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This page may be subject to Ramy's fans' noob vandalism. Feel free to revert and add even more lulz about Ramy!
Hi everyone! Guess what? Ramy draws better than you, markets better than you, has a better display than you, and spends the money and the time on glossy prints. He's smart. The rest of you go, with barely a display and/or a couple sheets of notebook paper on the table. As far as drama goes, this page speaks for itself: you're no less dramatic than Ramy is. So while you all bash him on here, Ramy is busy counting the bucks and improving his art. Bye!


—An example of the shitty vandalism from User:Swineflu

A picture of his fuck-ugly face, taken from his DA.
He denies the line art is his GIRLFRIEND'S, then swiftly changes the subject to how he doesn't do his artwork to impress people etc etc etc bawwwwwwww, saying how hard he's working in college bawwwwww, and that he can rarely get online bawwww and EVERYTHING YOU HEAR IS A RUMOR. As usual his suckup fans flock to the rescue saying we're all idiots and need to get lives bawwwwwwwwww. Fuck you all.
Errrrm don't think the amount of studying you do at "college" Ramy could mingle with your 20+ hours of mass producing generic animu shit. GG on lying once again.
Yup, he finally got it!

Deviantart-favicon.png Ramy is a drama whore who started his climb on the popularity ladder by drawing shiny anime art. However, his art didn't always fail so hard; his style changed completely after 2006, with every piece of art suddenly looking the fucking same. He is also a whiny bitch who will write over 9000 journal entries to justify his stupidity. Even though Ramy doesn't have any personality at all, he tries hard to make his life sound interesting.

Like many popular artists on DeviantART he couldn't handle critique and created a lot of drama around himself. When even he couldn't stand his own shit-stirring ways he vanished from DA, never to return again. It was then that he suddenly noticed fanart outweighing original art. He proceeded to rant about it like a whiny little girl, bawwwing about how tired he was of seeing the popular characters drawn. Because he's such a sellout, though, he now uploads only fanart. This leads us to conclude that even if he does claim to have a penis, his whining, bitching, and general hypocrisy leads to him being a pussy. But like all hypocrites, Ramy is fast to complain over fanart and his own art.
He also only comes online to delete all his old pictures -- keep an eye on the image count. Yes he is covering his tracks, and also excuses his fucktardery in very lulz-worthy journals.

Oddly enough, nobody on devianTART seems to notice Amuria and Ramy draw and color the same way. Many state that they have seen both Amuria and Ramy at the local anime con and therefore they can't be the same person.

"1d 7h 38m 57s"


— And counting in till the next drama. @[email protected]

"And what about the front page right now? 4 photos as the top 4 pictures. I thought the whole point of making it one per category before was to keep it varied. This is deviantART, not deviantphotography, but with the number of subcategories in photography, the average number of favorites in any one is going to be so low that photos are inevitably going to just completely demolish any hopes for aspiring new artists to become popular in any form on this website."


— Comment By Ramy about art.

So, like I said on my most recent sketch that I posted, I'm trying to go back to improving myself, but you'll have to bear with me because it's probably not going to be a particularly fast process. I'll probably make the same mistakes over and over again, but just keep telling me, I'll eventually get better (I hope).

I also wanted to leave a comment about my previous journal, which is that I don't want you to think that I'm threatening to leave dA or anything like that, I was just saying I was getting a bit bored of the site, but a big part of the reason is that I have been getting bored of my own artwork. I think that by working on improving, I'll be able to get back into it (and hopefully with better skills). Facial expressions and poses will come with time, I promise XD I'm working on things little by little.

Also, I still have 2 fanart pieces that I haven't posted yet, they'll be going up soon, then I'll be done with everything that's currently finished and I'll just be posting new stuff. I'll try to color some pieces, but it'll also include a lot of sketches since I'm trying to improve my drawing. I know that my coloring isn't perfect either, but if I can gain a better understanding of anatomy, etc, I think it'll also reflect in my coloring as well.

The last thing I wanted to say is that, although I'm trying to improve, I don't have a particular interest in trying a lot of new styles. I'm sure I'll probably adapt my style a bit more and probably make it a bit less generic/more recognizable, but I want to improve within my current style. Experimenting with new styles is great and everything, but it's not really what I want to do. I'm doing this for myself and not anyone else, so if my current style isn't one that you like, I apologize, but I'm probably not going to be changing it much.

Anyway, that's all for now, hope you understand where I'm coming from on this."


—Ramy, on his improvement on art.

Ramy Colors Sylvia Shi's Lineart

See how Ramy does it!
  • UPDATE: He came online just after "vanilla-sticks" aka the new Amuria was active. Coincidence?

