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Poor baby :(

Raniko is a woman. No matter what she says or how large she claims her erection to be, Raniko is a woman. Not some intersexed mutant like Chyna, but a genuine little lady. Remind her of this. Raniko is all you could ever want in an internet attention whore: an emo, transsexual furry with a history of being abused as a child – yes, she does indeed have it all. Except a penis.

FTM tranny


I hate yaoi. o_O Where the fuck did you get that I like it? I make fun of it, maybe you just misunderstood.


—How silly of us.

Raniko is quite possibly the most sexually confused person on the intarwebs. Although Raniko has the body of a woman, she is actually a man. Naturally, she is offended by all those 16 year old girls who try to act like fabulous faggots with hair extensions creaming themselves over pictures of underage boys having buttsecks. Although she is too young to have surgery or hormone treatment, Raniko insists she is becoming more and more like her true self every day.

Despite the degenerate spawn she claims to be, Raniko is clearly very confused about her orientation. Since everyone knows being gay is a choice, she seems to flip between being homosexual (meaning she likes women. She's a man remember) and being a faggot (since she claims to have a boyfriend):

Some argue Raniko is simply a lesbian since, despite her love of women, she obviously craves the cock. Like all lesbians, she also strongly denies that she is a carpet-muncher since she does actually want a penis. Such ideas and arguments only Littlecloud could understand.

Further Sexual Confusion

Both before and after her Encyclopedia Dramatica article was published, Raniko had a deeply confused concept of sexuality - faggots, trannies and intersexed hermaphrodites were all mixed together in a melting pot of deviancy.

Now combine this with the fact she hates femboys, yaoi fangirls and "People who pretend to be FTM trannies just to get attention." . . .


Like all good emos, Raniko claims to have been raped at least three times – but no matter! Far from being depressed and frightened like most rape victims, she breaks out of her gloomy little shell and fondly remembers the fun she had at FA:

When the regular bullshit she makes up is not irritating enough, she will go into a long repetitive tirade about:

  • How she is being oppressed for being transsexual (or, believe it or not, being mistaken for a woman).
  • The various illnesses and/or injuries she is suffering.
  • Further internet bullshit i.e. Second Life, her computer crashing, commissions going wrong, etc.
Most sensible mothers would do the same.

Her mother and father are the greatest cause of her online bitching, as her dad has accepted his daughter's gender-confusion and her mother has not.

Mental illness

Raniko is kind enough to give the world a full list of teh things she shlicks faps to.

As well as the wonderful selections above, she also claims to be an idiot savant – a retard with the mind of a genius. This, of course, is not so as genuine savants don’t have the ability to scribble in their e-journals about how they wish they were dead. In addition, she has many emotional scars as a result of her abusive upbringing. Of course, furfaggotry in itself is a mental illness, so there is little point in listening to her.

Raniko has a crippling fear of "Love Roller Coaster" by the Ohio Players, claiming it gives her nightmares:

I can't listen to 'Love Rollercoaster' by the Ohio Players. That song gives me nightmares.

I was being driven home the other day and it came on the radio. I was dozing off in the passenger's seat...

And suddenly, in the middle of the song, I heard this weird screaming sound. It scared me so bad I jumped in my seat. It's IN THE SONG. It sounds so fucking scary. Like a dying...something.

I didn't even want to hear it again, but I checked YouTube to see if it was a part of the song and when I heard it again, I couldn't sleep with the lights off.

I realize that kind of thing makes me look like a pussy, but dear lord, it was scary. Those kinds of things scare me badly. :( I lose nights of sleep thanks to simple things that freak me out.


—Ramiko, being a pussy.

Raniko & Ragnarok Online

Being the loving person that she is - Raniko does not limit herself to one person. She is happy to share her mangina to the rest of the world, including men, women and animals (fictional or not). But as anyone who has not been living under a rock will know, furries are happy to hump anything cute and fluffy.

After being banned twice from a RP-based Ragnarok Online server last Thursday, s/he/it went on to start her own, which as later deleted. The following are examples of her most frequented characters, at least one of which was remade on her own server while still running.


Having destroyed her own server, and failing to destroy another, Raniko fell back on a previous server, where she befriended and then met someone IRL.


[+Grin] why did no one show me her ED article -before- i let the bitch in my house?.


IDK, my BFF Jill?

