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Lj-favicon.png rahaeli, a lesbian LJer, used to head up the joy-loving corps of LiveJournal_Abuse and gleefully, unswervingly, and proudly defended the actions of her minions LJ Abuse, even when they were removed from the team for misconduct (see article on _sanderella), until she quit LJ Abuse last Thursday. When she is not busy trampling over people's Internet rights, she enjoys writing slashfics (which she refers to as her "novels") under the username Lj-favicon.png synecdochic.

Recently, she has begun to make vague noises about creating her own LJ clone. To generate interest for her vaporware journal service, in her typically classy idiom, she makes a condescending little post where she explains why InsaneJournal sucks. Watch her backpedal when InsaneJournal admin Squeaky shows up to point out some factual inaccuracies in her post.

After years of top-notch whoredom, she announced that she would be leaving LiveJournal's employ to "write full-time". She plans to publish this no-doubt high quality fiction under the name of Denise McCune.

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