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Quitting IRC Forever

From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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Quitting IRC Forever is part of a series on final solutions.

[crackersGas the...]

Russelnash quits IRC forever. Again.

Similar to deleting your LiveJournal, quitting IRC forever is generally an attention-getting ploy. People who regularly use IRC are more likely to gouge out their own eyeballs with a rusty spoon than to quit IRC for more than a week. The real world equivalent is quitting IRL forever

Netadmins literally "take their ball and go home," as they shut down their IRC servers when they quit "IRC FOREVER". cj_ used this tactic for idlenet when sisko called him a "douche".

Actually quitting IRC forever

Some irc'ers decide to quietly slink fom the IRC spotlight after mass ruinage or making a complete fgt of themselves. One example of this is CadnoCat, who quit IRC after threatening to sue, kill and imprison Hoveround over accused "identity theft", then had his ass handed to him on channel by Zionistacat and Chimi. Recently, ajt has quit IRC forever due to Sherrod hating on him for banning everyone and making lulz.

werdna quits IRC 4 lyfe

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Quitting IRC Forever

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