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The irony.
[+Grin] vin's gone
[Mia[ptfo]] lol
[Mia[ptfo]] Where'd Vin go?
[+Grin] fuck if i care
[+Grin] bitch threatened to break every window in my house this morning
[+Hotaru] ..damn
[+Yubi_Shines] Goodness.
[+Grin] thats not even half of it
[+Grin] theres filing false police reports, the fact she's a fuckin two face bitch, and that she got my parents involved
[+Grin] i need a drink
[+Yubi_Shines] That's, um, pretty special.
[+Grin] theres the fact she's threatening to sue me over her tablet when she owes me 800 and change
[+Yubi_Shines] ...a good tablet costs like 300 clams
[+Yubi_Shines] Excepting the insane $2000 ones
[+Grin] then she still owes me 500
[Mia[ptfo]] What happened to the tablet?
[+Grin] she'd didn't take it with her in the running for her life stage of getting the fuck out of my house
[+Yubi_Shines] Well, my point was that you generally sue when the money on the line is bigger than a few hundred bucks
[+Grin] bah. you puny "logic" has no effect on vin
[Mia[ptfo]] yeah someone stole my PSP and I have proof of such, but I didn't even bother. Wasn't worth the time.
[Mia[ptfo]] And the landlord from our old apartment isn't giving us our security deposit back due to BS reasons but I'm not bothering with that either. ... although I do want to burn the apartment down.
[+Hotaru] Sounds like you had an..interesting few days.
[[+Grin] you don't have a fuckin clue
[+Grin] excuse me. i need alcohol
[+Grin] mmmm beer
[+Tox] Vin...wasn't there a Vin in here? oO
[+Grin] yes
[+Tox] I see. oO;
[+Hotaru] ohmy.
[+Grin] why did no one show me her ED article -before- i let the bitch in my house?
[+Tox] ..ED? o.o
[+Grin] encyclopedia dramatica.
[+Grin] a friend linked me to her page

Tl,dr; bitch got called out on her bullshit and proceeded to flee when Grin pondered doing what everyone has considered. Her lying about almost being raped is nothing new, but it has not been documented/confirmed to be bullshit until now. It also proves that ED can be educational, much like watching someone getting eaten by a bear teaches you a bear will fuck your shit up.

Generic Furry Name (6:32:51 PM): Hey
Generic Furry Name is available (6:34:02 PM)
Syrae Universe (6:34:20 PM): Yo
Generic Furry Name (6:34:41 PM): Can ya keep a secret?
Syrae Universe (6:35:00 PM): Sure.
Generic Furry Name (6:35:19 PM): Don't call attention to anything, But Vango is on a war path
Syrae Universe (6:35:27 PM): what do you mean?
Generic Furry Name (6:35:33 PM): He started yelling me up one side and down the other about me getting Art from you instead of him
Generic Furry Name (6:35:43 PM): Saying something about how you were only doing it to steal income from me
Syrae Universe (6:36:01 PM): Ahhh
Syrae Universe (6:36:04 PM): *hugs tightly*
Generic Furry Name (6:36:12 PM): And yeah, I told him he's ridiculous,a nd he blew up at me
Syrae Universe (6:36:19 PM): It's business. She needs to shut the fuck up
Syrae Universe (6:36:24 PM): and act more professional.
Generic Furry Name (6:36:31 PM): Started going off about being mistreated and shit
Syrae Universe (6:36:43 PM): The only reason why she's not getting any work is because she hasn't finished the last few she was paid to do.
Generic Furry Name (6:36:48 PM): Also.. Is Vango a dude or a Chick? I've known Him/her for seven years and haven't figured it out.
Syrae Universe (6:36:57 PM): Van's a 100% woman.
Generic Furry Name (6:37:07 PM): okay
Syrae Universe (6:37:16 PM): If she tries to say she's a herm, she's not.
Generic Furry Name (6:37:42 PM): thought she was just a gay guy for the longest time
Syrae Universe (6:37:48 PM): Nope.
Syrae Universe (6:37:50 PM): she's straight
Syrae Universe (6:38:21 PM): Anyways
Syrae Universe (6:38:36 PM): Do me the favor and stop talking to her if she's bitching you out for commissioning me
Generic Furry Name (6:38:46 PM): Indeed..
Generic Furry Name (6:39:00 PM): yeah, Don't call attention to it.. Just.. treat lightly, I suppose
Generic Furry Name (6:39:07 PM): I don't want shit to get terrible
Syrae Universe (6:39:14 PM): I'm going to keep on being myself as always.
Generic Furry Name (6:39:17 PM): Also.. Don't don't DON'T Tell her I told you?
Syrae Universe (6:39:21 PM): Van can go suck a fuck.
Syrae Universe (6:39:30 PM): I don't talk to her in general anyways.
Syrae Universe (6:39:48 PM): she's been trying to get Tigerboy and several others to commission her
Syrae Universe (6:39:52 PM): but it all failed.
Syrae Universe (6:40:30 PM): Why?
Syrae Universe (6:40:33 PM): Because her art is too cute
Syrae Universe (6:40:38 PM): no one wants cute
Generic Furry Name (6:40:46 PM): I wouldn't mind cute, but yeah
Syrae Universe (6:40:47 PM): they want muscular or sexy or handsome
Syrae Universe (6:40:57 PM): Well, Tigerboy doesn't like his character to look cute.
Syrae Universe (6:41:03 PM): Plus, Van never improves.
Syrae Universe (6:43:06 PM): She says she quits drawing
Syrae Universe (6:43:12 PM): then complains about not getting commissions?
Syrae Universe (6:43:31 PM): That's because no one wants to for someone who only works when she feels like it.
Syrae Universe (6:43:40 PM): When paid, you should do the job and get it over with.
Syrae Universe (6:47:34 PM): Like I said
Syrae Universe (6:47:40 PM): just ignore her.
Generic Furry Name (6:53:25 PM): Yeah.... hard to, She's my friend
Generic Furry Name (6:53:34 PM): Even if she does act a damn fool
Syrae Universe (6:53:46 PM): Then do what she wants
Syrae Universe (6:53:54 PM): don't commission me and commission her.
Syrae Universe (6:54:48 PM): Cause she will only gripe and complain more.