Yeah, you heard right. None of that line art belongs to Ramy. Actually, his realistic and decent style end as soon as this deviation was uploaded. (March 19th, 2007)

Why would his style just suddenly dramatically change into his girlfriend Sylvia Shi's style? Not to mention his style changed just days after his girlfriend was banned forever from deviantART. Theory is Ramy got so upset with the fact he wouldn't be able to talk or spend time with his girlfriend on dA any longer, he most likely let her pretty much have his account to herself, or they share it together, she drawing the line art, him coloring it in his own CG technique. One account isn't enough for Sylvia, though, so "Amuria" steps in on Mar 18, 2007, 12:11 PM, doing a collab with Ramy and gets instant popularity (no surprise there). Her style is an exact copy of Sylvia's, just more immature looking.

Notice the first massive change in Ramy's art on March 19th, 2007 and compare it to Amuria's signing up date on the day before it happened, which was March 18th, 2007. Sylvia is behind both accounts, the account 1ace included.

Otakon 2008 Drama Journal

Lets all feel sorry for Ramy because he's popular on the Internetz.

Ramy is back explaining the "truth" behind the Otakon 2008 drama -- y'know, the one where he and Amuria go and buy up FOURTEEN TABLES in Otakon's Artist Alley, staff them with little girls and relatives, and have them all sell the exact same prints at each and every one of their tables. Oh, and they also tried to buy up even more tables by offering other artists $200 each for their tables as well.

It's frustrating to me that people assume that anyone with a similar style is automatically me.


—Ramy, lying out his ass as hard as he can

As usual, his flocks of ass licking weeaboo fangirls run to the rescue, thinking all of the bashers are the guilty ones spreading a rumor about him and his girlfriend and causing chaos in the artist alley. They also, of course, smother him with "aww I love your artwork", "you're such a great artist you'd never lie to us", "ignore those people who hate you they're just jealous" comments. Once again this journal is one of those "this is what really happened" entries Ramy tends to write once in a while, the last one being about his girlfriend being Senra and why she got the banhammer.

You may also notice the stupidity and epic failing fans of his flocking to his page once his journal of BAAAWWWWW was released, although when he was inactive for 17 weeks, his fans did nothing and never blinked an eye. All of a sudden they come to the rescue, thinking they know the whole entire Otakon drama story and playing the famous "ur just jelous" card.

Oh and if you're going to ream the shit out of artist alley, why don't you at least get people who pretend to act like artists, you had about 4-5 different asian girls begging me to buy a stupid print. ( and no its not a rumor I was there, all the art looked just like yours ) What the fuck, have some self respect.


—A poor TARTlet, who had the displeasure of meeting Ramy's whores.

Ramy Draws Grade-A Gaiafaggotry

Ramy tries to justify his shitty art and how Gaia actually gives a shit.

Since his journals about feeling like crap weren't attracting any attention (and he'd already been on dA for some months), Ramy decided it was time to bitch about some other gallery he had somewhere on the Internets, also known as Gaia Online.

... and, in a fit of common sense, Gaia's mods and admins banned him in short order.

Everyone at Gaia hoped that ban would teach him. But, needless to say, like every single drama queen, Ramy decided to go back, while e-killing himself several times. Sadly, it was only metaphorical.

A few years back (about 5 - 6 years ago, the same time GaiaOnline was first starting up

) Ramy had posted his "Gothic Dress" picture in the Art Arena. One Gaia fag commented with compliments and a bit of constructive criticism; minutes later, the comment was deleted.

Hurricane Drama

l00k! It hit my town but not me!

Ramy wanted more attention in typical attention whore fashion, creating more support for himself. He wrote a journal about a hurricane heading his way and was spouting bullshit about how it might kill him! The plan backfired and the hurricane missed his town, not even coming close. That did not stop him from sucking up all the support and cyber-hugs, because poor Ramy could have died!

As one of the hurricane survivors now, Ramy decided to start a F.A.Q. and a tutorial (which is where Amuria learned coloring no doubt), because that's what popular artists do! (He's obviously a pompous ass). He thought himself so great that he vanished off dA for a while. He soon came back, posted a journal letting everyone know he was alive, and because he'd only got 9 comments in two minutes, he went on and posted it twice. This incident has upped his attention whore rating by at least 100.

God fell into a heavy depression since then because he'd FAILED and hasn't been sighted ever since.

Ramy is a girl?

She knows him!

Despite popular claims in the past, Ramy is very much of the XY chromosome.

This fact has been numerously clarified by his friends, his very own facebook (to which, since most fakers would never use such an average photograph to claim as themselves it seems safe to say that it is very much legit.) which corresponded happily with Ramy sightings at Anime Boston 2008 where he proceeded to whore from his huge table under his giant ass banner of shit glossy print posters.

On an unrelated note, he was also reported as doing art 'just for funz' yet ironically did not do on-the-spot commission drawings (not that it was missed) because he probably didn't have his trusty face drawing template with him and would result in something catastrophically dull as this.

