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r000t indulging
A garden gnome from r000t's back yard
r000t pictured (right) in his special-education classroom

In the world of elite underground computer addicts, one skiddy stands high above the rest, endlessly trying to prove himself to the masses. That child is r000t AKA Blair Henry Strater Twitter-favicon.png rootworx, whose 1337 abilities include forking a Python process and looping HTTP requests, in addition to ruining the scarcely used irc.echonode.com. Historically, his exploits include annoying AnonOps and shitflooding 4chan (on such a minute level that the days of popeye easily put him to shame). He went further to claim that he was single-handedly responsible for the implementation of the Captcha system on 4chan, whereas the real liability rests squarely in the hands of Russian spammers. As fate would have it, r000t was later arrested, twice, for unleashing his furious skiddy wrath upon his high school, that through the years has been kind enough to house Blair's student career and cater to his crippling autism.

r000t vs AnonOps

Because Occupy Wall Street refused to organize their highly criminal activities on r000t's network, he began a man vs. the world variety of jihad against the embarrassingly lesser script kiddies at AnonOps. This included such dramatic measures as running numerous logbots 24/7 to do what the FBI has already been preoccupied with for some time, as well as performing floods with his not-so-impressive ipv6 block until the incompetent operators learned to rid themselves of him.


In the summer of 2010, r000t decided to abuse the incredibly easily spammable 4chan, and completely demolish it in the process. While turning out slightly less than successful, he did manage to piss off the borg enough to have his info spilled all over /b/, resulting in a disappointingly paltry six phone calls to his home and a meager few pizza orders.

Most manual *chan spam is faster than this

LOL v&


After years of facing the humiliating harassment of irl bullies in overcrowded school hallways, r000t decided it was time to retaliate against the system. Not knowing what to do, much less how to do it, he turned to his hacker pals and requested a simple attack be performed on his school's network. Ignorant of how "it was traced back to me", r000t later received a visit from the feds, who were decidedly less than amused with his ability to beg online.


r000t also soon learned that threats to shoot up his school, under his name, were being circulated around the internet, and he indeed learned the hard way (read: more cops paying a visit to his home address).