Tl,dr; The dumbass likes to pick on other artists and slander them just because no one wants to commission a slacking pedophile. She also attacks her own friends for buying art from her enemies.

Hiwi: Can you draw me the fastestestest ref pic of my dragon char
Hiwi: >:o
Sapphirus: .... ._.;; >.>
Hiwi: <.<;
Hiwi needs like.. a scribble done.. nothing fantsypantsy
Vango: Why don't you pay?
Hiwi: Cause I bought a ipod, im broke.
Hiwi: ...
Vango: I think Sapph deserves money for art, and freebies are cheap.
Hiwi: sapp also has known me years, so therefor i deserve a scribble
Hiwi: D:<
Vango: Don't ask for free shit, wait till you have a job. 
Vango: I've known her five.
Vango: And?
Hiwi is being bitched out.
Vango: I'm just defending a fellow artist.
Hiwi: im a fuckin artist too, doesnt mean i dont ask for free shit
Hiwi: sapp's art is awesome yea
Sapphirus crawls under a box >>;
Hiwi: but its
Hiwi: a
Hiwi: scribble
Hiwi: so stfu
Vango: Then draw your own art.
Hiwi: and mind your own business
Hiwi: I
Hiwi: CANT
Hiwi: D;<
Hiwi: I FAIL.
Hiwi pouts.
Vango: Then don't call yourself an artist and make people like me and Sapph look bad.
Hiwi: Uhm when did you get into this again?
Vango: And pay up.
Hiwi: Its between me and sapp
Hiwi: not your scrawny ass
Hiwi: o_o;
Sapphirus drinks some tea.
Hiwi is going nao, bye sapp <3
Vango: /sapphirus draw me a free port because im a cheap fuck
Vango: Very simple.
Vango: You're welcome. ;-P
Sapphirus: Thanks xD;

Tl,dr; Fucking asskisser starts out by complimenting our favorite lulzcow on ED; SapphyDracases by flattering her artwork instead of trolling it like she always does. Which is it bitch, do you like her art or do you not? Make your fucking mind up you fail faggot.

Sapphirus: You sure you're not joking >>;?
Vango: um.... i'm pretty sure
Sapphirus: k..
Vango: i pay for art if i want it, and i know you like drawing
Vango: would you rather get ten bucks or something else? maybe a trade instead
Sapphirus: Nah, I was just really suprised because i thought you hated my art.
Vango: dude, i don't hate your art - i wouldn't have sent you a tablet in hopes you'd practice
Vango: if i hated your art
Sapphirus: True.
Vango: i like to see artists succeed, and even with your attitude, you're still trying to learn
Vango: and you're still getting better and better
Sapphirus: thanks 
Vango: you're welcome, don't get too emotional on me though.. #SR
Sapphirus: xDD
Vango: do you wanna trade instead? we can get on oC and draw.
Sapphirus: I do have a method though, I do a pay-first first mthod, offeinrg the options of pay-whole or pay-half. Knowing you though. if you want like a WIP
Sapphirus: erm
Sapphirus: xD
Sapphirus: I usually use Paintchat
Vango: well, first of all, i would absolutely never scam you
Vango: and oC is cooler for like, pressure sensitivity
Vango: you can draw some great shit on oC
Sapphirus nods" that's why I was gonna say, I'd show you a WIP first.
Sapphirus: okies
Sapphirus needs to download it agian
Vango: http://emosheep.com/oC11b72.exe
Vango: it's not a virus, it's on my server. just save it and you got it.
Sapphirus: ohh okies
Sapphirus: Yeah, Paintchat dosn't have pen pressure, baw....
Vango: speaking of paintchat
Vango: i'm gonna link you to something later that gives you pressure in paintchat
Vango: i just gotta find it.
Sapphirus: cool
Vango: heyyyyy!!
Sapphirus: yes :o?
Vango: i have to go somewhere right now, so i can't stick around. if you wanna hold onto this, i'll be back tomorrow
Sapphirus: ok, i just had to draw the nuclear douche lOL
Vango: you started? man, this is gonna be cute
Vango: you still didn't tell me if you wanted money or a drawing in return
Sapphirus: I need money right now xD;
Vango: all right, i'll send it later
Sapphirus: k
Vango: i wanna see it first, so gimme your paypal
Sapphirus: [email protected]
Vango: all right. #SO
Sapphirus: Just whisper me when you're ready to see it.
Sapphirus: Was you ready to see the pic?
Vango: uh yeah, but i gotta pay you tomorrow okay?
Sapphirus: ohh ok.
Vango: i have your paypal, i've got nothing to send till my card payments clear.
Sapphirus nods.
Sapphirus: Let me know if you need any changes. http://i46.tinypic.com/262ups1.jpg
Vango: ...Do you realize how fucking PERFECT that is
Sapphirus: xDDD
Vango: There is nothing to change, i love it
Vango: thanks SO much
Sapphirus: Welcome!! <3
Sapphirus: I had fun with it to be honest xD!
Vango: good, lol

