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Info non-talk.png There are a shit ton of lulzy quotes on RadfemSpeak.net, you can help by finding the best ones.[1]
No they don't

Among one of the more retarded events of 2011, RadFemSpeak.net has been a severe example of GOTIS. While it originality existed as a completely irreverent website it latter became a symbol of rage for many men's rights organizations all while being one one the worst websites ever to be shat out by the internet.


There admin ladies and gentlemen

When it was still around, RadFemSpeak.net was a thoughtful and productive feminist message board dedicated to a wide variety of issues. The website was originality created in 2001 by three Australian/New Zealanders who got tired of posting their original newsletters of women's art, literature and music. The forums were private also so the website managed to avoid garnering any attention to itself and nothing came out of it until the Agent Orange Files.

Agent Orange Files

A typical picture found in an Agent Orange user dox

The Agent Orange Files are a collection of documents and screenshots released in late 2011 from or directly relating to RadFemSpeak.net[2]. All the pictures that the internet has of the website comes from these files. In addition to the screenshots, there are also separate folders for each one of 55 users. These folders contain facebook profiles, articles and even videos of the people in real life. Not only do these files reveal some funny things about the users, they also highly support the evidence of RadFemSpeak.net being a real website and not the works or some elaborate troll.

The Website

The Forums used a largely unedited version of phpBB which is to say it looked like shit with almost no graphical design. The forums themselves were actually a subpage of an even worse looking site that still can be found today[3]. The only other notable "feature" of the website is its user ranking system that titles users various things things from Acolyte to Dawnsister to JourneyMistress and others.

Examples Of Posts


Soo... let me get this strait; if I accept some guy's creepy rape & dismemberment fantasies, online porn addiction, pedophile tendencies, misogynist 'jokes', public farting, fascination with his own feces & booger, etc, ect... not only will this make him happy, BUT he'll be more likely to overlook, say, my less-than-spectacular breasts? Wow! it almost sounds like a mutually respectful deal.

Fuck men.




Mantis, with all due respect, you need more grounding. Just checked your 3 posts.

it may have just been misfired sarcasm, but, less-than-spectacular breasts went down like a lead balloon.

There is absolutely no need to put down women in putting down men. They do a fantasic anti-PR job all on their ownsome.

They are the joke. Certainly, I can't take them seriously.




Like most men, trans get in a testostrop when they don't get their feminist biscut...shame eh! Tell'em to F***Off and get a life and identity of their own and stop colonising OURS.....




Fed up with those fucking trannies saying they are womyn. They need to get blasted too. They're men.




Besides, the only essential ingredient for fatherhood is sperm donation-and that little contribution is under threat with all the IVF tinkering going on.



While you may think that these quotes come from a select few posters, they are all from the first 4 (out of 178) Agent Orange screenshots. Every single thread is dedicated to the same thing and with the forms being private and their user base handpicked, RadfemSpeak.net may have been world's largest circlejerk in web-based format.

The Internets Reaction

Much like websites on the apposing spectrum, the sheer amount of immature and lulzy hate speeches make it impossible to take seriously. However the community of chucklefucks comprising the men's rights community have taken it upon themselves to spread this atrocity as something to be feared rather than laughed at. It is because of this that the people at A Voice For Men and Man Woman Myth managed to make themselves also look even stupider than usual.

I am in no doubt that this level of male hatred is endemic and very deeply rooted in the domain of the public and social services in the west. Not just that, but it is a desired feature, welcomed by those who wield the power in our society. The bearers of this power are, of course, the usual suspects: feminists. For the sake of our children we must purge the evil force that is feminism from all areas of our life.


—@j24601, Kill everyone[4]

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