[09:49:15]  -› Join: y ([email protected])
[09:49:25] <y> free r000t
[09:51:38] <ReubenMcHawk> what happened to r000t?
[09:51:45] <y> arrested
[09:51:53] <y> by fbi
[09:51:56] <ReubenMcHawk> for what?
[09:52:01] <y> bomb threat
[09:52:08] <ReubenMcHawk> wow
[09:52:17] <ReubenMcHawk> what/who did he threaten?
[09:52:28] <y> he obv "he" didnt threaten anyone
[09:52:31] <y> but it sure looked like he did
[09:52:33] <y> if u catch my drift
[09:52:36] <ReubenMcHawk> ah
[09:52:42] <y> he got setup
[09:52:49] <y> and is now royally fucked
[09:52:51] <ReubenMcHawk> what/who did they say he threatened?
[09:52:59] <y> his school
[09:53:03] <ReubenMcHawk> ah
[09:53:05] <y> cross state lines
[09:53:06] <ReubenMcHawk> well that sucks
[09:53:14] <y> yeah hes up shits creek
[09:53:52] <y> fucked with the wrong ppl
[09:53:55] <y> like usual
[09:54:12] <ReubenMcHawk> so where is he? has he been sentenced or anything?
[09:54:22] <y> ofc not it just happened
[09:54:24] <y> hes in custody
[09:54:34] <y> and will probably be banned from internet for long time
[09:55:09] <ReubenMcHawk> well damn
[09:55:11] <ReubenMcHawk> that sucks
[10:00:59] <y> rip r000t
[11:00:21]  -› Join: AngerMGMT ([email protected])
[17:00:48]  -› Join: longqat ([email protected])
[17:00:52] <longqat> sup buttheads
[19:26:14] <longqat> r000t what the fuck is up my nigga
[19:35:44] <y> r000t in fbi custody
[19:35:57] <y> true story
[19:44:06]  -› Join: Lambda ([email protected])
[19:54:54] <longqat> lel
[19:54:57] <longqat> srsly?
[19:55:05] <longqat> he sent me a few sms's
[20:02:04] <y> when
[20:09:16] <longqat> An hour ago?
[20:09:23] <longqat> What he get v& for?
[20:09:59] <longqat> Actually a better question is what didn't he get v& for
[20:13:37] <longqat> Wait no that's not r000t.
[20:13:46] <longqat> Question still stands what did he do?
[20:17:51] <Lambda> he was vanned for being root
[20:18:02] <Lambda> he was vanned for pride
[20:19:28] <longqat> more details pl0x
[20:21:37] <anon7> h
[20:22:17] <anon7> I heard that he couldn't into computers until age 21 as per recommendation by his parole officer
[20:24:56] <anon7> y: how do you know r000t irl?
[20:26:52] <longqat> >r000t
[20:27:01] <longqat> >friends
[20:27:06] <longqat> irl
[20:33:15] <y> lol
[20:34:13] <longqat> yeah y how do you know r000t anyhow
[20:34:17] <longqat> and wat happened for reals
[20:34:31] <y> he messed with wrong people
[20:34:32] <y> got setup
[20:34:38] <y> for bomb threat across state lines
[20:35:14] <longqat> i c
[20:35:19] <longqat> more details plox?
[20:41:02] <y> UM
[20:41:03] <y> HE
[20:41:04] <y> FUCKED
[20:41:04] <y> WITH
[20:41:05] <y> WRONG
[20:41:06] <y> PEOPLE
[20:41:09] <y> GOT V&
[20:41:21] <longqat> well that's very helpful.
[21:52:58] <anon7> but who setup the bomb?
[21:59:44] <longqat> ^
[22:02:06] <y> zee did
[22:04:16] <longqat> thank you for telling
[22:04:28] <longqat> do you know why he did it?
[22:06:11] <anon7> i don't believe that
[22:07:09] <anon7> y: how do you know these things?
[22:07:33] <y> he did it cause r000t threatned aurora dox
[22:07:41] <y> and i know cause i obviously know things very well
[22:08:37] <anon7> but aurora's dox were leaked awhile ago.
[22:08:46] <anon7> idk. I haven't seen zee in a while.
[22:08:55] <y> must not be looking for him
[22:08:58] <y> and aurora new dox arent out
[22:09:13] <anon7> nah, not looking. just chillin and when he wants to chat he chats at me
[22:09:39] <y> (7:51:01 PM) [email protected]: because im too lazy to grep logs
[22:09:39] <anon7> isn't aurora the girl who had sex with r000t and then told everyone he really was gay for the red scout
[22:09:49] <y> LOL...
[22:09:51] <y> YEAH
[22:10:01] <anon7> well, tried to have sex with r000t
[22:10:09] <anon7> but he couldn't get it up because she's not the red scout
[22:12:04] <anon7> where does zee hang out these days, anyway?
[22:13:40] <longqat> I thought marina was the lady who fucked r000t
[22:14:01] <longqat> imho anyone who tries to get boned by r000t is p fucking desperate for the dick
[22:14:06] <anon7> no no
[22:14:15] <anon7> marina is the argentinian chick
[22:14:24] <longqat> ah
[22:14:29] <longqat> point still stands
[22:14:41] <anon7> she used to into n0v4 nd shit a lot, but now she doesn't irc nymore
[22:14:44] <longqat> trying to get nailed by r000t is like robbing a poor house
[22:14:46] <anon7> and i agree with your point
[22:15:00] <longqat> so
[22:15:11] <longqat> r000t almost fucks slut
[22:15:21] <longqat> r000t later threatens to leak dox
[22:15:24] <anon7> from what I remember of this chick, is she was not even attractive at all
[22:15:40] <longqat> zee gets butthurt and frames him with a bomb threat?
[22:15:49] <anon7> that makes 0 sense.
[22:16:24] <longqat> exactly
[22:16:38] <anon7> hence my original statement
[22:20:05] <anon7> Why the fuck would zee care? Aurora dox'd herself numerous times. And if she hadn't, why would zee care bout her dox?
[22:21:53] <y> are u guys retarded
[22:22:02] <y> nvm
[22:22:08] <y> hear it from him yourself in 10 years
[22:22:08] <y> idc
[22:31:41] <anon7> what about that is retarded?
[22:35:34] <y> a. aurora isnt a girl
[22:35:41] <y> b. aurora never dox'd "herself"
[22:35:44] <y> c. htp
[22:36:16] <anon7> okay, then why didn't you correct me when I said "isn't aurora the girl who tried to fuck r000t"
[22:36:52] <y> smh
[22:36:57]  -› Quit: y ([email protected]) (Quit: y)