He can only do digital work, because there are no dodge and burn tools IRL.

He also enjoys watching Sailor Moon and is still in touch with his 9 year old GIRL side. If that's not gay.


How Ramy handles Drama -- let your girlfriend take over your account and produce shiny shiny desu art. @[email protected]

Some still doubt that Ramy is a male and not just a teenage girl pretending to be a male. All of a sudden Ramy's oh so talented girlfriend Senra showed up (though that she draws and colors the same way as Ramy has nothing to do with it!). She gained 40,000 page views in a week and over 6000 favorites, entirely through cheating the system with over 219 different accounts which she used to she fav'ed her own art, as well as wrongly categorizing fanart.

As all things you can't have two accounts to gain twice the fame, so dA did the right thing and banned Senra's attention whoring ass. Despite the fact his girlfriend is a cheating fucktard, this did not stop Ramy from going insane and causing drama all over the internet to free his woman from ban, so he started a poll. He later admitted to why Senra was banned, and posted this journal.

After his beloved Senra got the banhammer, she returned a few days later as the 14 year old Amuria formerly known as Jennifer Shi, and this is when Ramy, keeping his mouth shut to prevent future banhammers, popped Amuria's e-popularity cherry by doing a collab with her which got her known - and the reason why these articles about the two artists are here in the first place.

"I promise I'm not going to be vague for this whole journal, I'm getting to the point. Deviantart has a policy that banned users are not allowed to make a new account, but I didn't know how serious they were about this policy. My girlfriend got banned 5 months ago for making multiple accounts to increase her popularity, and honestly the staff made no mistake in banning her for this offense, but it's different when you hear about these things from an automated message than when you know the person in real life. I knew she made a mistake, and I knew how much she regretted it, and how much sheezyart wasn't the same. So I tried to convince her to just try making a new account and not do anything wrong and see what happened, but she said she didn't want to deal with the drama or stress, and that she'd just deal with not being on deviantart anymore."


— Quote from Ramy´s journal.


According to Ramy himself, his 6 year old nephew Dylan joined devianTART on November 22nd, 2007. Dylan's first and only deviation consisted of dick trees and a flying blue tapeworm with comments saying a child shouldn't have an account on DA.

People were debating on laying off him because he's a child or it's because he's a child, that's why they were giving him so much attention. Unsurprisingly, as Ramy did with Amuria, his nephew was on his way to deviantART popularity with almost one hundred people watching him and over 4,000 page views within two days of existence.

Dylan has since been suspended for being underage.

Ramy Tries to Fool other Gaiafags with an Inflated Art Auction

He's currently having an auction for his art.

Being so full of talent on devianTART, Ramy ostentatiously decided that his amazing art will easily gain him super high bids like the grizzly bear hat (later lowered down to DJs) which turned out to be untrue.

As if being stuck at a ridiculously over-priced high bid of 6.5 million pixel golds' worth for his crap was not enough, his girlfriend Amuria - in hopeless attempts to hide away from her previous incidents - decided to double up the high bid to a Devil Tail (approximately 12 mil), letting many others wrongfully believe that he is in popular demand. Since nobody's willing to bid higher than 6.5 mil (let alone 12 mil), it is safe to say Senra would probably win, and this auction has become even more of a waste of time than it already is.

Conspiracy Theories?

Eventually, with all the drama concerning Ramy, Amuria and Sylvia Shi/Senra, lulzworthy theories have emerged among teh internets regarding the individuality of Ramy's persona. Theory number one has it that Ramy, Sylvia Shi and Amuria are one and the same, or simply, all of them are Sylvia who, upon being banhammered from deviantART, threatened to kill herself by overexposure of shiny desu art. Ramy, lacking the ballz to stand up to her, promptly gave her his account so she could be happy once more and allow him the buttsecks he sorely needs. Being that his style changed from the moment his whore was banned, this is likely possible. Second theory has it that everyone here is a criminal mastermind trying to evade massive tax paying by mass-producing shitty fanarts and selling them at cons while depriving other artists from their tables. Considering all evidence, this is also true, no?

Another theory is, Sylvia and Ramy make mass amounts of generic + shiny animu prints to sell like crazy at anime conventions so they can earn hundreds of dollars to pay off THEIR COLLEGE FEES. Sylvia Shi did state in her LiveJournal that she was in debt once and hadn't paid her tuition fee in over 2 months.

It is likely possible that more and more theories exist. And until they're all disproved, do the world a favor and add yours here.

Woot Shirt Scam

A typical Ramy/Sekiyoku "collaboration" in which one smears the SHINY feces of the other upon a t-shirt to submit for voting.

