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Ever since Nixon abandoned the Bretton-Woods agreement to back the United States dollar with gold and instead decided to "float" the dollar, the dollar's value has been merely the shared delusion of everyone that uses it. Initially this was done this because the French and German governments mounted an attack upon the dollar, exchanging as much of it for gold as possible knowing full well that the Americans had deflated the price of gold and could not keep up with producing gold at $35/oz. They abandoned a gold-backed currency because the United States was unwilling to accept foreign constraints upon its economic policy.

However, once again with a floated currency the Americans have hit the same barrier. Today foreign investors hold far more in US government bonds and liquid currency than the worth of the USA's gross national product. Foreign banks now get to decide the price of the dollar more than the US economy, Federal Reserve, and the legislative branch of government combined. There is a solution that's in the best interest of all Americans: the adoption of RAPE DOLLARS as the official US currency.

National Institute of Justice estimates placed the annual social cost of rape and other sexual assaults of adults at 127 billion dollars, or about $508 per U.S. resident. That is even with rape being at a record low as of 2003! If they increase their national rape production they could easily put that value at upwards of several trillion dollars! Rape is an endlessly renewable resource. If they back the currency with it they can print as much money as they want without it being inflationary! RAPE DOLLARS are instant riches.

The best we can do now is educate people on the advantages of RAPE DOLLARS. In the future we can envision a world with a universal rape-backed currency, and a paradise of incredible proportions. RAPE DOLLARS will be the first step towards achieving that world.

As of 2006, the Rape Dollar is roughly equivalent to 50 British pence.

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