weev and r000t, jailbirds and lovebirds

After getting v& again, r000t's parents got a call on his cell phone about content on his doxbin mirror, after Sasha Rodoy finally pieced together the fact that she was e-mailing the wrong person about content on r000t.com. tl;dr r000t is blaming others for actions he took having consequences, and knew doxbin hosted SSNs months before he and others started mirroring its content.

r000t.com no longer hosts a Doxbin mirror


In short, Doxbin abused my trust. Without my knowledge, an article was posted on Doxbin about sombody I am currently forbidden by a court order to talk to or post anything about anywhere, including online. The automated mirror software faithfully fetched and hosted it here, and yet nobody bothered to tell me so that I could have removed it. I won't speculate as to whether or not that was intentional on their part, as it's non sequitor now; that article, and indeed the entirety of the mirror, are gone, and neither will ever return to this site.

Additionally, on 11 November 2012, it was brought to my attention that Doxbin staffers were essentially using the existience of this mirror as a method to attempt to avoid being held liable for the information posted on Doxbin. In ley terms, they were using me as a scapegoat. I don't appreciate such acts of what can only be described as "weaselry". I want nothing to do with Doxbin staffers having their hands out for praise and credit regarding their site, but simultaneously "passing the buck" whenever somebody threatens to call the police. Sure, I could have added more disclaimers, but at the end of the day, people like that don't deserve my support, and there are much more worthy causes that could use the bandwidth.

Finally, Doxbin has changed significantly from what it was when I started hosting a mirror. I no longer agree with their ethics, and ultimately this mirror was strictly voluntary on my part. I'm not obligated to anybody to deliver Doxbin to anybody, and so it has been purged from my servers entirely. Free speech is not just about being able to say whatever you want, it's also about being able to choose to not say things you don't agree with. I refuse to be bullied into being a patsy for a bunch of twerps who are, in all honesty, too pussy to host their garbage in the clearnet themselves, on servers they pay for, on domains attached to their real life identities.

So why host it in the first place?

When Doxbin was started by a very close friend of mine, the sole and exclusive purpose behind it was to serve as a place for the names, addresses, and phone numbers, and very little else to be posted about people who deserved it. Who deserved it? In short, script kiddies and "Anonymous Legionaires"; people who have used their anonymity as an excuse for being total fuckwads. The general idea at work was that, when presented with their "dox", they would suddenly realize the gravity of the stunts they had pulled, and how it could possibly affect them in their real lives. Up until Doxbin's creation, this "public service" was fufilled by the original Pastebin. However, Pastebin is strictly for pasting code, and as such, pastes that contain people's personal information, no matter how much they deserved it, would of couse be deleted upon an abuse report being submitted.

Doxbin started, and remains to be, a Tor Hidden Service. This means that one requires a special program called Tor, and a properly configured browser, in order to access it. This greatly affected Doxbin's reach and audience, so I offered to host a mirror in the "clearnet", or the normal Internet that doesn't require any specialized tools to access. Again, this was back when only simple, already public information was posted, and only about people that legitimately had it coming.

The aforementioned very good friend no longer has control over Doxbin, he essentially gave it away to work on much more deserving pursuits. Over time, Doxbin has very much changed. Information is posted about people who haven't done a single thing to deserve such exposure, and more intrusive and incredibly private information is being posted: Social Security numbers (or international equivalents), bank account details, credit card numbers, etc. For this and many other reasons, I am voluntarily taking my mirror down, permanently.

Where can I view Doxbin now?