Ramy's insatiable greed for money doesn't end there. Recently, Ramy (ramyb) and Amuria (sekiyoku) have been seen raking in thousands of dollars every month for winning the weekly thousand dollar prize on Shirt.Woot.Com's "Derby." As usual, the duo team up to mass produce SHINY entries every week; not all of which usually pertain to the THEME set each week, as seen here. It is painfully obvious that they both contribute a little of their lack of talent to each image, while in full denial that either of them have anything to do with one the other's project. Too bad no one is fooled by their obvious lie, as pointed out by several users later on in comments making comparisons between their "work." As if the soulless, beady eyes of Sekiyou's SHINY animals isn't evident in Ramy's "original" designs. They don't even try to hide it, but with users pouring in from off-site sources such as Gaia Online and DeviantArt, what serious contender can stand a chance to the fappery of Ramy's fanclub? What's $10.00 to purchase to enable voting on one of their shitty designs after they've already thrown hundreds upon thousands of dollars at their feet? Apparently the old saying is true: if you build it, they will come; if it has SHINY, Ramy's fans will crawl over one another to eat this shit up.

After a recent slap in the face, ramyb and sekiyoku are beginning to stir up concern and question amongst the users of shirt.woot. Many wait for the day where SHINY does not equal WIN, and the moderators of shirt.woot recognize their users are being unfairly undermined by these pair of attention whores. Each week one or the other, and sometimes both, will place in the top three for each derby, awarding these retards $1,000 each, potentially netting them $2,000 per week, with the possibility of dominating the entire competition with their designs for a maximum of $3,000 every week. This has been proven possible during the MUSIC themed derby of March 26, 2009, where bothy Ramy and Sekiyoku (Amuria) placed first and second with their terrible, recycled artwork, and minimal effort.

Not only are their t-shirt designs crappy, but they are not even their own original designs. Recently submitted [1] is a concept rip off of original artwork seen here [2]. The original artwork was purchased by Sylvia on a magnet at AnimeNEXT 2010 weeks before it was uploaded to shirt.woot.com.

Sakuracon 2009

Bawww they're not allowed in the AA anymore!

Instead of nabbing 2 artists tables this year at Sakuracon, the dynamic duo instead got themselves a booth in the dealers hall. A large sign above them read "Yes, we are the artists.", and a smattering of their shiny desu coated the white drapes. They are still in action, but thankfully werne't shoving their fucking 8ft tall displays into the tiny rectangle of tables outside of the dealers room. This made it much easier to troll their booth with questions about college.

Anime Boston 2010

Artists are now claiming that Amuria and Ramy had at least 3 tables in the highly coveted artist alley AND a table in the dealer's room, thus breaking alley rules and pissing off artists who were on the 20 mile long waiting list. Discussions are now underway for a ban.

Fan Expo 2011

It seems the shiny desu artist is becoming to well known for his con scamming ways, and has moved further north to try and pollute the world with his Shiny desu artwork he gets from his girlfriend. He was seen have 4 tables at Fan Expo 2011, one manned by Sylvia, one manned by himself, and his cousin and friend manning the other ones. When Sylvia was asked directly who created the artwork, she admitted to many passer buyers that it was her who does her work, and she has many quote 'templates' she refers too. When travelling to Ramy's table, the same artist she had on display was on display at his stand. Did Sylvia just confess to being the creator once and for all to innocent questions asked by passer buyers?

Pretty sad they have to travel all the way to Canada now. Too bad Fan Expo doesn't have an official rule that you cannot purchase more the one table, but really, you don't need 4 tables displaying your work. Eye witnesses at the con all weekend and booths around them said "their tables are pretty bare most of the time, haven't actually seen them sell much. Must be something going on, as many seem displeased they were even attending. who are they?". Who are they indeed!

The End of the Shiney Desu team?!! What will become of Ramy?

You heard it folks. The great girlfriend, or former that is, Sylvia has obviously not worked facebook's new privacy setting extravaganza and has her wall public. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=5406147&sk=info Here she's decides to post up that Ramy and her, have split. They are no longer a couple. What about the eye witnesses who saw them at Fan Expo? That is all confirmed and true, he and her were most certainly there. However, apparently not on 'speaking' terms. If this is true or not, who knows. Sylvia's alternate DA account states she was active to post about ED on May 2011, 6 months after the break up...and Ramy hasn't posted a single new art piece since the break up allegedly happened also. This could mean they are planning a Shiny Desu tag team, that they are lying to get trolls off their backs, or looking to avoid more con bans by pretending they are no longer speaking to each other. Or they have simply gone their shiny separate ways, and Ramy is so butt hurt and upset over it, no longer will post on his account (probably because he doesn't have access to her oh so epic work and would show that he definitely draws/designs differently when not with her), or his ex shiny desu girlfriend won't give his account back.

Will this be the end of the Ramy, Amura, whateverthehellelse account/people drama? Or is this all just A TRAP to lure ED away? Will Ramy get his account back or appear on DA as a whole new persona? Only time will tell. @[email protected]


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