Tl,dr; Raniko commisioned SapphyDracases for a shittastic art piece consisting a frowning bitching cock, a sandwhich and a candlestick and a nuclear douche?! This goes to show how hypocritical Raniko is when she states that someone's art sucks and them commisions them right after. This piece of crap can be found here http://sapphydracases.deviantart.com/art/Wacky-Commision-149483805 UPDATE: Someone has drawn a nuclear douche before! Vango did this to get the fat bitch in trouble for stealing another shitty artist's concept. Original Nuclear Douche can be found HERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2442787/

Reactions to Her Article

Raniko's reaction to having her very own article is as confusing as her stance on being a bisexual shemale - although she initially seems very calm about it, there are several tell-tale signs that perhaps she is not as happy about being on Encyclopedia Dramatica's hit list as she says.

Her Love of Encyclopedia Dramatica

Since discovering she had her very on page on this wiki Raniko claims she has the ability to laugh at herself and has even sent links to this page all around the internet (just like Firedarkdragon did which we all know worked so well). Of course if Raniko does ever want to edit her page she is free to do so. We would welcome her with open arms.

Use scrollbar to see the full image

Raniko ED.png
We're happy for you too Raniko.

Raniko on Failcadia

Vin/Vango also has a nasty habit of pretending so hard that SHE actually enjoys the lulz when in fact you can tell on the other side of the screen she's about to either cry or toss the monitor right out the window. She LOVES to try and blend in with the other trollers in an attempt to feel she is part of the flock or that nothing bothers her. She will actually rant on and on about how NOTHING bothers her, a big BIG continuity of how you should understand that nothing YOU say to her makes her BAWWWW and the entire time she insists on making it fact, she really is just bawwwwing about it. Her high and mighty online ego is only served right next to her big fag e-penis in the quest to make herself look better, braver and "cooler" than anyone else on the internet. Of course we all know where that always ends up. Basement dwellers of America RISE UP!


Magically she also claims she is no longer a tranny - proving that contrary to what therapists say, being a transsexual is a choice and so-called sufferers should just snap out of it.

But yeah. I lost interest entirely, despite being thoroughly convinced for 13 years.


—Raniko, finally giving up on her FTM Tranny Fad

Its true. On the 13th of October 2008 Raniko was questioned in an MSN chat as to when she would fuck up her body irreparably by having her vagoo mutilated and turned into a fake cock, she told the EDiot they call Grobino that I very recently had a change of heart, and I'm not doing anything. ~~ He/She/It is also getting sick of people asking because I'm not reassigning anything. People ask me that all the time. Evidently Raniko needs to realize that if she puts up shocking news people are going to take a keen interest.


We'll never forget you either . . .

Despite having plenty of success on DevianTART (by tartlet standards) shortly after showing her ED article to the world Raniko abruptly left DA. This may or may not have had something to do with the pain series collection which briefly had a home on this page while she was announcing her pride to the world.

You will be happy to know Raniko is still merrily masturbating on Furaffinity - where furries are alot less tolerant of ED.


Raniko has just admitted to being a boy on Fridays, a girl on Sundays and a hermaphrodite in June. She also appears to have trouble keeping her stories consistent, and enjoys updating her own ED article with such shocking confessions (no, really). But we're all just here to have fun, right?

Raniko also has a terrible, horrible grudge against a hispanic, bitchy artist by the name of Syrae Universe. Apparently, spending time trying to find proof to exploit the white spick rather than trying to improve her own shit or get off the computer and find a fucking job. Way to go, you pokemon-fuckin idiot. Why not try to find something better to do with your time, like masturbate to kiddy porn that you make.


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