That's not really my problem, now is it? When I checked a few weeks ago, there were one or two other clearnet mirrors, but those appear to be gone now. Hm, I wonder why? At any rate, Doxbin will always be available at it's original Onion address. It will always be available for those who really want to view it. As of this writing, there are no clearnet Doxbin mirrors.

Did you think closing your mirror would kill Doxbin?

Absolutely not. Doxbin will always be available on the Tor Onion network. However, the last clearnet mirror shutting down (though I am sure more will eventually pop up, but I won't be responsible for any of them) means a few things. First, Google doesn't crawl .onion sites. Originally, running a Google search for someone who happens to have a Doxbin article would turn up their article, on my clearnet mirror. This is, obviously, no longer the case. For those lingering results, they only lead to this page. Since this page obviously does not contain the search terms anybody is looking for, those results will disappear with time.

At any rate, the only copies of Doxbin, including the original, are essentially behind "technological barriers", meaning that somebody needs to "know what they are doing" in order to access it. Without a clearnet mirror, the public at large no longer has a quick and easy way to access Doxbin.


Believe what you want. The reality is that I have a future to work for. I'm not willing to throw my entire life away so that some random wannabe hackers can have a few laughs at the public's expense. I want nothing to do with such an operation. If that's your definition of "butthurt", you might want to look up the definition again. I'm not mad, I'm not upset. I'm simply removing myself from the situation before shit hits the fan, and that's my prerogative.

Anybody with questions, comments, concerns, or idle death threats regarding my removal of this mirror is of course free to leave me a note via email: [email protected]

r000t demonstrates his 1337 h4xx0r skills

On February 24, 2014 r000t took his time to write Who Hacked EC-Council? on his shitty blog that somehow manages to get 5 visits every week, claiming he has figured out who hacked the EC-Council site through his great e-detective work, when in reality zeekill didn't give a fuck and was talking openly about it on several IRC networks. r000t still being butthurt over the fact that zeekill fucks him in the ass and over again, making his life more miserable every time, he decided that it was time for him to take some action against zeekill.

He then proceeded to tweet out several tweets claiming that he managed to root zeekill's server through SE to make himself look like a hacker while in reality all he did was obtaining httpd logs and other worthless .txt files that were open to the public to read. Upon making this great discovery, our mastermind hacker r000t wrote another blog post desperate for pats on the back from white hat Indian hackers who still code in Pascal which resulted in not one, but TWO whole retweets which is the most he has ever gotten on his Twitter that nobody except his mother checks out to make sure he isn't participating in any illegal activities, or planning another school shooting.

r000t has been under supervision after the incident where he was caught amidst of completing his plan of shooting up his school. Due to being a minor, he was only held by the police for two weeks, r000t cried his eyes out while being held which resulted in his mother coming to pick him up earlier than planned. r000t afterwards claimed that he only cried because he didn't get to eat any fast food for two weeks.

r000t while "rooting" zeekill's server

r000t's IRC network hacked

Due to the fact that r000t is not welcome on any IRC networks, he started his own network which is the home of 3 users, 2 of them whom are bots. Echonode is owned and operated by r000t, while there's barely anything to operate other than giving himself funny vhosts, he takes great pride in running and maintaining a IRC network. On the 27th April a mysterious hacker took over his network and shut it down, shortly after spamming it with his mothers SSN number. It took a while for r000t's slow brain to comprehend what just happened, after a few minutes he went on and threatened every user who was there to witness r000t getting buttraped, inclusive innocent gay niggers.

<r000t_c> Rcovering.
<r000t_c> Cause of breach: Netsplit
<r000t_c> Repair: Ban *r000t*!*@* with exception for my IPv6 address, in the IRCd configuration.
<r000t_c> Applying fix now.
<r000t_c> Damage: None.
<r000t_c> Forensic backup taken.
<r000t_c> Network will no longer autoop for #echonode.
<r000t_c> Verifying forensic backup.
<r000t_c> IP addresses recorded. Will be gzlined, added to DroneBL, and reported to FBI.
<r000t_c> Restarting server now. Bye, incog.

R000t echonode hackedlol.png

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