiere's character having sex.

This abruptly ended when LordBlumiere's character broke up with Ravda's character, thus beginning the shitstorm of drama and lulz across the whole of devianTART at Ravda's end.

At one point, Ravda was watching Trippy on devianTART when she got confused by what was happening with Trippy. Apparently, Trippy's friends were saying that she was stealing artwork when they were all just joking around, and Ravda thought they meant it. She then commented on Trippy's page saying 'don't worry, I'm here for you if you wanna talk'. Trippy, for some unknown reason, decided to suddenly block Ravda from her devianTART page. As soon as Ravda noticed, she started whining about that as well.

Apparently, Jeshire isn't friends with Ravda anymore, despite the fact that they LURVED each other. LOL WAIT NO THEY'RE BACK TOGETHER. THIS is Jeshire's new account. THEY PLAN ON MOVING IN TOGETHER LOLOLOLOL. Disregard that, Jeshire is actually married to a 12 year old girl, who is actually avoiding her. BUT, she's still in LURVE with Ravda, and has actually had threesomes with two nightmarens and an elf, gave a blowjob to Wizeman with her wife present each time. TL;DR: Jeshire is a slut.

The Shitstorm

A few months after LordBlumiere's character broke up with Ravda's, Ravda practically went batshit insane and decided to troll every single person who was anywhere close to being LordBlumiere's friend or acquaintance. One of the people who was trolled was the user EvilBlackCat22, simply because LordBlumiere's character got together with EvilBlackCat22's. She then drew a shitty piece of crap of her character killing off EvilBlackCat22's and LordBlumiere's spawn, named 'Atai'. This initially caused much whining and butthurt all around.

Ravda then decided to strike out at another user, claiming that SHE was the one who changed the person's character's attitude. This caused mass amounts of rage from one of said user's friends, who proceeded to lash out at Ravda and troll her for at least 100 years.

Soon enough, Ravda's BAWWing and drama caught the interest of other trolls, who then started to attack Ravda even more. Too bad for Ravda, because she only had about two to three people backing her up: her buttbuddy named Gummy-Orgy/Glass-Cannon, her underaged girlfriend named Jeshire, and a faggot named Sonicgirl11, who obviously didn't know who or what she was messing with.


During the mass amounts of people trolling the whining fatass, Ravda lied and said she was 'permanently leaving deviantART.' in a journal of hers. This caused a shitload of lulz and more trolling, along with a few BAWWing from her buttbuddy and faggoty little 'friend'. A few reasons why she was supposedly 'leaving' was because everyone on dA were being a bunch of meanies to her, people dissed her art, and because people were 'betraying' her.

The Whale Returns

About a day later, Ravda couldn't stand being alone without talking to her online friends. She immediately came back to devianTART and proclaimed she had returned in yet ANOTHER fucking journal, which described her holding a gun and a bottle of beer. She started ranting that she wasn't going to hold back this time and, roughly quoting, stated 'karma will get you all' and went along with her faggotry. She also stated that 'Wizeman will come and I will be laughing at you all while you're all dying' and that THE WORLD IS GONNA END IN 2012 AND WIZEMAN IS GONNA COME BACK FOR HER TO SPARE HER.


Eventually, Ravda submitted pictures of her obese whale of a body in a leotard, which apparently has been identified as her cosplaying as 'Reala' from the old as fuck Sega Saturn game, NiGHTS into Dreams. Too bad the gangsters that were in the vicinity at the time didn't do anything about it.

She then cosplayed as a character named 'Grell' from an anime named Kuroshitsuji.

She goes to McDonalds every day.

She's Now A Pedo

At one point in time, Ravda decided to share her faggotry by sending her ex-friend a picture of her tits. Immediately, her ex-friend decided to be an hero and send the picture to a troll. Once Ravda found out, she started BAWWing and starting butthurt again, only to be constantly shunned by trolls all over dA.

She is also in a relationship with a 15-year old girl, AKA the devianTARTlet Jeshire. They both love each other, but Ravda claims that she's 'waiting until Jeshire is eighteen'.

UPD8 AS OF 7/28/12: Apparently Jeshire lives nearby now and Ravda and her tried to get into a furry club or some shit. The bouncers didn't let them in because they obviously knew they were too fucking retarded and their stupidity would dumb down the rest of the people there.


Ravda was then hacked by glorious anon and wreaked even more havoc on dA. Instead of causing butthurt, she caused lulz instead. Momentarily regaining her account, the real Ravda thought that LordBlumiere hacked her account and started whining about it, saying that she was going to report LordBlumiere to the authorities for sharing a picture of her ugly, fatass tits over Twitter. But thankfully, she was hacked again and anon changed her password and e-mail, so she could never get back onto her account again.

Unfortunately, she has ANOTHER account on devianTART, which hints that she's a furry: Ravda's NEWEST DA Which will only make this article more lulzy to come.

Ravda and Her Furfaggotry

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Realalover.

Apparently, she also became a furry, hoping that no one will bother her anymore. Unfortunately for her, she was wrong, and she got even moar trolls on her case. The trolls, of course, kept trolling her. But this time with more obscene and lulzy insults.

For Halloween of 2009, she plans to make a fursuit and dress up in a Beetlejuice costume, because THAT'S SO TOTALLY HOT NOWADAYS.

Because of playing Second Life, she also has a Sonic character that looks just like Super Sonic or Sonichu, but without the Pikachu ears. She is now thought to be the female equivalent of Chris-chan.

The newest version of her fursona.
The first version of her fursona.

when i get my fursuit together, i will be adding the bj costume for this halloween to it as an accent. >D i kinda like how this came out...and i am really debateing if i should juse a bj wig for the hair



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